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 Fight in the Forest [Private, No Kill.]

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PostSubject: Fight in the Forest [Private, No Kill.]   Sun Jun 17, 2012 3:31 am

Taizen walked through the forest, wandering silently towards Konohagakure. He was in the tree, concealing himself within the leaves on the branches, making it to where he would be rather hard to see. He supressed his chakra to the point where he could not be detected by any sensor, no matter how skilled. He carried two test tube's full of poison near his belt, the poison of course not being able to kill, not even harm anyone really. He also had quite a few Senbon on stock. He held one, it was coated with the poison that wouldn't even cause any physical harm. He watched out, looking around,He currently was wearing a black long sleeved shirt, and black jeans. Normally he would also be wearing a black cloak, however he didn't really feel like it. He had left his Kumogakure shinobi head band at home, leaving it to where there would be no telling if he was a shinobi or just a passing traveler.

The sun was bright outside, beaming down on the forest. The forest was around Konohagakure, however Taizen was a few miles away, just relaxing really. His weapons were for if he had spotted any enemy. However Kumogakure being allied to Konohagakure would mean there would be no enemy to Kumogakure here.
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Echo Uchiha
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Master (Konoha)

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PostSubject: Re: Fight in the Forest [Private, No Kill.]   Sun Jun 17, 2012 6:13 am

Echo himself finding solace in his new Rank as Anbu captain positioning his Exploding Kage Bunshin in various points around the village as something of an early alarm system several traps also set up around the area Echo himself holed up in a station not far from the positioning of these clones,The explosion clone is standing on a branch near Taizens position his eyes scanning along the tree line his position clearly visible as to provoke assault by armed infiltrators,his right open palm is resting against the tree,his garb consists of a simple bright red long sleeved shirt to purposely contrast with the forests green,His pants and shoes are of the basic Shinobi variant this clone having been made when Echo was wearing these brightly colored monstrosities made for the exact purpose of being spotted,On his brow is his Konoha bandanna style headband also made into a bright neon blue color which pushes his hair and bangs down in a strange way,the clone is grumbling to himself obviously disgruntled at being used as a 'Suicide warning beacon'
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PostSubject: Re: Fight in the Forest [Private, No Kill.]   Sun Jun 17, 2012 5:59 pm

Taizen remained in the branch, knowing that there were two people near by. Using his sensory skills he could detect two people, one being ont he branch not too far, some could say it was the branch next to his, however the clone was just below him, by about six feet. Another person, stationed, sitting still not too far away. The man was in fact, right next to the tree, visible to Taizen. However, those being the only two within the thirty meters that Taizen could sense in. There most likely was a few farther away, however it would take them some time if they do manage to find out what would be happening in a moment. Looking at the two, they seemed similar, nearly exact. The only thing different was their clothing. He would take a single test tube filled with the poison that couldn't hurt anyone, it was a green like liquid. he had stuck three senbon in. He held the senbon carefully, aiming at the two. Before he threw he would jump back, up in the air about five feet, making only a sound, a single, simple sound. It was the sound of leaves being jumped through, however it could have simply been a small animal for all the two men would think, however it wouldn't stop them from looking if they wanted to. He would take his arms up, then launch both arms out, towards the two. The man who had originally been six feet under, and next to had rather clean thin, small metallic needles thrown at him from a long range, Taizen was placing his heel on the tree trunk and storing chakra in it, then jumping up allowing him to go further up. The other man, had un-clean needles thrown at him, they had some sort of greenish liquid on them, Taizen's aim was rather clumsy while throwing these un-clean greenish coloured metallic needles, they would most likely only leave slight cuts, causing minor bleeding, or hit him in non fatal points, it all depended on what the man would do. He would notice a chakra difference in the two similar looking men, one seemed to have close to no chakra, while the other one had a large amount, which had made Taizen think one was a clone while the other one, the one who had not been near Taizen on the branch, was the original, however it could be anything, Taizen really didn't know, he was focused on the two who seemed to be enemies. He recognized them as Konohagakure shinobi apparently, they were his enemies at the moment. Due to his mission. His hands now free, he would jump from the trunk of the tree forward, onto the ground and then raise his chakra just enough to the point where he could perform a simple E ranked ninjutsu, he would then multiple by two, and then three, then multiple himself by two yet again, then they would all vanish, the jutsu had not been canceled but they had all hidden from view, most in bushes, some in tree now. They prepared.
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Kino R. Kyodo

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PostSubject: Re: Fight in the Forest [Private, No Kill.]   Sun Jun 17, 2012 6:09 pm

[This be Taizen. Wont be able to get on much and post after today, so try not to skip please.]
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Echo Uchiha
Master (Konoha)
Master (Konoha)

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Element(s) : Wind, Fire.
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PostSubject: Re: Fight in the Forest [Private, No Kill.]   Sun Jun 17, 2012 9:06 pm

With the fact the two are Shinobi the simple cracking of leaves would cause them to spring forward with the use of Body flicker the Explosion Shadow clone blurring forward and with a shift of his weight his right foot presses up against a tree four feet from his position the Senbon impacting his original position as he kicks off of the tree ahead of him the Senbon and poison wasted though the mans aim is apparently better then he expects, As he kicks off the tree he flies towards his assailant with the added momentum of the body flicker once more,The mans jump with the added factor of Echo's speed and momentum from the supplementary technique would cause the explosion clone to barrel into his target his right shoulder slamming into the mans left side and then explode with enough force to concuss but not kill the force being evenly distributed,As the Shadow clone moves forward Echo moves back and takes off in a dash through the forest also enhanced by his body flicker moving quickly out of sight and range the Senbon coming nowhere near his position as he begins his dash.

[Dude we need to get you to wear a headband next time XD This is technically assault now you either need to beat me and run like a bat out of hell or come to T & I after our little spat and answer a few questions XD]
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PostSubject: Re: Fight in the Forest [Private, No Kill.]   

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Fight in the Forest [Private, No Kill.]
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