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 Training down by the river

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PostSubject: Re: Training down by the river   Tue Mar 15, 2016 2:22 am

All this genjutsu was for him just to laugh a little, or to feel superior maybe. Whichever one of the two, he had to stay focused on my training. The chakra kept moulding outside of Ichizo's body, the bubbles grew a little bigger, until a small hole a few inches deep, two inches wide, formed in the water s, a hole that looked like a mouth, right under the shinobi's feet. The Uzumaki genin smiled gently, full of contained happiness because of his new accomplishment: he just mastered the first step of the jutsu, jutsu that required for him to first mould the water the way he wanted to at a small scale at first, which he succeded in doing greatly. Eventually, Ichizo would step back and move his kunai away from his throat,

That wasn't it, he needed to keep on working on this technique. Ichizo focused on the chakra present in the threads that were quite thin at that moment, and accelerated his chakra flow speed as well, making the hole get larger and larger, almost making it look like a miniature underwater vortez. He didn't really care about the rogue shinobi still being there, he knew very well he could defend himself. His main concern was to see if he could keep this vortex going at a constant rythm for long enough. He achieved a change in chakra nature, but now needed a change in chakra form to transform this small inoffensive vortex into a great water dragon with magnificent offensive abilities. He closed his eyes, and opened them again looking at the rogue shinobi in front of him, but looking at his feet. Maybe the genjutsu was activated by some kind of doujutsu, and Ichizo stayed cautious up until that moment.

- Listen "my friend", he said repeating the shinobi's words. I am a lot hastier than you may think, so let me ask again, what's your name?

Ichizo sighed once again, waiting for a response. The vortex could fade away at any moment, so if he wanted to tes his new jutsu, he needed an answer and fast. He still needed a big eleven or twelve seconds to do the hand signs for this jutsu, so time was limited and so was his mastery of the Water Style.
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Orokana <3 <3

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PostSubject: Re: Training down by the river   Tue Mar 15, 2016 3:03 am

"I'm Orokana a leaf genin." Orokana said watching. the boy. "so I see your a water user." he tilts his head a bit

"I don't suffer from my insanity, i enjoy every minute of it"
"The light of our hearts is even darker then black, the dim glimmer of hell itself."
"Before creation there is destruction, if my soul stands in the way, then I'll toss it aside. Yes, i have no choice but to move forward."
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PostSubject: Re: Training down by the river   Tue Mar 15, 2016 3:34 am

The chakra slowly left the threads, making a greater vortex that slowly grew in diameter and in depth. But in revenge, the increase in depth was not supposed to happen. Was Ichizo losing control of his chakra, or was that just the water that was moving by itself? He focused more on the chakra leaving his body, and a glowing blue cloak started to appear around him. He closed his eyes, letting all his emotions leave his body with his chakra, and remembered another word of advice given to him by the Elder.

Chakra control not only is a tricky task; it also uses all the force present in your body. As you may already know, your chakra network is formed of billions of billions of cells infused with energy. That is your chakra. When your chakra flow speed is increased, the chances of your chakra being unstable are higher, but this also means that it will help you to form a water dragon. For it to take a certain shape, you must achieve a change in chakra form, something completely new to you. I know well enough that this is going to be your greatest challenge in the process of learning this technique, but if I am giving you all this information, it is because I know you can do it.

He took a deep breath, and pictured an  image of his chakra network. If he could just focus everything he had on his feet, then on the chakra threads, and transform all of this unnecessary chakra into water, then maybe he would have a chance at grasping the hang of the technique. He looked at the vortex, focused his chakra on the middle of it, and slowly the water started rising and falling, rising and falling. He was disturbed by the presence of this so-called Orokana on his left.

- Is that so? Well, Orokana, may I ask you a favor? he said, gently and with a smile sticked to his face. Without waiting for the Konoha shinobi's response, he asked. Do you think you can make a shadow clone of yourself and let me use it as a target for my training? I am sure helping a fellow Leaf shinobi would do no harm to you, ain't that right?

He smiled again, clapped his hands, while some water from around the vortex started gathering around his jutsu. It was finally taking form, or almost; at least he gathered enough water to make it look substantially big enough. Now he only needed the genjutsu user's clone as a target and then he may start doing the hand seals for this technique.

(TWC: 1714)
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PostSubject: Re: Training down by the river   

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Training down by the river
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