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Rutsu Senju
Rutsu Senju
Fame : 146
Ryo : 500

Late to the Party Empty Re: Late to the Party

on Mon May 14, 2018 2:48 am
Pebbles would be displaced with every step the twins took through the rubble of a ruined city, worn down and empty buildings littered what were once the streets of a grand city. How could a city as large as this fall so suddenly, it was a question Komon wanted answered, but guessed would be hard to come by. As his byakugan, as talented as it was couldn't find a single chakra signature in the area. "Nobody's here, at least not in a mile radius."

The boy would crouch in the pile of rubble and look at the dirt path in front of him. Tracks were all over the place, some obviously newer than others but undoubtedly a mesh of different people. He was no tracker ninja, but the newer tracks were probably his best bet. "Might as well follow these?" The hyuuga would say questioningly, he wasn't sure to be honest, but this was the only sign of life he could detect.

"Whatever were tracking, its at the very least... A mile away." He'd say as he got back on his feet, and off of the crouching position he had been using to inspect the tracks below them. The tracks themselves seemed to delve deeper into the rubble of the city, towards the tall and ruined towers.

WC: 225

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Rutsu Senju
Rutsu Senju
Fame : 146
Ryo : 500

Late to the Party Empty Re: Late to the Party

on Mon Jun 04, 2018 5:13 pm
As the pair grew closer to the city center the tracks grew in both abundance and obviousness, it became easy to see that massive amount of people where moving through the area, yet there was no chakra signatures? It was odd, to say the least. Finally, the tracks would lead the twins to their final destination, a large 6 story building devoid of any life. Or at least any life that the byakugan could detect.

The wind whistled through the empty building and Komon would flicker his byakugan off, looking around at the hundreds of individual tracks. that left the door. Whatever group had been here, was clearly on the move, and no longer here.

But checking out their base of operations couldn't hurt. So Komon would motion for his brother to follow, and he'd enter through the massive hole in the brick wall, clearly caused by some kind of fight in the past, and as he entered his eyes would fall upon what looked to be a war room. Plans of attack were plastered on maps resting on the wall.

He could see the map that detailed the attack on the village. And another map detailing the theft of kumogakure documents that they had prevented, he wondered for a moment if these people were natives of tengakure, but quickly shook the idea out of his head, kumogakure hadn't advanced on them, so tenga should have no quarrel with kumo, and he knew from his brief encounter with the thieves that these people weren't highly skilled shinobi, and if the ruins were anything to speak for it, tengakure would have had plenty of trained shinobi to spare. Several other operations were listed, but the most concerning one had kumogakure circled. Whoever these people were, they were up to something. Deciding he'd figure it all out later he began to rip the maps off the wall, rolling them into scrolls before turning to his brother.

"We should head back home, as fast as possible" He'd say, with urgency in his voice, the footprints they had tracked had gradually turned into that of a small army, and for all he knew, that army could be advancing towards his homeland. But as he finished his eyes wound land on a sketch of a familiar face.

Senshi Kobayashi...

He didn't know why it was here, but it was enough to let him know that these people were somehow involved. He'd grab the sketch and the cluster of papers it rested refusing to read into it until he was in the precense of max and reizo, the two deserved to learn about this at the same time as him.

"We need to get back to max and reizo"

WC: 678

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Rutsu Senju
Rutsu Senju
Fame : 146
Ryo : 500

Late to the Party Empty Re: Late to the Party

on Wed Jun 06, 2018 10:20 pm
They'd move in a flash of light before Komon even had time to react, appearing in a baren wasteland Komon would ask in a half disoriented manner "the hell is this!" Komon would say somewhat bewildered, noticing his own arsenal just casually floating in his brothers strange dimension. The answer would come almost as quickly, Mugenha, the land of infinite weapons, and before he had time to register much else the pair would dissapear in flash of light again, this time in the living room of their own apartment.

"A little warning next time would be nice He'd say a little green in the face, feeling sick as ever.

WC: 787
Claiming 787 Words towards Living Lightning 3587/6000 Max Stat
Fame : 110
Ryo : 2600

Late to the Party Empty Re: Late to the Party

on Thu Jun 07, 2018 5:14 pm
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Late to the Party Empty Re: Late to the Party

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