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  • Introductions and Farewells

    The place to introduce yourselves and make a warm welcome or if you have other business to attend to, head to the farewell thread and say if you are leaving for a while. Just remember we would like to give members a warm welcome and a fair farewell. We hope you enjoy your stay! ^_^
    Introduce yourselves!, Farewells
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  • Haven Country

  • Haven Country

    Haven country lies at the edge of the map, its cities soaked in mild to humid climates and mostly unaware of the workings of Shinobi. The Capital of the city - Hoshigakure no Sato - is the first in the country to begin the practice of training Shinobi to defend the land. Aside from the ninja going ons, Haven is a deeply religious country and often frequented by scholars and worshipers alike as it plays host to many religions, sects and factions for the spiritually inclined. Haven has traditionally been only ruled by the Queen of its royal family.
    Village Gates, Hoshigakure, Haven Country Borders, Tachibana Wildlife Reserve, Spectral Arena, Mission Area
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  • Island Country

  • Island Country

    A large country that houses the new Kirigakure no Sato, formerly known as Shimagakure. The country is mostly made up of small to large islands, the village being on a close island group of ten smaller ones. Most of the islands have tropical climate and although sailing is usually rather restricted because of whirlpools and hurricanes the country still manages trade with the mainland.
    Kirigakure, Spectral Arena, Island Country Borders, Sea, Mission Area
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  • Lightning Country

  • Lightning Country

    Many years after the reign of terror of Youka Tau, and with a lot of effort and resources spent by four different Kages, the Lightning Country has been restored to a semblance of normalcy, the land healing and the corruption being pushed away into the deepest and darkest recesses no one cared to purge. The mountainous landscape houses the Kumogakure no Sato, which is planted within a circular mountain range a few hundred meters above sea level. While the mountains themselves are bereft of most plant and arboreal life, the lower reaching zones are home to vast, thick forests and fertile plains.

    Kumogakure, Lightning Country Borders, Spectral Arena, Mission Area
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  • Wind Country

  • Wind Country

    Featured to be a vast desert, this country is home to Sunagakure. Only recently has it regained the presence of a major village, the weather is typical for what you'd expect of a desert. With the reemergence of Sunagakure, local residents inhabiting the Wind Country spread the tales of the Bloodworks and the treacherous goal of glory to be the greatest gladiator in the arena.
    Sunagakure, Desert, Wind Country borders, Spectral Arena, Mission Area
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  • Borders

  • Temple of Jashin

  • Temple of Jashin

    The infamous Temple created and maintained by the followers of Jashin. It is said that sometimes you may even be reborn here if enough tribute is paid....
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