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 traing with moka

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Blade testu
Genin of Konoha
Genin of Konoha

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Element(s) : Wind
Clan : The Hyuga clan
Clan Element : Wind
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PostSubject: traing with moka   Fri Mar 23, 2012 4:40 pm

it was a bright day in the hidden leaf village the sun was up. Hugo wanted to train with moka becuase that way he can get strogner." i think i am goignt ot rain in the village today that way i can learn my new move. " hugo said with a smile and looked at the leaves falling than jumped to the top of the big brown oak tree.

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PostSubject: Re: traing with moka   Fri Mar 23, 2012 5:19 pm

There was more to a ninja then there speed but there was more to a ninja then chakra. What about brute force the power to push any of your enemys back away from you was that so bad to have. For some that was a must that was for sure power and speed was a key to utmost success. This was the way of the ninja a way that many will strive after to become strong. The world of the shinobi has been a bit rocky after the super volcano struck the world was reformed. This made a new day and age to take there spot but did any of these low rank people had the power to actually pack a punch of some sort? That was unknown but power was everything to certain people what happens if you run out of chakra then what. You’re a goner for sure since that’s all you train in the world of the shinobi was endless it was a on going battle to become the supreme one. War was a must cause it suppose showed the strongest of the two nations but really why was power so important. Well it by time we see for ourselves wouldn’t you say.

In the land of fire where the sky was blue as it could be with the few clouds floating about the sunlight shining down upon the land. This was a peaceful day for which made this the land of fire they were at peace for now that is. In the midst of the village there was a loud commotion the sound of the trees hitting the ground could be heard. The sound of the huge crash would be heard through out the village as it continued on. There in the center of the forest was the Vampiric Moka Akashiya. Her body was covered in dust from the falling trees her knuckles bleeding from what she was doing. She was punching the trees till they fell building up her knuckle strength even more. She was in her Vampire mode as her fangs would show as she was panting a bit. She had on A robe of some sort on the back was a crest of the Sins but no one will know what that crest meant yet. She would walk to the next tree as her hands would rise in a boxing position as she would swing a right hook pounding her fist into the tree The bark of the tree would scatter where she hit.

She was a vampire so she had to increase her strength by all means no matter what it takes. Her ancestors would not approve of her if she didn’t have the strength to back up her talk so here she was pounding her fist into a tree constantly. From right hook to left hook over and over again till the tree trunk begun to crack. Then with one quick jab the tree would fall along side the others that had fallen. She would smile at her work as her fangs would show as she would smile to herself. She would then move to the next tree as she would separate her legs a bit preparing to continue her work on these trees. She would then bring her leg up right into the trunk of the next tree with a roundhouse kick making the leaves shake from it. Each kick was like a thundering cry as they hit the tree anyone could of heard it. The kicks just continued to pound into the tree as she would look at herself as was moving like a real Vampire her speed of her attacks was increasing also.

Being a vampire and the lone one of her kind was kinda a bounus cause only a few people knew what she really was. But she never showed many her vampire form often due to they are mostly scared of her. Her thinking of this just made her go harder kicking the tree even more as her anger just rise as with one final roundhouse the tree would fall landing with the others. As she would rest for a bit unknown to her she had someone coming but the scent she did pick up but didn’t concentrate on. She would rise to her feet after awhile as she would come to the oak tree the boy was on and use one swift kick to make it fall. She didn’t know the boy was on the tree till he would fall. She would catch a glimpse of the boy and with her speed she would catch him in her arms to avoid him from getting hurt. She would sigh deeply as the tree would hit the ground with a thunderous crash.”Now why are you out here kid??”She would say.

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Blade testu
Genin of Konoha
Genin of Konoha

Fame : 4
Home Village :
  • Sand

Element(s) : Wind
Clan : The Hyuga clan
Clan Element : Wind
Bloodline : Byakugan/ gental fist.
Ryo : 50

PostSubject: Re: traing with moka   Fri Mar 23, 2012 5:26 pm

hugo was suppire to a see a vampire that was the frist one he had ever seen in his life.He was sure to train hard now. he told himself to not beafired. " your going down.I think you will lose in this training. Your the frist vamipre i have ever seen before." hugo siad in a clam voice. Hugo looked at his feet and put the chakra into his heels and started to climb the tree very fast." i am here to train in the leaf village forst. I need to get strogner to beat taito."Hugo said with a smile than watched the leaves

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PostSubject: Re: traing with moka   

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traing with moka
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