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 Bultaoreune « REIZO »

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Saya Kirihara <3
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Genin of Kumo

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PostSubject: Bultaoreune « REIZO »   Sun Feb 18, 2018 1:08 pm

For almost as long as she could remember her life had been nothing but monotonous. Day in and day out, everything revolved around training or reading up on the jutsus described by her mother or the scrolls she had procured in some way or another. And it had always just been her and her mother in their little family. Saya couldn’t say she had “friends” but rather acquaintances that she could discuss things with. There were very little instances in which the girl found herself drowning in emotions. The only thing that came to mind would be when a jounin had taken a liking to her and her mother, seeping into their lives so easily and so effortlessly. Then just before Saya had graduated from the academy, he abandoned them; betraying Kumogakure by fleeing in the night.

Saya thought that she had been over the loss.

It was done. She no longer felt anything towards the man’s leave. But Senshi’s passing had not only made the kunoichi recall that particular night, it had served as a reminder that her mother was still gone. However, the war was over and the celebration had come and gone. Where was her mother? Saya couldn’t think of any other mission her mother could be on, and though the medical chuunin was strict with her daughter, she had always made sure that Saya was aware of the nature of her missions.

Her palms rubbed against her cheeks and over her eyes. Thinking too much was giving her an unnecessary headache. And the pain in her chest continued to ache even after so many days. Saya sighed as she kneaded above her sternum and over her chest. Just like she had done previously when Max had dropped the news about Senshi - a father figure for barest of moments. She squeezed her eyes shut as she had come to realize that caring for people was painful.

A distraction. That’s what she needed. Something to pull her away from feeling too much.

Saya needn’t have to search far, however. This particular jounin's presence had become a permanent fixture in the back of her mind the moment she memorized his chakra signature. A view of snow-capped mountains and evergreen trees with the taste of a sweet rice beverage and the scent of after-rain and sunshine wrapped around her senses. Oh, and there was always that lingering fire somewhere in his chakra. Sometimes it was malicious and angry, and other times it was almost non-existent.

Either way, Saya pushed off the lone tree in the area. The one that she and her team had gathered around the first time they were placed together. Its surroundings, which were basically green grass, went on for many yards until its border hit the tree line of a nearby forest. She patted off whatever dirt had settled on her person before making her way towards Reizo’s approaching signature.

”Hey,” was her only greeting. It was soft, lacking her usual oomph and force in her tone.


Health: 41
Chakra: 65
Stamina: 25
Speed: 100
Strength: 10

"I love the way she survived. Survival looked good on her.
She did it gracefully. She'd walk over glass & through fire."

- J. Raymond
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Bultaoreune « REIZO »
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