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PostSubject: Akane Learns to Summon   Akane Learns to Summon I_icon_minitimeThu Feb 08, 2018 11:06 pm

Akane was in the process of packing a bag with all the bare minimum of essentials such as snacks and clothes for a journey she was about to take to someplace she had been researching for quite some time. She had learned recently of a technique any ninja could use that would be able to summon forth an animal of their choosing as long as they formed a level of trust as well as bound a contract with said animal. She was also in the process of researching jutsu that utilized a particular animal species that she was wanting to acquire for some time now. That animal just so happened to be the crow, an animal that she had heard a great ninja back in the day was able to utilize to the fullest, as she was wanting to create an arsenal of such jutsu and technique inside her repertoire herself. Accomplishing the long task ahead of her would prove to be of vital importance and would truly help her in all of her future endeavors.

She thus packed her backpack to the brim, making certain that all her weapons were able to fit inside as well, as she picked up her pack and strapped it around her back as she was ready to get a move on to a very distant land. She had learned that in order to be able to summon forth such an animal she would first need to form a contract with it's eldest species, the Crow's race, and also gain the animal's trust in order to be able to use certain crow's specifically. From what she had learned the race stayed within a place known as the Forest of Dreams which was said to be a good 2 hours worth of travel if done on foot. This was why she was packing so much food and weapons, in case of danger along the way, for the trip as she was possibly going to wind up spending the night in the forest upon making it there. She took a couple of her hair pins as well so that she'd be able to keep her hair in control in case she was to engage in sudden training along the way. She didn't plan on that happening until she actually got there but she knew, with the way her usual daily regiments ran, she might be hit with the urge to stop and get a bit of training in to stay in top shape.

She made her way to the door, having made all the necessary preparations, as she opened it and gave the inside of her home one last glimpse as she knew it'd be quite some time before she saw it again. She smiled at a plant she kept near the door as she had made certain to water it good upon her leaving for the day as it now looked quite well treated and watered. She nodded to it, knowing it'd more than likely be in need of water when next she came back, as she went through the door and locked it behind her. She then sprinted her way from her home in a more secluded part of the village and travelled along the streets of Konoha as she made her way to the gates of the village. The contents of her bag clattered a bit as she slowed down to a walk in order to make the sounds more bearable. It amazed her how much stronger she had become thanks to her rigorous training as she couldn't help but notice that her bag, containing her Fuma Shuriken along with various other weapons, didn't bother her as much as it used to in terms of weight.

She waved up the gates to the guards as she had informed them previously that she'd be away for a bit before getting a wave back in response to which she took to mean they were allowing her through. She smiled as she walked along the straight path leading out of the village and walked slowly and with determination to complete her goal. She was hoping that she'd be able to track the forest down but she also had other fears swirling throughout her mind in terms of the crows race and if she was going to be able to gain their trust. It was required of her, in order to be able to utilize the ways of summoning, to gain the trust of the ones you summon so that once you do have them fighting by your side they won't leave you to fend for yourself. She knew that gaining the trust of an animal wouldn't be easy nor would she be able to possibly accomplish it in a single day but she knew that doubting herself would accomplish her any results on the matter. She thus readjusted the strap of her backpack as she cracked the annoying crick she had in her neck before beginning to run down the path and hopping up into the large trees and their branches.

She made her way through the many large trees and the branches that jutted out from them, her legs pushing her up from each branch in order to be able to land upon the next one, as she focused her internal compass to point her in the correct direction of the Forest of Dreams as she continued along her way in order to make good time to get there. She wanted to conserve her energy as she hopped along the trees of the forest so that she'd be prepared for anything that came to be in her way which was possibly going to be quite often. She traveled along these woods for what would prove to be a good amount of time as daydreamed along the way in order to keep herself occupied. The hours ticked by as she woke out of her daydream in order to see a section of the forest in the distance which seemed to contain a mystical shroud around it. She stopped where she was, her back to the tree she landed on in order to keep hidden from possible predators, as she looked to see crows flying in and out of the mystical portion of the forest.

This had to be it! The Forest of Dreams where she would hopefully gain the favor of the residents who lived within it. She took a deep breath as she didn't know what to expect from the crows in terms of their attitudes towards outsiders as she didn't know if she was to expect them to be hostile against her or welcoming. She closed her eyes as she tried to think of how best to go about letting her presence be known before she suddenly heard a flapping sound to her right in a tree and she looked up to see a crow staring at her. She gulped as she knew that she was caught and the crow alerted the others to her presence by cawing loudly to it's fellow crows and she was suddenly surrounded by very fast black feathered birds. She put up her hands as a sign of surrender as one of the crows flapped down to her branch and motioned with it's head to the ground. She took that to mean it wanted her to jump down as she did so without delay and they followed suit, flying in a circle above her, as two more crows flew in front of her and motioned for her to follow them. She nodded, keeping her hands still within the air in a surrendering motion, as she followed the crows to their destination which was the Forest of Dreams.

She was lead into a massive clearing which housed hundreds, if not thousands, of crows as they all sat stooped upon branches and looked down upon her as she walked into the center of the clearing and the two crows that guided her landed while facing her. She could feel a slight tug at her chakra as she blinked and could tell that she could feel herself losing focus as though she was being thrust into a Genjutsu. She didn't know what was causing it as she blinked her eyes a few times in order to keep awake and she shook her head to view the two crows. One walked forth while looking up at her and opened it's beak. "Remove your pack, stranger. I'll take those off your hands." She was shocked to hear the crow talk as she suddenly could feel an ominous aura all around her from the multiple crows in the vicinity as she did as she was told and took off her backpack. The crow who spoke to her flew up, the other one who was with him following suit, as they took hold of the bag by it's straps and flew away only to dump it's contents down on the ground about 20 meters away as other crows came to check it's contents. She watched them ruffle through it as they found her weapons and food and clothes as her attention was drawn away from another voice, one much more playful sounding, from above her.

"And who is this who would step into our humble abode? Does this intruder intend to harm or to goad? Oh do not fear, child, do not be in such awe. Even if you are about to face the judgement of the crow's law." She looked up to find a rather larger crow with seemingly colorless eyes fly down from his perch up above as a smaller crow, one with grey eyes, flew down alongside him as they both landed in front of her in the center. The bigger crow chuckled to himself as he hopped forth and looked around with a seemingly childlike manner about him. "You may address me as Tora, young one, of the crows. And it makes me curious to see one so young outfitted with those." He addressed the bag of weapons the other crows were still searching through as he took to the air and began to slowly circle her. "We hope you can address as to why you came here with such sharp steel and metal? Wouldn't it have been better if we discussed things over the contents of a tea kettle?" She could immediately see that she was being interrogated and she thought it wise to speak up.

"I did not come here to attack nor to hurt anyone here. I found this place specifically so that I may ask something of your race. The weapons are merely there for training purposes." The crow chuckled again as the smaller crow watched her rather piercingly while keeping quiet as the bigger crow landed in front of Akane and looked up to her.

"Let Tora guess as to what it is the stranger seeks. I can see it within her eyes she positively reeks." Some of the other crows could be heard snickering as he continued. "If Tora didn't know the stranger's intentions any better he would've sworn she was here to sign a bondage with us down to every letter. You intend to step into our forest and form a contract of servitude with us crows? Tora will need to know the young one's worth before we put such a case to a close. You brought weaponry and snacks with you in the hopes we would train with you right away. A bit of an error on your part as now there are those among us who do not wish you to stay. It takes trust, little ninja, in order to gain the favor of us all. But losing such trust upon a first meeting has caused you to fall. If you have anything to say for yourself now is your chance. I certainly do not wish to see this turn into an ugly dance." He stopped speaking as all the other crows that stooped above and listened to the speech glared at her as she thought of what to do. She looked around, trying to search for a quick getaway, as she activated her Sharingan in the process.
All the crows suddenly talked among themselves as she grew confused and saw the one called Tora even be taken aback as he gasped. "That tomoe pattern and bright crimson hue. Those are the eyes that belong to certain few. Tora knows those to be the eyes of the Sharingan of long ago. He can even feel the soft embrace of dormant power in tow. You, young one, of the Uchiha clan have my attention. Now Tora asks what could possibly be your intention?" She noticed the smaller bird was watching her with seemingly much more attention now then before. She calmed herself down as she opened her mouth to speak.

"I did indeed come here in order to ask of the crows their help if ever I find myself in need of it. I understand that I am an outsider to you all and that it takes time to gain your approval. I am willing to go through whatever means deem necessary in order to show you that I am someone worthy of your time and trust... I didn't bring any gifts or trinkets or anything like that for you but-" The smaller bird suddenly spoke up as the voice of a woman flowed from it's beak.
"You think us crows so trite that we would need the gifts of humans in order to trust you. What you have done is shown us the origins of your bloodline. Nothing more and nothing less." Akane gulped as Tora nodded to the little crow's words.
"Ro indeed has a point in terms that even though you're an Uchiha it doesn't give you much in trust. However, in Tora's own opinion, that doesn't mean that your chances have been scattered in the dust. In fact if the young Uchiha can answer for Tora a simple riddle then she will gain his favor in helping her get out of this little pickle. Should she answer correctly then Tora will himself fetch the scroll of contract for her. Should she answer incorrect that I'm afraid things will rather turn into quite a bother." Akane couldn't help but feel as though a lot was riding on this as the young crow took to the air once more and slowly circled around her. She didn't know what kind of riddle it would be but she was actually quite in love with riddles herself. "I am within a white room which houses no door. There aren't any windows around nor is there even a floor. Within this white room a single wall surrounds all. And in this white room I am the only yellow ball." He ended his riddle as he came to a halt and landed beside the crow known as Ro as he looked up to her. "Tell Tora, young Uchiha, what the riddle has made me. You only get one answer and I wonder what it'll be."

Akane blinked upon hearing the riddle as her brain scrambled while trying to find the correct answer. She couldn't think of anything concrete in order to answer his riddle with. She tried seeing it through all the corners she could think of as the thought the color 'white' was mainly the thing that was used as a common thread in the whole. If she viewed the singular wall that supposedly a yellow ball was inside somehow... It then hit her! "The answer to your riddle... is an egg." Tora cocked his head to the side as he then chuckled and flew up into the air.

"Well well well Tora didn't expect the young ninja to answer correctly. Looks like Tora will need to reward such efforts directly." He soared off into the trees as she looked around and could see the crows all conversing once more with each other at the prospect that she had solved one of the crow known as Tora's riddles. Before long Tora came back with a scroll clutched in it's beak as he stepped forth to Akane and laid the scroll on the ground and unrolled it with one of it's feet. She saw a list of names along the parchment displaying the names of all the ninja who were able to forge a contract with the crows before she came along. Among the names the name of Itachi Uchiha was there, as well, along with a small thumbprint in blood underneath his name. She looked at an empty space where she could write her name inside as another crow flew to her in order to give her... a kunai. "You have gained the favor of Taru and his brethren, miss, and now you must sign and bound us to you using this." He addressed the kunai as she picked it up and looked a little confused. "Contracts with the crow's race bounds to the utilizer by way of their blood. This way, after making a blood sacrifice, your summoning jutsu will not end with a dud. Use the kunai to help make your signature show true so that you will be able to utilize the full reward that is due."

She took a deep breath as she nodded upon listening and bent down to reach the scroll as she slid the sharp edge of one of her kunais along her finger, wincing at the pain of the cut she was inflicting to herself, as she could see a steady stream of blood flowing. She thus went to writing her name in blood on the empty space. Once she finished completely writing her full name she then placed her thumb fully underneath her name as she lifted it back off and it showed her thumbprint completely sunk into the paper and ready to sit there for a long time. She brought her hands up and formed the necessary seals to commence her medical ninjutsu as her hand glowed in a light green aura of chakra as she watched her cut slowly close up and disappear as she laid the kunai back down and smiled softly. "The name has been imbedded into the scroll and is now there for all crows. Akane Uchiha... we will come and help you fight your foes. Now you must show that you have the power to call upon us whenever necessary. Show that you can call us whenever in a tight spot against any adversary. Commence with forming the hand seals I name and keep your chakra strong and hefty with it all the same. You must first form the seals Boar, Dog, Bird, Monkey, and Ram. Then, as your blood flows thrust your hand to the ground with a slam. Should you succeed then I will come to you. So please step back and take this as your cue."

She nodded, wincing after finding out that she'd need to cut herself again, as she picked the kunai up and slid it along her thumb once again. and began to form the necessary hand seals as she focused her chakra into her hands. She formed the Boar, Dog, Bird, Monkey, and Ram seals as she slammed the palm of her hand onto the ground as she saw marks appear from the center and grew out from her hand. "Summoning Jutsu!" She saw a puff of smoke pop up from her hand as she pulled away and jumped back in fear that she had done it wrong as she suddenly watched as multiple crows fly out of the smoke and take to the trees as she heard a chuckled from within the smoke as well.

"Poor little kunoichi there is no need to fear. Look within the smoke and see that Taru has come near." She blinked as the smoke cleared and saw that Taru the crow was indeed standing in the same spot as to where she had placed her palm as he chuckled again and took to the air himself. "Congratulations are in order for you, young lady. Too bad you took to this like a little baby. I digress, though, as you have accomplished a great feat. You've shown that you are more than just fresh meat. However it grows dark and we crows know you humans need sleep. You might want to go back home before your villagers start to weep." A few crows flew back to her as they outfitted her with the backpack she had brought with all the weapons within it as she looked to Taru. "You're always welcome here, young kunoichi, whenever you wish to speak. Just come back tomorrow, if you wish, so that we will help you reach your peak." Taru then flew back up into the trees as she watched the crows disappear into nothingness as she blinked and couldn't detect their presence anywhere. She looked to the ground to notice that Ro was still there as she was watching Akane closely. They stared at each other as Akane could feel awkwardness setting in before Ro closed her eyes and disappeared from sight as well.

She couldn't see any signs of the crows anywhere from her position. She wrote it off as possibly falling for a genjutsu as she shook her head and decided to take the advice of Taru and head back to her village. She thus began to hop along the branches of the trees back to the Leaf.

(WC 3,615)

(Claiming 18 stats, summoning contract with Crows RaceRo, and Tora)
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