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 Visiting Pieces of the Past [Takeo/Hikari, P & NK]

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Kanzaki <3
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PostSubject: Visiting Pieces of the Past [Takeo/Hikari, P & NK]   Sun Dec 10, 2017 3:10 am

Aside from the occasional, cold morning breeze that wafted by the dewy, overgrown grasses surrounding the royal chapel, the area was silent. Stained glass and a fine, golden lining accentuated the broad, tall building, homing the fancy and elaborate graves of the royal family's deceased. And naturally, something like this brought the attention of a certain blonde..

The platinum-headed youngling pitter-pattered along the concrete sidewalk, wearing a pair of dark brown, loose-fitting boots (think of Uggs). With it, Kanzaki had on a pair of black leggings and a white long sleeve. Her torso and arms alike were covered by a coat made out of lion's fur, the collar and the hems adorned with the mane of that very animal. Her hair was pulled into a messy low bun, accentuated with a red, butterfly-shaped hair pin.

She held a pair of vibrant flower bouquets, tucked between her chest and arms. Each bouquet was filled with flowers that she knew the individual recipients liked the most, beit color or size. Despite what she was doing, her expression was one of apatheticism, in an effort to hide the brief pang of heartache that ran through her, causing her to doubt her actions. Kanzaki even stopped moving for a brief movement, her gaze going downcast and panning to the thickets of grass around the chapel.

'You can do this. You've done it at the beginning of every month. Don't give up now.' She tried to encourage herself mentally. If her hands weren't full, she'd pat her own cheeks in some odd means of self-reassurance. With a deep inhale, the young girl kept moving forward, pushing into the chapel to set her eyes on the familiar sight of the ornatelycrafted statues of royal family members. Most of them were as good as irrelevant to her--half-ancestors or not; afterall she was only here for the two she'd visited eleven times this year. This was the twelfth time.

One for sure was of the Queen---accentuated by the jewelry of Queensguard and other strangers that'd handed off their valuable belongings to enamor the statue of the now-resting woman. In her hand was a goblet, engraved with the star of Hoshigakure. Kanzaki ambled forward until she was standing before the statue, putting on a bitter and displeased smile, She crouches down at the foot of the statue---where the dusty and crusty bouquet of flowers from a month prior lie dead. She pushed the bouquet aside, replacing it with the much more fresher one in her arm.

With an expression of uncertainty printed upon her youthful features, Kanzaki slowly inches forward, coiling her small arms about the statue and hugging it. It wasn't warm and it certainly wasn't as soft as she remembered the relative it was made from was, but it sufficed. The blondette soon retracts, a sullen expression replacing that stoic look she initially had. She heads on over to her mother's statue--a woman smiling with an apple in her outstretched hand, and the apple wrapped in roots.

Her other arm was resting just beneath her chest, holding onto a newborn garbed with a blanket around it, looking up at her with a lively smile. She briefly rested her eyes on the child, before knowingly shifting her gaze away from it, instead crouching down to get rid of the old bouquet, and resting it at the foot of her mother's statue now. Then she stood up, extending her hand out for a moment. Her palm pressed upon the statue's apple, and slowly but surely, thin, wooden roots culminated from the specialized chakra coursing through her extended from her palm. They weaved together and intertwined, contorting into something that looked like a tiara made of wood.

Holding onto the wooden tiara, the female hopped up, climbing the statue then laying the tiara atop the woman's head. Once she slid off, she dusted off her jacket, then tucked her hands into her pockets, just looking at the statue for a good minute. Finally, the Senju ambled forward, removing her hands from her pockets and embracing the statue as well---only this time for much longer than she did the previous Queen's. She sniffled and whimpered every few moments, but eventually retracted, wiping some tears that'd drained down her cheeks.

".. I'll be good. As always... s-see you." Kanzaki whispered with quivering lips, rubbing her face against the furry sleeve of her coat, then turning around. She slowly pitter-pattered her way back out of the chapel, shoving her wet hands into her pockets and casting her gaze to the ground as she exitted the building and leaned up against the exterior, gazing at the sidewalk in silence. Everything was familiar about this place. Especially the sidewalk.

It was just over a year ago, but she could still remember coming here to visit her grandparents' statues. Back when her mother and the Queen's statue weren't there. Back when everything seemed so fine and serene. The black, ankle-strap heels and the red dress her mother wore, and the blue blouse with the white scarf that Kanzaki herself had worn. It'd even smelled like "that chemical" as she referred to it as, that had been used a day prior to cut the grass there. And now?

It just smelled like the dead people that she was still missing a year later.
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PostSubject: Re: Visiting Pieces of the Past [Takeo/Hikari, P & NK]   Wed Dec 13, 2017 9:01 pm

Another nightmare, another sleepless night. The cycle continued endlessly. When would it end? Takeo couldn't say for sure. He didn't even know the cause of it. His memories of the dreams weren't clear. All there was was a face, if it could even be described as such. A half formed face and piercing yellow eyes. That's all he ever remembered. What did it mean? He had no clue. Takeo just couldn't shake the feeling that he'd seen it before. This wasn't just a creation of his imagination. Only one thing was certain, the face was growing clearer each night. It unnerved the man.

The man sat in his bedroom, gaze cast down to the scroll set on his lap. The day had not started off as a good one either. The lack of sleep made it difficult to read. Takeo understood the basics of it. Another one bites the dust. He thought to himself bitterly. Another of Tengakure fallen. Gone in one of the worst ways. Takeo sighed, scrunching the scroll up into a ball and throwing it off to the side of his room. His gaze cast itself out of the window. The sun was coming up. Takeo may was well make the most of the day.Or try anyway. The man struggled to his feet before beginning the slow and painful process of getting ready for the day.

It took him about one hour to fully get ready. The ever growing facial hair of the man was becoming quite ridiculous, as well as his hair. Without proper usage of his dominant hand however it was useless to even bother. Takeo didn't trust anyone to deal with it either, so for now it would have to do.

Equipped with one crutch to keep himself upright the man exited The Turning Point inn with a quick nod to the owner. Eventually he would find other accommodation, he was beginning to think of himself as a burden to the elderly man. For now he would have to recover though. It's fucking cold. The white haired man thought to himself as he exited the building. This was surprising given the surrounding area. Then again this country was as far north was the Snow Country was. It confused Takeo greatly, but he wasn't one to question nature.

In the way of clothes Takeo didn't own that much. It was why he was currently only wearing a loose white shirt with black trousers. His magnificent pair of shoes were worn, and the mask he had owned since childhood lay wrapped around his neck in a makeshift scarf. Suffice to say, he stood out a lot. I really should dye my hair. The man thought for the fifth time that week. Hobbling through the streets of Hoshigakure he managed to remain as inconspicuous. Well, as inconspicuous as a tall white haired man with a beard could remain.

His slow pace continued. On the plus side it gave the man plenty of time to sight see. The buildings were all quite impressive. At least compared back to the ones in his previous village. While the massive skyscrapers were a true wonder this place had it's own sense of character. They two were incomparable, but Takeo liked to do it anyway.

The people were different too. While white hair had actually been rather common in Tengakure it was unheard of here. Not counting the elderly of course. Takeo had also seen a startling low amount of blondes. The only real blonde he had met was Akihana. Then again he hadn't really met that many people. Still, it was quite odd. He recalled Akihana being identified purely by her hair. There had also been some mention of it having to do with royalty also? Takeo didn't remember the exact specifics of it. This place was so foreign to him.

And speaking of Akihana, he hadn't seen any sign of her since his return. She had issued him that mission yet he hadn't seen her at all. Then again Takeo hadn't really officially returned to report back. He had sent that letter though. Maybe if the man actively tried to seek her out he would find her around. It's not like she would be that hard to find after all.

Would only probably take me fi- oh there she is. Takeo paused in his walk with a start. Off in the corner of his vision the man made out an odd colour out. Takeo slowly made his way over to the side of the road. He stopped short a few meters away, finally catching full sight of what he had spotted. She wasn't that short. Was the first thought that came to mind. Definitely not Akihana. She was never that..down looking. Mistaken identity then, awkward. The girl looked about a third of Aki's age anyway. The lack of sleep really was affecting him. Still, this girl was an oddity in the mass of plain people. The man took a moment to concentrate. A spark of confirmation hit his senses. A higher chakra level than normal. A shinobi of some kind then.

The child seemed upset by something. This would definitely not go well. On the best of day's Takeo didn't look exactly pleasant and friendly for first impressions. Looking like he did now definitely didn't help. A quick flick of the head brought his fringe over to cover his pure white eye. Only the coal black one remained in sight. He imagined that it would be less creepy to look at. Then he spoke, "Yet another child with a high chakra level. Hoshigakure is really into the child soldier thing aren't they?" He hadn't intended to say that. For some reason his irritation of this fact had grown ever so slowly over the last few months. Takeo hadn't even directly addressed the girl yet. An outburst from the back of his mind. Must of been the lack of sleep.

"So, what's got you down?"

[21:24:12] @ Youka : If Tak could ever make a legit travel post, he could be dangerous
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PostSubject: Re: Visiting Pieces of the Past [Takeo/Hikari, P & NK]   Sun Jan 07, 2018 10:14 pm

The child seemed to ignore him.

It was odd, perhaps they were shellshocked by something. It didn't matter to Takeo however. He had things to do, work to be done. There was much that needed to be done. There was something nagging him in the back of his mind. Who knows what it meant, he would need to find out however.

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PostSubject: Re: Visiting Pieces of the Past [Takeo/Hikari, P & NK]   Sun Jan 07, 2018 10:24 pm



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PostSubject: Re: Visiting Pieces of the Past [Takeo/Hikari, P & NK]   

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Visiting Pieces of the Past [Takeo/Hikari, P & NK]
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