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 After the fire (P,NK,Tamaki)

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PostSubject: Re: After the fire (P,NK,Tamaki)   Tue Nov 14, 2017 7:44 pm

She nodded lightly as he explained that his father sung it for his mother and chuckled a bit imagining her father singing and shook her head. No, this was not right he would never do something like that let alone have it sound good. He was not really the musical type of person and his voice was, calm but not really soothing enough for this kind of gesture. So it was practically hilarious to think of him in this kind of position.
So as he allowed her to wash his back she took the soap and started to wash his back as they were standing now the other way round. While she was rubbing soap gently over his back and gently massaged his back a little along his spine and lost her thoughts a little into it. So this went on for some moments and then she let water clear off his back and nodded. "Now you are clean", she said agreeing, "I will go first and set up a futon for you to sleep in." Just a moment after that she wrapped her hair into a towel and rubbed herself dry quickly before putting on her nightgown. "Those are for you", she put the towels a little closer to the shower and then she nodded to him while walking out rubbing over her hair to dry it a bit before it would get in contact with pillows and sheets while she wandered to her room where she rolled out two futons for her and her guest. She placed her teddy onto her pillow like usual and as she was walking back to get him she had her hair dry for the most part. "Ready?"

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PostSubject: Re: After the fire (P,NK,Tamaki)   Mon Nov 20, 2017 3:11 am

Her hands were deft and nimble about there business, well practiced and precisely strong.
It would be hard to say whether he could ever face her clothed again.
The tension in his shoulders began to loosen when he faced her, there was an unspoken semblance of friendship between them or so it seemed and that relaxed Tamaki.
After showering for a moment longer Sanae beckoned for him to dry himself, he stepped out and accepted the towel that was being offered.
The night gowns material did little for Tamaki over worked imagination and as he dried himself, his hair was retaining quite a bit of moisture from the water.
Getting dressed he noted the atmosphere had a lot of steam present, how long had they been showering he could not say.
He viewed himself in the mirror and was taken back by how much mud he had been concealing from the hiding like a mole technique, he was now clean and sparklingly so.
Sanae's countenance demanded his attention from himself, he noticed her teddy bear.
How fearsome?
He regarded it with little amusement after the thrashing his clone had just received and put into retrospect the integrity she held in high regard.
His hair was mostly dry from the towel but residual moisture lingered like a fog around his head.
Condensing some chakra into his mouth he formed the monkey hand sign and jetted a stream of water at the back of Sanae's head.
Ou Tsuba was never out of fashion for Tamaki and the harmless prank would hopefully only wet a small portion of her hair with the water gun like stream.
"Ou Tsuba!"
He announced his attack through a half mouth full of water preemptively so as to not suprize Sanae so much.
He was still brimming with energy since he had barely participated in the spar and was up for some playfully natured sport.
As for being ready, he had hoped his insinuation had been ironic enough an answer but he still naively suggested, "Ready?"
He had not thought as to what he may be ready for but he was ready none the less.
He drew closer to Sanae as she spoke, she was unbelievably alluring in her night gown yet Tamaki forgot himself for the most part.

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PostSubject: Re: After the fire (P,NK,Tamaki)   Mon Nov 20, 2017 3:35 pm

Sanae was in her room preparing to go to bed as someone behind her waved a jutsu together. Since it was a slow one she had some moments to react upon call. But what was she to do? There were tatami mats on her floor. If those got stained it would be a drag to clean them. Then there were two futon on the floor, if they got wet, they had to be dried over the day. She signed badly as the decision was clear. She needed to let herself get hit to evade further damage inside her room. So what happened next was that the back of her head was hit with a splash of water and she pulled her brows together as a shiver ran down her spine. Her open hair had shielded her night gown so far, so at least she did not need to change again. So after that occurred she turned around to her guest grabbing him at his shoulders pulling him in close: "Why did you do that? Do you know how long it usually needs for this mass of hair to dry? Do you want me to get angry? Or did you hope I would evade it and get our bed messed up or my room?" Her face showed displeasure with what had happened and she kind of glared at him.
"You are lucky that I don't do that to people because it is rude. But next time I might just throw you somewhere...", she signed and let go of him to bundle up her hair so it would not stain through and wet her clothes. Then as she looked up he had drawn closer to her so that their faces were not so much apart anymore, but at this moment she was too mad about what happened to note this quite too tender moment. In her head picturing how she just randomly out of the blue shoot Windarrows at him or performed the dance of the camellia which would really put him in a dangerous position, but no, she would not really do it, because even with his goofiness she liked him and he was no enemy so time to leave it be.

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PostSubject: Re: After the fire (P,NK,Tamaki)   

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After the fire (P,NK,Tamaki)
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