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Ban Senju
Genin of Konoha
Genin of Konoha
Ban Senju

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PostSubject: Shark Bullet training [Private]   Shark Bullet training [Private] I_icon_minitimeSat Jul 15, 2017 12:38 pm

Today would become yet another day of training for Ban. He had found himself in a way, addicted to training, although he still was not one for work. However now he did not find training as work anymore. Now he thought of it as a hobby for him, since it had been something he'd been doing nearly every single day since he had aqcuired the rank of genin. The thought of his previous exam involving Yen still annoyed him very much. Was it really a necessity to do all of that genjutsu and the trials and everything? Ban told himself to forget it otherwise it would continue to be a distraction to him. He was currently proud of his self in this moment. He had been making great progress in training jutsu. He would proceed to learn even more jutsu but now he was moving up in the power of jutsu. He was "bringing out the big guns." Teaching himself water jutsu one by one getting closer to mastering the element every time he added a Suiton jutsu to his possession. The Suiton jutsu were interesting and most definitely useful, but a pestering drawback was the constant need for a water source. Some of the jutsu could only be formed from a water source. Ban knew he might not be able to rely on the jutsu that did need a source often. He would need to use the others, and when he learned how, the Doton and Moukton release. As the Suiton jutsu levels rose up, they required a larger water source. So the stream in the forest would no longer support his jutsu training needs. He needed a larger source such as a lake or maybe even a river. He would need to go investigate deeper in the forest for one of the two. He wasn't worried about getting lost because it was about 1 PM and the sun was in the sun, bright and glimmering beautifully. A few wispy stratus clouds dotted across the sky here and there but no enough to shut out the suns brilliant rays. Ban was already outside, he had no shirt on and dark grey pants. He didn't wear a shirt because the atmosphere was hot and humid today. The moisture in the air increased the heat a bit. Ban had taken his head bans and fastened it around his waist, instead of where it normally was, upon his shoulder. That would restrict his movements. If he was able to find a lake or river he would remove it before beginning he training and leave it at the shore, for fear of losing it. The struggle he had been through to get it was troublesome and he wouldn't want to go through with it again if the punishment for losing a head band was dropping a rank. He wasn't sure what it was but he just didn't want to take any chances at all with the village leaders and rules.

 Ban determined he should head over to the forest now in search of a body of water. He would be happy to find a body of water not only to train his jutsu, but simply because he did love water. He loved water and swimming too. Ban would by all odds be doing some of that during his time of training. It was good fun and also exercise too. He would be able to improve his stamina and strength and maybe speed if he did include some swimming in his training session for today. Something else Ban enjoyed was eating fish. Sushi or cooked fish was welcome inside of Bans stomach. Actually almost any food was welcome in his stomach. He enjoyed food to a great degree. He didn't like any type of squid though especially their ink. Maybe Ban would be able to catch himself a few fish and start a fire to cook them as a reward for his training if he was even able to find a water source. Ban began sprinting towards the forest. When he made it to the edge and entered, he reached the stream. He knew that it most likely flowed from a river or stream so he followed along next to it. He saw that the stream flowed towards him and went the way it was coming. There was no way for a stream to flow into a lake out of nowhere unless it was from another body of water. He ran against the current, not literally running through the stream but along side of it. As he was jogging he became bored, so he started taking notes of his surroundings. Also so that he would know his way back even though he'd be able to follow the stream back, he wanted to remember what was around him. The stream had plenty of bends and twists in its path. The tree were showing a pattern of having larger, and taller trunks. It was as if the forest had a merging point from start to end, short to tall. Also the leaves were converted from leaves with edges and pointed tips, to rounded off leaves with only one tip. Soft lambs ear plant was also noticed by Ban. He assumed he wouldn't need that. He also assumed that he was getting close to a water source. Obviously more plant life would grow wherever there was a decently sized source of water. Thirdly, the stream couldn't just go on forever. Suddenly Ban halted his jog, semi sliding because of the most soil created by stream. He closely listened and he could hear something. It sound sort of like... roaring.. He listened some more and realized it was a waterfall! He knew that the stream had been coming from somewhere! He sped up his pace into a difficult sprint. It wasn't easy to get a foothold, he was slipping in now what was almost mud. But he was determined to get there quickly and begin his jutsu training. 

 Ban arrived at the cause of the loud sound and the only noise he heard was the sound of water crashing down into more water. He tried cupping his hands on each side of his mouth and shouting but it could be heard only at the level of a whisper under the colossal sound of a waterfall. Ban grinned happily. This place was the most beautiful place he had ever seen, within his lifetime. In person that is. He had seen plenty of places like this in pictures before. It most definitely was NOT the same experience. There was a beautiful blue lake, about 1000 meters all the way across. You could see to the bottom of the lake because of how clean and clear it was. No turbidity could be seen at all. The lake admirably sparkled under the heat of the sunlight. The waterfall at the end of  the lake dropped off for about 50 meters. If you were to fall off there, you would most likely come out dead or injured very severely. From there it appeared to flow in the same direction as a 26 meter wide river. Ban, very eager to train here ran up to the shore. He was on the side farthest from the waterfall. He was praying he wouldn't mess up and get dropped off out of the lake into the river. He would have so many ambitions and goals canceled out if he died now. He wanted make an impact on the shinobi world and go down as one of the most powerful shinobi but mostly he wanted to go down as the most powerful Senju shinobi to exist. He wanted to become legendary to his clan. Ban found an area at the lake shore where the tide didn't reach. He then took 10 meters of steps back. There were waves in this lake, and Ban could possibly be here until high tide. He removed his ninja head band and placed it down in the mixture of sand and soil. It was where the sand from the lake met the soil from the forest so it was a combination of both. He was now prepared to begin training for the next jutsu. This jutsu was called the Water Release: Water Shark Bullet Technique. A very interesting jutsu to Ban as it had multiple uses. But again, it had the drawback of only being able to be used around a water source and a good sized one at that. Ban may have been able to use the pond to manifest this jutsu but then he would only be allowed to use the first part of the jutsu. The jutsu was a large shark, made from water. The jutsu was the size of a great white shark, 20 feet long. This jutsu could be truly devastating, as it was already outstanding. Whoever had designed the just had to have been a genius and a master of jutsu and chakra. Ban had never really thought about the originators of jutsu. He only worried about learning the jutsu. However now that the topic had already entered his mind, Ban thought about creating his own jutsu. When he learned the Moukton release he would definitely try that. He was so desperate to learn how to use it. He would do nearly close to anything to acquire it.

  Now Ban was ready to begin. To begin with, this jutsu had quite a few hand signs. Only some of them were used by Ban in jutsu previously. Ban recited the order of the hand signs in his mind. Tiger → Ox → Dragon → Hare → Dog → Bird → Rat → Clone seal → Dragon → Ram. The ones he had used before were the ram, rat, bird, dog, and tiger. Familiar with the position already, Ban quickly interlaced his left Andy right pinky and ring fingers. His left and right middle and index fingers were left standing with both thumbs pressed on the side of his index fingers. Next the ox hand sign. This one was the unfamiliar to him. The ox handsign was difficult and in a way confusing. Ban Helen up his left hand, he then put his right hand fingers in between the spaces of fingers on his left hand. His left hand middle and ring finger went down leaving the only raised fingers as his left pinky and index finger. Now was another unfamiliar hand sign, the dragon hand sign. Ban interlaced all of his fingers aside from his pinkies and thumbs. His pinkies formed a triangle sort of shape and his thumbs didn't quite make a shape, only touching. Maybe a circle sort of shape formed. Fourth was yet again another's hand sign he hadn't used before. For the hare hand sign he made one hand into a fist aside from stretching out his pinky finger, and with the other hand he made a gun shape: a fist with the index finger stretched out and the thumb straight up, then he put his hands together and keep the thumb behind his pinky finger. Next up was the dog hand sign, this one was easy for him, Ban just simply made one hand into a fist, and put the other hand on top of it. The next two were the bird and rat. He also had done these two before. He made both his hands flat and touched the tips of his middle fingers together and curled his index fingers down. Next he made a fist with his index and middle fingers stretched up and simply grabbed them with his other hand. He had never done the clone seal before, now was his first time. Ban balled his left and right pinky and ring fingers together along with his thumbs. He left the middle and index finger stretched out and crossed both index and middle fingers making the clone seal hand sign. He preformed the dragon hand sign one more time. Now lastly was the ram, he had done this one before. Ban made the rat hand sign but instead of grabbing the fingers with the other hand, make the other hand into the same form as the first hand and grab it with the ring and pinky fingers. 

 That was a LOT of hand signs for him to remember and he was impressed with himself. Now, he went to wade in the water, waist deep. The water was at the perfect temperature, not searing hot or freezing cold. It was a basic warm and Ban enjoyed it. He could just stay here the whole time and soak instead of doing real training. Instantly he kicked that thought from his mind. There was no way he'd came this deep into the forest only to soak in a lake. It was time for him to get started. He called out the name of the jutsu "Water Shark Bullet Technique." Ban raised his left arm into the air towards the sky. The water to his left began to shift and rise, rocking Ban back and forth. He smiled at the way he manipulated the water. The water kept shifting around rising about the level of the lake. It looked as if a creature were coming from underneath the surface of the water. A 20 foot great white shark beast rose from underneath the water. At least the fin did. Since Ban was able to see through the clear lake, he could see what his shark had looked like. 20 feet sounded large, but up close and personal this shark was ENORMOUS. The shark appeared just as any other great white aside from the fact that it had reached the maximum size for a great white. It had the fins, gills, tail, and the whole package. The shark was translucent and it had also glowed. The shark was blue, translucent, and glowing with Bans chakra infused into it. Ban felt a sense of pride swelling up in his chest. He swam over to the majestic chakra beast and put his hand on it. The great white shark didn't feel like a normal shark should. It felt like somehow a "solid" barrier of water. His hand couldn't pass through it. Now he would do what he had came and learned the jutsu for. He would get on the sharks back and ride it across the lake! As he tried hopping onto the great white  sharks back, each time he slipped off. He needed a foot hold or hand hold of some sort. Then he realized, this was his own chakra. Why shouldn't he be able to pass through it with his own hand? Ban sent some chakra to both his right and left finger tips only. He tried poking the lung and only the area of his finger tips passed into it. The rest of his hand couldn't go inside thus solving his problem. His stuck his finger tips through the great white sharks back and hoisted himself up there. Now he held on with his dominant arm and both legs. He made it so they were hooked inside the shark too. His right arm was free, to command the great white what direction to swim in. 

 Ban first swung his arm forwards for about 10 meters, wanting to go into the deeper end of the lake. He however quickly changed the direction to his right, not wanting to make a mistake and go too far forward then only to be pulled down by the tug of the waterfall. He wondered though if this great white had the strength to escape that pull. Ban did not want to risk his life putting it to the test. In his own opinion, the shark moved at pretty high speeds. It was much fun for him riding on the back of a great white. All of a sudden, thinking of the word fun, a great idea came to his mind! He could summon both water clones so they could join him on the back of a great white! Quickly he removed his left hand from the sharks back so it was free as his right. He performed the tiger hand sign with knowledge and speed, summoning both his water clone friends. They appeared behind him on the shark. "Ok now summon your own shark and let's have some fun you two!" Ban was eager to test this out. It was his first time having his clones use jutsu. The followed through with all the Water Shark Technique hand signs and soon they were on the back of their own great white. "Alright other two of me! Let's play tag on great white sharks!" Bans idea was a crazy one but fun in his mind. "Other jutsu are allowed to be used to tag! Second Ban you're it first!" Ban put his right hand I the sharks back this time and pointed his left arm to the left, taking off away from the two clones. He could tell who was who because one still had the jacket on from when he first summoned him and the other still had his off. The whole game was solely the two clones chasing one another back and forth across the lake. The original Ban had forgotten they didn't have as much power or speed. He sighed and released them. They turned back into water splashing. The sharks seemed to do the same but didn't splash because they were submerged besides their dorsal fins. Now was time to test what this jutsu could really do. He would hurtle himself at the maximum speed the shark could reach, back to where he was before. He put all four limbs in the sharks back but before doing so he pointed back to his spot on the shore. The shark rocketed towards land and Ban felt the need to hold on tighter, even though there was no way for him to do that. When he reached the depth of 5 meters, he released the shark jutsu, and the momentum carried him to where the water was up to his calves. He laughed because of how much fun it was. However it was time for him to go. He wanted to get back home before sundown or dusk. He retrieved his headband and began making his way back.

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PostSubject: Re: Shark Bullet training [Private]   Shark Bullet training [Private] I_icon_minitimeSat Jul 15, 2017 12:53 pm

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Shark Bullet training [Private]
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