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Genin of Konoha
Genin of Konoha

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  • Mist

Element(s) : Water
Clan : Yuki
Clan Element : Ice release
Ryo : 500

PostSubject: Learning    Tue Aug 30, 2016 3:32 am

Sun rise sun set , blue morning dark night, several days after had being promoted to genin rank , he still had no real jutsu, he was at a waterfall in kirigakure one afternoon, writing his prose and fiction piece, he had being there for about five hours and he had written two pieces.  He somehow got bored of writing, he looked around and  saw the beautiful birds of nature , the colorful flowering plants beside the waterfall, the bright heaven and sky. “Nature offers a lot" he said as he got up from the rock stone he had being sitting on. The wind began to blow, the grasses and trees nearby praised God, the water running fast and the wind was getting heavy, Jade shut his eyes for minutes feeling the cool breeze. He saw something once he open his eyes. There was a rock splitting the water fall from above, the rock made the waterfall has two route then they meet at the end of the rock. This somehow at least gave Jade an inspiration for the water stormy blockade  jutsu he had wanted to learn. He has affinity for ninjutsu and could use water release . He had seen a kiri ninja used the stormy blockade jutsu, a technique he had wanted to learn ever since he saw someone use it, it hand seals were quiet simple, it is a jutsu that travels up into the sky crashing down on target . “what if I learn the water jutsu that could travel up to several fleets racing downwards to crush my target . Can i do this? of course  I can. It's gonna be my special masterpiece jutsu. But I wonder how this would be done, am gonna need some time to figure out a way to do this" he thought to himself as he packed his books into his ninja bag, today wasn't the D-day to learn it, As he had some things to finish up, he came to write his books and once he was done, he left, learning the jutsu would be some other day, He arrived home and locked himself up in his bed, he wanted no distraction from his parent, He brought out a book and a 2B pencil and drew a picture of what the yet to be learned jutsu would look like, he drew himself and a a target few distance apart, then drew a stream of water wave that was summoned from the ground, the water wave traveled up in the sky , crashing down on the target . Jade was through drawing , he started visualizing the jutsu in his mind. It was a Stream of water travelling several feets up and crashing down on targets. He did the hand seals ,  Tiger then slam his palm to the ground, he merely focused on his chakra and wasn't applying any chakra to the jutsu as he doesn't want to damage the building he was in. You need to release your chakra according to the cost of the jutsu to actually activate it, when too little chakra is released , the jutsu fails and when too much chakra is used, the user may get exhausted.
         Jade after perfectly mastering the hand seals and how to focus on his chakra when using the jutsu , he  went to bed early and got a nice sleep. 
           The next morning, the Jade woke up quite late though he went to bed early.  He took his bathe and checked his diary, (prose and fiction writing) was what was on his list today. He pack his ninja items into his ninja bag and set out to the waterfall. “Today , I must learn that jutsu no matter what", he had witnessed so many mist ninjas use water style jutsu and how beauty they were , each having it own style , speed, range , power and the likes. He was gonna surprise Azure and Ren the next time they get to meet. Jade had devoted so much time into learning this jutsu, but he was still unable to learn it. He couldn't ask Ren to teach him the jutsu, as he hadn't seen him use it and feared he had no knowledge of the water stormy blockade jutsu despite ren proficiency with ninjutsu. Ninjas ought to have jutsu that's why they are ninjas; be it ninjutsu, kenjutsu, taijutsu, genjutsu, fuuinjutsu or probably even weaponry, most of them are pretty good at that . Well, not having a water jutsu would be a tale of the ages once he learn this jutsu, he really needs to.
      Jade arrive at the waterfall, he looked around and to observe his surroundings , that's the first thing he does when he gets into a new area. , maybe someday he would learn a sensory jutsu that allows him detect everything and everyone in the area, but today is for water stormy blockade jutsu. He sat on a rock stone beside the waterfall, brought out his book and was meditating, he shut his eyes and clapped his palm, he was gathering enough chakra for the jutsu , once he opened his eyes he made the hand seals for the jutsu, Tiger then he slam his palm on the ground. Nothing happened, just a cool breeze that flops the area, “Whatttt?... What's wrong?" he gasps as he looked around to see if any water rose at the waterfall, he saw none, “hey , I mastered the hand seals , I wasn't suppose to have any problems learning it. ". He open the book to the page where he had drawn the jutsu  . He studied it closely “but the hand seals I formed were right, what could have gone wrong, maybe I didn't apply enough chakra, maybe I wasn't focused enough" he said as he repositioned himself. “Okay, this jutsu  seems to be a tough one to learn, i need to focus on my chakra manipulation, mixing my water infused chakra with my internal energy , with that i should be able to pull off this jutsu , i know my sheer will is strong enough to make me learn it, yes i can do it.“ he said to himself,  as he perform the handseals and bend down slaming his palm to the ground, but nothing happened yet again. “What a piece of shit , this is taking too long to learn. Damn it!!!" he yelled “Why do I find everything difficult, I couldn't use ninjutsu, because I had low chakra reserve, I had to train hard to unlock chakra from my network system, and even now that I have enough chakra reserve , i can't still can't learn the water stomy blockade jutsu. What a piece of shiiitttttttt!!!!".  Jade had to do something , maybe he was getting the hand seals wrong or maybe he couldn't draw enough natural energy to mix with his internal energy. To be able  to perform the jutsu successfully, Jade needed to gather his chakra in his palm and slamming it to the groumd mixing them with his internal energy and manipulating the natural energy around him to use his water infused chakra to summon a stream of water wave that travels up several feets in the sky then crashing down on target, it all depends on the user skills to manipulate water infused chakra.
         Jade sat on his legs crossed thinking of a way to learn this jutsu. He review his book, he studied the pictures he had drawn, “I think am missing something here " he said, Jade finally figured it out “I think  The hand seals should be Ram > then slamming my palm to the ground" . He had being performing the wrong hand seals all this while and now that he knew the right hand seals , he was pleased to some extent. Jade stood up and walk closer to the waterfall , He smirked and he perform the hand seals ; Ram then slam his palm to the ground, he yelled as he gathered chakra in his palm slaming his palm down to the ground  and silently prayed in his heart the jutsu works. A wave of water stream was summoned in front of Jade, his ocean blue eyes was  wide open as the wave of  water stream travel up to one hundred and fifty feets high and just as it was about crashing down, the water dismantled. “ What happened ?  the water almost crash down , I guess I didn't focus enough or I applied too little chakra" he said as he took a step backward.
               Jade shut and reopened his eyes to gain focus, he took his stance, Perform the Hanseal Ram and slam his palm to the ground , he watched as a wave water stream was summoned travelling up several meters high and crashing down to the ground. “Yes, I did it, but the jutsu is slow!!!"he with a sigh . The force he added to slamming his palm to the ground, the more momentum and speed the jutsu has, the chakra applied all matter when performing the water stormy blockade  jutsu. Jade quickly figured this out and tries to find a way to increase it speed.  “I need add more force as well more chakra when performing the jutsu, the more force used when slamming to the ground and high chakra applied to the palm and the  faster the chakra are let out, the faster the speed of the jutsu. He tries doing a downward  palm thrust “Oouuucccchhhh... what a piece of shhhiiiittttt!!! " he had slam his palm in to a small unnoticeable glass on the ground, he was bleeding, he could hear two cracking sounds, one from the glass and the other from his arms , though the arms weren't broken, it now hurt, he brought out a bandage from his ninja bag, “Mannnnn... I gotta do this slowly" he said calmly to himself as he wrapped the bandages around his palm even though he already had bandages wrapped around it as his usual costumes.
        Jade isn't gonna do this another day, today was the main day to learn this, the day for him to learn his signature jutsu, well for a ninja of his rank a B-rank jUtsu  might be a signature move. He was gonna use this jutsu in an upcoming fight he had planned to have with his Rival  Azure. The jutsu maybe B Rank but he was sure it  would turn tides around in his upcoming battle. He gently rubbed his palm together, He was gonna give this  more trials, he did a downward double palm thrust , this time more gently  as he thrust his palm up and down, up and down, up and down before stopping.  (Okay, I think 've gotten the hang of this , it is my time I perfect my new jutsu) he said as he performed the hand seals, he yelled “Water style ; water stormy blockade!!!" he yelled as he thrust his pa downward , Th wave of water stream was summoned travelling up several meters high and crashing down in few seconds, its speed was extremely high. Jade had concentrated on the chakra on his palm ,he had thrust them to the ground with so much internal energy, Jade was satisfied with the speed but wanted to test the power of the jutsu, so he went close to a nearby rock beside the waterfall, ( Okay, time to wreck some havoc) he chuckles as he performed the jutsu's hand seals, he slam his palm to ground, a wave of water was summoned as it travelled up in the sky and crashing down on the rock , crushing it, “What a power..." he exclaimed, “Now, that I have learnt a new jutsu, it  is time to see Azure" He said as he packed his items and left the waterfall. He had spent so much trying to learn this jutsu and it actually paid off.

WC: 2007
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Genin of Konoha
Genin of Konoha

Fame : 0
Home Village :
  • Mist

Element(s) : Water
Clan : Yuki
Clan Element : Ice release
Ryo : 500

PostSubject: Re: Learning    Tue Aug 30, 2016 3:34 am

Claiming Stormy blockade jutsu and 10 stats points
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Akihana Akari

Fame : 540
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Element(s) : Fire, Lightning, Water
Clan : Akari
Clan Element : Light
Bloodline : Golden Eye
Ryo : 47000

PostSubject: Re: Learning    Tue Aug 30, 2016 12:41 pm

Approved <3

You're awesome, give yourself a treat. <3

"How many scars did she justify,
Just because she loved the one holding the knife."

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PostSubject: Re: Learning    

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