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 Nito's Training (Private, NK)

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Nito Nekoto
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PostSubject: Nito's Training (Private, NK)   Sat Mar 19, 2016 3:56 am

Mark seal & Wind Element
There Nito was simply looking into the bed in his room, staring and peering into it like none other than his normal overly-observant self. “I wonder what I can learn today within a decent time frame. I’m trying to find a way to get back here before dinner is ready. Epset mentioned his was making a specialty of sorts this time around.” Nito was a low level Genin, but he knew that he was going places in due time; all he would have to do is simply apply himself in what he was doing and find a way to train as much as possible with the time he had. But as for now, it was thinking time entirely. Nito got up from his room’s floor. Revealing his legs of circulation as they were previously crossed. “Hmm…. Let me check a few of the jutsu listings.” Nito’s jutsu listings were long list of jutsus that in the future he wished to learn in one way or another. Honestly, Nito never enjoyed having something taught to him that much. He found in his own way that when something had to be explored and theorized about by the one who’s practicing, they end up being able to walk away with a much better understanding of the topic at its whole and thus retain more knowledge from the event of the possible struggling that they had to go through. All in all, it is very beneficial for him to learn something on his own. However, when something is too difficult, he isn’t too stubborn to not get help. 

Nito walked over near the door of his room, wooden it was. On the top of it lied his latest jutsu listing. In fact, he hadn’t even learned that many jutsus yet but hey, what was time and training for right? He saw what he was looking for at the very top of the list. “Mark Seal huhh… I see. It’s a basic fuinjutsu technique that marks the target and primarily does nothing else. It serves like a base in chemistry simply requiring another item to make the full reaction happen. To my becoming a powerful and useful ninja, such a technique would be essential. After all, I don’t use ninjutsu or anything. Speaking of which….” Nito stoped himself before rambling into thought. He grabbed the jutsu listing and his backpack off the bed. It was full of a few of his training supplies and other sorts that he’d often need when leaving the house. Basic needs of course. Nito opened the door and strolled down the stairs, took a left, and went for his front door. Epset wasn’t at home at the time as he was busy outside doing the shopping for said dinner tonight. Nito left his house in his casual attire, sandals, pants, t-shirt. Meh nothing special. Stepping out into the decent misty lighting of Kirigakure, he took in a fresh water particle filled breath. “Ahh… Let’s head over there.” He said to himself pointing off to his left. It was a small alley way were nobody really went through that often. Being here, he’d be able to have some basic training time as it was rather large in terms of the size possible to move through it. From wall to wall, there was 5 meters or so. Nito walked along the slightly cracked ground until making his way there, he then turned into the large space and made way to the center before sitting down and placing his things in the proper order. The listing would have to be put to the left and the backpack, the right. “Alright first thing’s first, let’s check again to see if there are any hand signs required for this low level jutsu.” Nito took a good look at the sheet once more and saw none listed under the hand signs section. “Alrighty then, now how to go about practicing this. It’s one of my first palm application techniques so I suppose I can start with circulating the chakra through the core, the arm, then the palm. 

Hmm It’s easy practice. Nito stood up and got into a fighter’s like stance with most of his body relaxed. He first began with breathing to calm the chakra in his body. It was rather rhythmic in nature. One should breath in by a great amount on the odd numbers and out on the even numbers. Inside of the mind, he would count 1, 2, 3, and 4. Back and forth again until counting a total of 60 times. He felt his stomach rise with each proper breath that he made. “Perfect.” Nito thought as he finished his final breath. Now he knew exactly what he would have to do at this point. Nito outstretched his right arm and began trying to visualize within his mind his anatomy. A diagram began realizing itself within the eyes of Nito’s mind. It rendered there rising from the floor to head of him. Once the diagram was completed, Nito analyzed his chakra core as he focused on effortlessly flowing this chakra through the segments of networks, complicated networks, within the body. The transfer from the core up to the right arm was rather easy and came naturally in most cases. However, the transfer along the entirety of the arm was rather difficult. “I suppose I simply can’t get this one to work for me at all… Hmm. I’ll try a change of method perhaps.” Nito stopped imagining himself controlling this flow of chakra but rather observing it within a person who already knew how to flow their chakra in such a way. Within a short period of time, he had figured out how to perform it by himself successfully. Strange it was but that’s how he worked. With eyesight as good as the Nekoto’s, it made sense for him to be such a visual thinker at heart. “Now’s the part where I must somehow bring into existence this seal that will mark my target.” Nito didn’t quite understand the process by which seals were placed and created with special properties or intentions. The next bit came to him as a series of trial and error. Nito began thinking of trapping someone first, imagining a person being within a cage and that cage’s bars then turning into words from his seal. However, this proved to function to no avail. He then tried imagining eyes watching all around someone and then those eyes becoming colored and patterned with the seals. This didn’t work either sadly. “Hmmm, could it be that it is a mix of intention and the chakra formation?” This would be a new theory of his. If one were to have the concept of the intended effect mapped out within their mind and the formation of chakra that they were executing in resemblance to said function. The likelihood for success should generally be higher if he understood the properties of fuinjutsu as a whole. Now, within his arm, Nito attempted to contort his chakra in a way that it resembled a marking of an eye on someone, a very miniscule dot.

 He also then imagined this within his mind for good measures and to test if it held any effect. He reached it out and placed his palm directly into the wall. This proved to be rather effective now. He could faintly see a small black dot on the stone of the wall of the building. “Hmm.. That seems to be fitting to the description of the jutsu’s visual appearance. Good work me, for once haha.” Nito had successfully figured out how to make a mark seal. Though, this was no big achievement at all as it was a very low ranking jutsu that fitted well into his learning range at the time. “heh… I feel a little more ambitious now. How about…” He wondered, trying to figure something out that would be worth learning at the time. Nito’s eyes gazed far into the clouds above, his keen eye-sight aiding him. He saw how the clouds seemed to drift in the sky like they were on a constant journey of sorts. “Reminds me of myself a little. I’ve always felt as if I’m been moving all the time in one way or another. A constant run to becoming what I know I can be….. That’s it…. I need the element of wind. The element of freedom and speed. The element of invisibility and universality.” But, he paused himself there. How would just a lone-Genin learn an entire new affinity? He knew he was a tryhard son of a real mofo but that was another level… or was it? “In reality, chakra nature is nothing more than exposure isn’t it. The more you’re exposed to the element the more likely you’re to use it. That would explain why a ton of people here just so happen to know water style as their first affinity, granted we’re breathing it in all the stinking time, not that I have much a problem with that so.” Nito knew what he would have to do to master the arts of the wind power. He launched himself at the ground and bagged his jutsu listing and armed himself with the backpack before heading out of the medium sized alley-way. In front of him was a ladder that lead onto a neighboring house. They wouldn’t mind him climbing onto it as he didn’t live near any of the other ninja anyway. Nito climbed swiftly up the metal bars and made himself rise onto the roof. From here, he could finely see all of the village’s architecture. “Marvelous as always, isn’t it?” He said to himself before climbing up even further onto a second story roof. He had finally reached the top now. Just as he had expected, the wind speed above was much greater than that of the ground. 

In one motion, Nito dropped his bag and opened his arms wide absorbing the incoming wind force. He stood like this for a good minute or so until his body became extremely cold. Upon that moment, he decided to sit down and take a little noting or so. With a pen and a pad, he began his writing. “The mark seal was very easy. I feel as if I’ve also mapped out another key to the puzzle of the fuinjutsu in the process. It seems that one must format the chakra and the mental image to get the desired form of a sealing technique. This proves to be especially true when using a technique that doesn’t include the use of hand signs. Currently, I have just started my attempt on training the wind element to its completeness. My first method shall be in taking as much of the element in all of its sources as I can to get a feel of what the air and wind is like. So far, this hasn’t gotten me much of anywhere. I think this may be due to my analyzing not being on par as it usually is. Entry number 134.” Nito returned his objects to his backpack and got up once more. “Now this time around I need to not just feel the wind but understand and conceptualize about the wind itself.” Nito meant it now. He spread his arms out and felt the wind roll along his smooth attire. “I see… wind is unlike anything else. It carries a will of its own in a sort of special way. It flows as if it were a liquid but it moves freely untethered to what one would call gravity as it floats about like something swimming in the air itself. It can be calming like a slight breeze or devastating like the past hurricanes. Now the question becomes this, how does one tame a force that flows on its own without the assistance of a human or any other lifeform?” Nito thought to himself as he moved his right palm to grasp the bottom of his chin. He titled his head forward slightly, his thinking face. 

Again, his thinking rolled into function. “Well… they do say that mental and physical training give the same effect to the brain no matter what. If I were able to imagine myself using the wind element in some sort of way. I should be able to increase my effectiveness with the element itself right? Only testing can prove this yes or no. But first, I need to document my discoveries.” Nito sat again, glad to no longer be bombarded with the strong wind forces. He held a tight grasp on his pad and pen making sure they didn’t fly off in the decently mild winds. “Alrightly now, I just analyzed the wind more and tried to define it within a set of parameters using concepts and similar states of matter as reference points. You see, the wind is like a floating fluid. It flows like water around my body when it moves quickly. Thus, it’s not a solid at all. But if you get hit with a strong enough wind, it can act as a solid. Strange isn’t it? It’s as if it possesses a mind of its own completely devoid of any human interaction. It just… well… goes. Entry 135.” Nito was reayd to try something new. He lied down on his back on the roof and stared up into the clouds above. They seemed to smile back at him through the slight mist. Man, did he love the village of Kiri. “Luckily, I’m not that bad of a dreaming. All those dream journals from the past will surely pay off now. I’m mastered the art of lucid dreaming a long time ago. Though going to sleep instantly in such harsh conditions with such a rough surface beneath my body. I’m a little privileged village boy, so I’ve yet to master that art. I guess I’ll know it on my future missions where I head out to foreign lands and have to sleep on the way there. Anyhoo, off to mental sleep I go.” 

Nito closed his eyes and tried to the best of his ability to position his body where his joints would receive the minimal amount of battering from just lying there. You see, he wouldn’t actually go to sleep but do something entirely different that falls under tricking the body in a sort of way. Nito was going to simply block out all of the physical world, by this, all of the sounds around him, his feeling of his body, everything. Then, at that point, he’d only exist in his mind. Consequently, the body will think that he has fallen asleep but in reality, his brain is wide-awake ready to create the training reality of which Nito shall master the arts of the wind within. “Ahhh, the void.” He said looking within his mind as no dream scape had appeared yet. It was like walking in a pool of blackness, zero gravity, and no time whatsoever. But then “Poof!” A reality began forming. The ground below Nito started turning white and misty until resembling that of a cloud. Within his dream scape, he made himself blink a few times before finding his was riding a cloud how in the sky during the time for sun set. Below him, a massive ocean of beautiful blue water that could water the eyes of even the coldest killers that ever existed in time. It was great scenery, but it would be even better training. The visuals always set in first, then came the physics. The physics of the dream scape could also be changed at will. Nito only needed to change one thing, the fact that clouds theoretically couldn’t be ridden. The world kicked into motion as Nito fell forward gripping the large cloud of fluffy white woolish material. The wind here was brutally. Literally, it nearly blew him off without the first few moments. “I…I.. Can’t breath….” He said as his mouth was pointed in the direction of forward, thus where his entity would engage with the wind. Nito turned his head backwards and then his whole body so that he may look at what was behind him and possibly catch a breath within all this massive havoc that was existing in the moment. “Ahhh… much better.” Nito looked out to the clouds and studied their movements, and how they shifted. To relate this to himself, he began thinking as if the massive clouds were instead, massive bodies of wind chakra that had a color. The chakra would shift back and forth in the sky just the chakra did in his body within the physical world. “Fascinating, the wind is like a flowing mixture of less dense chakra. It can flow freely like water, yet take condensed forms like a material.” Said Nito allowed to himself. Nito studied some more but then he found that he wanted to get a closer look at how things really worked. Like an idiot if this were the real world, Nito stood upwards and instantly was ripped and catapulted off the cloud by the incoming wind forces. At first, he spiraled in the air with the speeding wind blitzing past his ears in a flurry. He couldn’t stabilize himself despite his cat like abilities yet. Within a few moments, he was falling fast. Nito broke into a dive like position increasing his velocity. Below a good what seemed 700 meters was the ocean. Upon impact, he’d die. So it would have been best to simply observe as much as he could in the time frame. Nito gazed heavily into the clouds in the distance above feeling the wind hit his face and body.

 He imagined spreading his arms out within the falling zone. But, his arms would be made of wind chakra allowing him flight and wings of chakra itself. The first few flaps were unsuccessful, but he found another method. “I’ve learned how to walk on water before. It was basic training in Kiri. Now, I must learn how to walk on the air. The air is nothing more than another surface that is less stable than water in a sense but still possible to be gripped upon.” Nito imagined his feet as containing an overload of wind chakra that would serve like trampolines to his body if he were to step on air. Falling so quickly, he reversed his rotation in a flip of sorts until the bottom of his body would collide with the ocean first. Using all the force within his body, Nito stomped the air below him and bounced with great force higher into the sky. It was kiddish of him, but during that moment, he yelled “Weeeeeeeeee!” This jump spun himself into a flipping once more. He kicked up and this time, not paying attention to if his feet were pointed to the ground or not, he dove downward at an angle with a faster speed that he was falling with earlier. He was flying directly down now. “Let’s see this.” Like someone running for their lives, Nito began jumping again and gain sending him down faster and faster until he was just moments away from the mass of the ocean. He hit the ocean and immediately flew up from the roof top and onto his feet. It was invigorating, startling, and amazingly fun. “Odd, I feel somewhat lighter now as if gravity has less of an effect on the whole of my entire body. It’s a great feeling really. Reminds me of what being a cat is truly like, as if I’d know.” Nito learned quite a bit in the trip. It wasn’t something that one could easily document like scientific data. But instead, the experience gave him the true feel of the wind itself so that he may better understand the element he is facing when he moves forward in his element training. It was rather simple yet very effective in its nature. Nito went back to the backpack and grabbed the pen and his pad. “After leaving the dream, I felt lighter and with more energy as if gravity has less of a hold on my human. I think I understand more of the air now as a whole. It is like an ocean of invisibility in which one can do anything. Be a bird, flow freely, or crash like a plummeting rock. Thus, to control it, one needs great balance like physical balance is required in taijutsu. I also feel as if it takes an open mind to become accustomed to such shifting feelings of chakra. However, I shall explore this more in my next test. Entry 136.” Nito returned his items and was ready to continue his training on his element of wind. It was going to be quite the fun little practice. Nito would need to throw a bouncing ball back and forth off one of the higher walls nearby and evaluate how the ball reacted to the wind in the air. By normal means for average ninja, this method of training for the wind element would have been impossible. 

Luckily, he had eyes like a hawk and could see the ball in its rotation in perfect view regardless of its speed. Nito always had a ball in his backpack merely for the fun of it or if he ran into a friend and needed something to play around with on the spot. The wall was thick enough that throwing the bouncy ball at it wouldn’t do any damage whatsoever. So, Nito went to town with it. First, he tried a left hand pitch towards the wall. Upon release, Nito watched as the ball spun in the area from the way he initially threw it. The tilt of his hand and wrist resulted in its revolving back towards him while it was propelled forward. “Hmm… logically, that should slow the ball down ever so slightly as it would be sliding opposite to the wind it is coming into contact with.” Nito watched as the ball continued before squishing into the wall with great flatness and returning towards him. These were already basic properties that he was thinking of, but, they deserved being mentally noted anyway. “If something has enough mass and size as well as speed, it can easily pass through the barrier of the air even if it rotating in an opposite direction or something else of the sort. In fact, it’s quite similar to water in that way. I find it that water and wind are very close friends despite being so different in terms of location.” Nito now would try something new once more. He’d release the ball with the right hand with an intended spin that would have it resulting in a revolving to the left of him. In doing so, the ball hit the wall and darted off slightly to the left but still maintained enough of the energy required to send it going back towards him. “I see I see. Now, I need something lighter.” Nito looked around on the roof until finding a small leaf wedged in one of the corners of it. He attempted to throw the leaf and see how it would react precisely to the air. “Every reaction, every piece of data will aid me here. I shall see it with my eyes and store it within my mind as a data reference always enhancing my horizon of thought on anything reacting within an air filled area. As for this leaf, it should quickly go back down to the ground because it has little mass, size, and for those reasons cannot retain a powerful speed.”

 Just as Nito had expected the leaf plummeted after his launching of it but not just in any way. It seemed to shift in the air and glide on it during its descent as if it was shifting back and forth on the invisible ocean’s surface like he said it had seemed earlier. “Heh, I see.” Nito stopped and darted his head and eyes up to the sky to see a few birds flying by high above. “So these birds, they are light enough and strong enough to glide and function entirely within the invisible ocean we call the air. If I could just become one of those, though I’ve gotten my fair share of flight.” He began observing the birds in motion, the way they’d follow the current of the wind and shift and dive, rise and fall. It was all so perfect and systematic yet flowing and randomized. “Now I’ve got one more thing to do before I can actually use my wind element. I need to map my chakra to being capable of doing this.” Nito reached both his arms high above his body into the air and closed his eyes. He churned his chakra within him as if opening the valves through his palms and arms reaching deep into his chakra furnace core. “Wind… enter my body… become my chakra.” The wind simply passed by paying Nito no attention whatsoever as it continued on with its own flowing routine. “No. I need to take grasp of this air myself.” Nito said aloud. He began imagining himself using his own chakra to grab and grip onto the air that existed around him. He would need this chakra to create a bond with the wind and allow him control over it. “It’s easy.” He thought to himself. Nito continued with this until he finally felt some progress being made, he could explain much of how it worked but it felt like he had absorbed some of this control over the wind. His chakra in that portion of his arms began feeling lighter like the light chakra clouds he saw in his dream. To test this, Nito opened his eyes and looked forward. He dropped into a stance that resembled a pitcher getting ready to pitch a ball. He made a fully animated pitching motion and in the process, a large sound of the slicing of wind was made with his hand’s arc. His hand even seemed faster. “Wow…… Again.” Nito recharged himself and launched his arm forward once more feeling all the wind build in his arm as it released with the snap of his shoulder rolling down his arm all the way to the wrist, palm, knuckles, and finger tips. Each time, it gained slightly more and more speed. “Insane. I don’t understand how I’m doing this but I can feel it as if I’m so close. I just need a little more grip onto this wind that I’m trying so hard to wrap my hands around.” That’s when it had finally hit him. “Wait a minute, wrap my hands around… grip wind…. That’s it! If I want to truly understand how to control this wind, I’ve got to stop letting it freely exist a fluid like material, I must take hold and grip it as if it were a solid.” Nito sat down and got into a legs crossed body position. Inside of his mind, he visualized the greatest of swords, except, he modeled it in solidified air. 

Now, to claim his blade from his mind, he would have to send this diagram and shaping of the blade to his hand via chakra and allow his wind chakra to grip onto the air as well as translate the object’s shape to the air then solidify it within his hand to make it feel as if it is a material that is capable of being gripped. “The ultimate training method. I’m pretty sure jutsu that do this with wind are pretty advanced by their own rights. If I can just do this to some small degree at least, I’m sure that I will have gained some decent control over the wind element. I know this for sure!” Nito could feel the hype coursing through his body. Was he really going to learn something in this level of amazing record time or no? He wouldn’t know he if he would stop. Thus, he had to push on to the maximum of his abilities with no breaks placed on them. He visualized the sword again and again like an image stuck in his mind to the point where the average person would think that he had PTSD about it. Nito stuck his arm out and flexed his entire body before trying to send this wind chakra through his chakra network. He found it was like a person sneaking through doors in a foreign house opening each one with a mini-lock. Sooner or later, he’d be at the front door or his palm in which case, he could grab onto the air and feel his true control over wind itself. Nito got it up to his arm but then hit a major road block. Within his mind, it was like the chakra man had just gotten lost. Maybe it was night time and the lights were off. 

He would need to somehow boost his chakra in the right direction. “There’s only one answer to this so I’ve been told by all the great ninja. Focus, focus, focus. I understand that skill is everything but I also know that mental fortitude if that thing even more as it allows oneself to push the body to normally unreachable heights of which it thought it would never grip onto before.” Nito clenched his eyes shut and simply focused on the image of someone bursting through a brick wall. And just as he did that, his chakra surged through his arm quickly rising to the point of his palm. At this very moment, he lunged forward and gripped hard like his life depended on it. Just as he had expected, something was stopping his palm from connecting with the rest of the palm and clenching together. It was solid air, solidified air. Nito felt the blade’s grip in his hands and jumped into the air out of joy. “Yes! I’ve done it!” He waved his solid grip in the air and it never faded. Once he landed, he looked back to the birds in the sky. “Someday birds… someday.

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PostSubject: Re: Nito's Training (Private, NK)   Sat Mar 19, 2016 4:21 am

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Nito's Training (Private, NK)
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