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 The Tattoo Man

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Element(s) : Lightning, Fire, Earth
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PostSubject: The Tattoo Man   Mon Aug 31, 2015 11:03 pm

Five months later, into the not so distant future...
"Hey, Kahei!", the man yells, kicking the boots of a man laying in a cottage near the corner of the ill lit room. The man laying down groans a bit, after roughly being woken up so harshly. He turns over, multiple times, before finally bringing himself to sit up right on top of the would-be bed. Normally, he would still be sleeping around this time, but life as a thug didn't allow for such luxuries, that was, unless you were at the top of the food chain. A set of footsteps grew louder and louder with each passing second, a man dressed in all white appeared in front of the open door, both his hands stuffed in his pockets as he gazed into the room.
The man's white suit somewhat illuminated the dark room, his black rimmed red ruby shades aided with that as well. He leans his head forward a bit in question to why this man, this recruit, was still in bed. The shades slide down from his face slightly, showing his troubled eyes. "Yo, Zen, what's up with this new guy, shouldn't he be out and about with Geru and the the rest of his men? In fact, I saw them leave not too long ago from the compound...", he just couldn't wait to see what the reason to why Kahei wasn't awake. The man who woke him up stood up as Ganki appeared, recognizing his superior. "I didn’t know you were back, Masashi.
During his time with the yakuza, Ganki, who was now known as Masashi to them, was given a new identity, along with a whole bunch of orthodox traditions that the Yakuza had to follow. For the time being, it was bearable. Nevertheless, he was still himself inside, the money making capitalist that took a chance at whatever turn life gave him in order to make money.
Zen spoke to Masashi In a different manner, more respectful. “He slept in, again…”, he looks back towards the slacker, wondering if he was even worth the hassle. Masashi shook his head, “Well, it’s a good thing we didn’t brand him yet, get rid of him”, he walks off, making his way towards the west side of the compound. Zen shook his head, remembering when Ganki was once in Kahei’s current position, but he would dare not refer to Masashi as Ganki, for that was great disrespect towards him. Though the Yakuza were cold blooded killers, they had a strong sense of tradition and respect towards its members, and their own history.
As Masashi walked down the corridor, the long halls decorated with the history of the Yakuza, he takes a moment to think where his life was at the moment. He was alive, that as a given, but the life he had now, he just didn’t see himself growing up to be some sort of mobster like character. In the cloud village, he hunted down people like this, which he never once hinted, due to his reputation of being part of owner of Sakura corp, which provided a great cover up. He reaches the end of the hall, stopping in front of a tall thick wooden door, he opens it slowly, revealing a large sized dojo, where various men fought against one another to become strong. However, it was empty, it was just him, or so he thought. His chakra senses picked up an oncoming figure approaching from his six, he turns around to see Zen, “You got rid of him, right?”, Ganki asked, immediately. Zen nodded, just after he stopped in front of Ganki. “Yes, Masashi”, he waited for Ganki to move. Ganki turned back towards the door, and walked in, followed by Zen.
“I haven’t been here for a while Zen, I guess I was too busy soaking in that Yakuza history for four months straight”, he walks over to the wall, and picks up a sword, after which he swings it within his hand, making it dance, cutting the air. Zen walks over to the other side of the dojo, after staring towards Masashi, “Your right, masashi, these swords have gone cold”, he said after lifting one of the, off the holder. Ganki turns around, “You wanna go?”, he said loosening his tie a bit, after which he would remove his jacket, tie, and button shirt all together, showing off his full body art work of ink.
His upper body was a walking piece of Yakuza history, which was one of the perks for actually becoming a full-fledged Yakuza. It spanned from the mid-section of his neck, down to his lower torso, and even stretched along both his arms, even along his fingers. There were various pieces of art, especially the very detailed red dragon that spanned along his back and circled around his fit torso. Zen removed his upper articles of clothing as well, revealing a near somewhat identical piece of artwork too.
“Im just going to take a few swings at you, just to work on my speed and reaction time, don’t want to completely lose everything I got”, Masasahi said, gripping the katana as he begun to slowly move towards Zen, the hilt brought back upwards towards the right side of his face, the actually blade sticking upwards towards the ceiling. His stance his still, waiting to strike at the first strike he is given. Zen does the same, mirroring him, with a serious look. After a moment of silence, the two now achieving a state of complete concentration, Zen lashes out towards Masashi when he got close enough, he wings the sword downwards, the blade heading straight for his shoulder, Masashi bring the hilt down towards his left hilt, parrying the strike away from his shoulder, and does so once again in very positions while Zen unleashes a furry of swift strikes. Masashi’s eyes kept up with his hand movement, a positive sign that his abilities did not deteriorate as bad as he thought. His foot work though was In need of improvement, for where ever Zen’s steppe d as he advanced, he had no choice but to back off. The two started the duel in the middle of the floor, and as of now, the two were more towards the side where Masashi first originated from. Something had to be done soo, or he would be over taken by Zen, the art of sword play was more than just having the sharpest sword.
The clashing sounds of the swords echoed throughout the room as the two continued, Zen was unyielding. HE advancement was proving to be very troubling, but perhaps, Masashi had a plan. Tensing his grip, he would use his incredible strength to halt Zen on his next swing. As Zen brought his sword upwards, planning to swing down in a powerful strike, Ganki would hold his stance and bring he hilt up in front of him, across from his chest. The blade now coming down, Ganki blocks the strike with the blade, and jolts it forward, now Masashi’s blade was now closer to Zen’s body, which he then kept his blade still, holding off his brute strength.
Though Masashi did not look it, he was incredibly strong from his size, and weight. Under the amount of cloud training he under took, his body adapted to many different obstacles. The terrain he trained in, it was serious. Masashi backs off, with Zen doing the same. “You almost had me there man, had to use my real strength to shut you down”, he said with a smile. Zen bowed towards Masashi, before retreating back to his side of the wall slowly, he stop 10 feet away from Masashi, and turns back towards him. “Indeed, you are strong, but your sword play, it needs some tuning, like bad.”
Ganki squints his eyes, and swings the sword downwards, I thought I had it, but I guess I have too”, Zen holds the sword in front of him, “Like this”, the sword now placed in front of him. He dashes towards Masashi, aiming for his chest, Ganki immediately without missing a beat, deflects the oncoming attack, “And?”,, Zen speaks at the same time Ganki does, matching word for word what he said, “This isn’t helping at all?”, Ganki raises his eyebrows and backs away, “How did you do that?”, he said while staring towards Zen. Zen explained to him about the third eye, the mind’s eye, and if trained correctly, one could perceive the events to come.
“It’s the mind’s eyes Masashi, the eye that can look, into the future. Once you mastered it, train it, you can know everything that is about to happen in battle, before it happens, it is how I fight in most of my battles, Masashi”, Zen gives Masashi some time to take this all in. Masashi thinks about the mind and and concentrates, he obviously felt nothing, and began to rant at Zen about this third eye nonsense, Zen remained quiet and walked away, putting back the sword on the shelf, and leaving the room, while reaching In his pocket to pull out a note. Be foe Ganki could utter a word, he found himself back to square one, wll not all the way back, but back to when Zen stood still, after his rant. Was this it, Ganki wondered? As soon as Zen turned around, Ganki spoke out, “wait, don’t leave yet, I think I just did it”, Zen turn back, “Prove it, because you are not interested in learning”, “you were about to pull out a note in your pocket, really”, Zen, paused, and pulled out a note, the same note he prophesied. “Alright, now lets try this again, Im surprised you got it so quickly”, Ganki responded” Yeah, right? Oh yeah, What was that note for?”
“Its an address, a list of them, I have to go pick up some money from a few locations, you know?”, Ganki nodded, “Yeah, I remember when I had to do that, how else does the Yakuza make its money, aside from the night clubs and prostitution”, he said.
“I didn’t know you were against making money any way, or how?”, Ganki spoke back, “Im not, its just extortion and racketeering is just sort of new too me, still.”, Zen spoke up, “anyways, lets continue this, I want to see you do this some more.”
After a few hours later, The two were countering each other’s moves flawlessly, Ganki’s third eye was awaken. And working up tpo good standards. “Welp, I think I got it, thanks man”, Masashi walked off towards the exit, but was stopped, by Zen, “don’t you want to go make some money?”, masashilooks back, “always…”.

((Using this to learn this wc 1792, along with my 4000 wc that was given back to me from Multi-village sword technique, to learn Senken No mei. I was given permission to learn it. Also 2800 ryo since im capped. So little right? XD ))
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Akihana Akari

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PostSubject: Re: The Tattoo Man   Tue Sep 01, 2015 3:48 am

Approved <3

You're awesome, give yourself a treat. <3

"How many scars did she justify,
Just because she loved the one holding the knife."

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The Tattoo Man
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