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 The Byakugan's Power[Private Training]

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Nyji Hyuuga

Fame : 0
Home Village :
  • Cloud

Element(s) : Earth
Clan : Hyuuga
Bloodline : Byakugan
Ryo : 300

PostSubject: The Byakugan's Power[Private Training]   Sat Mar 23, 2013 9:09 am

Word of his youngest brother reaching the second level with his Byakugan had finally reached Nyji in the Village Hidden in the Clouds. Being the eldest of the brothers, Nyji felt an intense feeling of disappointment within himself. How could he allow Mejiro to reach a level higher than he? Though Nyji still believed himself to be stronger than his little brother, the eldest still believed he should have been the first one to gain more power over the Byakugan. His father reassured Nyji that Mejiro’s new powers were nothing more than a fluke. Even now his father favored his first born over his youngest again. There was only one way the young ninja could truly pass his obnoxious little brother. Not only was Nyji going to reach the second level, he was going to go beyond that. In one day he was going to gain the third level of his Byakugan.

The bright light of the sunrise began to reveal a grassy field that had been marked into sections with white lines behind the large Hyuuga estate. The large circle in the center of the outline finally came into light as small beads of dew reflected the sun’s rays in the flowing wind. The sudden soft sounds of footsteps broke the near silence of nature. The sound was quickly duplicated. More footsteps began to echo. From the small stone tunnel that connected the field to the house came one adult and five youth. The sound of their footsteps soon came to an end as they stepped foot onto the grass. Leading the boys to the center of the middle circle, he came to a stop and faced those he led. The young men stood in in two lines horizontal to one another with only one of them standing ahead of everyone else. None of them looked to be any older than 14. All of their eyes were nearly completely white, showing the Byakugan they possessed and their Hyuuga heritage. The boy who stood in front of the pack was Nyji Hyuuga, the first son of the head of the main house in Kumogakure. The headband he wore over his forehead glistened in the light while the young ninja looked at the man who stood in front of him, his father.

“As you have already heard, your brother’s Byuakugan has surpassed your own, Nyji,” the man finally spoke. “You will become the head of the main branch when after me, and when that time comes you will need to have the power to protect your clan. Without power will not be worthy to lead the Hyuuga. My son, I believe you are the best of your brothers. Today you will gain the power your brother possesses and double it.”

A small grin formed in the corner of Nyji’s lips. His father’s words only increased his urge and desire to become even stronger. In order to get stronger, the boy knew he would have to gain the full power of the Byakugan.

“I will not disappoint you, father,” Nyji replied.

“I know you won’t. Today you will test both your body and your will. Today will be spent in nonstop training. In order to go on to the next stage of training, you’ll first have to awaken the second level of your eyes. You’re already close to reaching the next level. Your peers have been given the order to kill you if they can. In order to survive, you’re going to have to activate the hidden power of your Byakugan.”

Nyji’s eyes shifted. The veins in his temple suddenly bulged from his face. He’d already activated his Byakugan. Turning to face the other four students, they had already begun to separate and surround him. Two of his foes seemed to be lower house Hyuuga. There was no doubt they may have held a grudge against him for being a main house member, as lower house members often did. The other two genin looked familiar as well. They were original Cloud ninja. The two Hyuuga’s expressions began to change. All of the Hyuuga had activated the power of their eyes. The head of the main house backed away, watching as his son watched his attackers closely, studying their chakra paths. Both of them knew that if Nyji wasn’t able awaken his power, things would not end well.

“Begin!” the elder yelled.

Both of the Cloud ninja clapped their hands together and began performing hand signs while the Hyuuga rush in from Nyji’s sides. Taking a jump back as his fellow clan members came in; they both turned and swung towards Nyji while he prepared for their attack. Taking the impact of the punches with his forearms, the main house Hyuuga suddenly ducked. His leg swept back, swinging towards the two opponent’s ankles. The first ninja saw the attack coming and managed to jump back in time to fully dodge Nyji’s leg. The second Hyuuga wasn’t so lucky. Falling to his back after feeling Nyji’s sweep, he hits the ground with a slight thud.

After momentarily stalling the Hyuuga, Nyji looked up and automatically glared at the two Cloud ninja. They now both had small surges of electricity surging over their hands and were charging towards him. Quickly passing their two comrades, the one on the right jumped into the air while the other ninja continued to charge in. Swinging his right fist, the charging blonde ninja attempted an upper cut with lighting running over his hand while the airborne ninja simple swung his leg down for a kick. Seeing the near perfect teamwork the two attackers used, Nyji could see of only one way to make it out of this situation. Swinging his right hand across his body, the tips of his index and middle fingers slam against the charging ninja’s forearm, throwing his punch off and causing him to miss his target and stumble. The ninja in the air came down with force. Swinging his body to the side and taking a step back, the second cloud ninja landed in front of Nyji. The two began to exchange blow, each of the dodging or parrying the other’s onslaught. The three others recovered and quickly joined in on the attack against Nyji. Being forced back, the tested Nyji continued to avoid the strikes of his peers for a few moments more until both of the Hyuuga warriors both connected with their palms. Striking Nyji’s chest hard, the young ninja stumbled a few feet backwards.

Nyji’s gazed remained on his opponents. Taking a deep breath to calm his nerves, the boys glance shifted to his father for a second. The thought of failing his father ran through his mind. Exhaling, he looked back to the four ninja. They may have been strong and had great teamwork, but there was no way Nyji was going to let down his Hyuuga pride. He didn’t know how yet, but he was going to beat this challenge and prove his superiority over Mejiro. The four ninja charged him once again, the two Cloud natives leading the group.

Watching as the group closed in on him, the boy prepared for attack once again. His eyes watched sharply and without warning he could feel it. A new kind of power ran through his body and suddenly he could see clearer than he ever had before. He felt stronger too. Could this have been the power he’d been trying to find all this time? Was this the second level of the Byakugan?

It was his fellow Hyuuga clan members that stopped dead in their tracks while the cloud ninja continued forward, failing to realize what the two Hyuuga did. The electric sparks that surrounded the Cloud ninja’s fists seemed to intensify as they aimed to try and stab through Nyji’s chest. Pushing their hands forward, they came within mere inches of succeeding in their attack, but the young Hyuuga stopped the two dead in their tracks. Nyji’s knees hand bent, causing the boy’s shoulders to duck under the two ninja’s arms. His palms had been slammed into the ninja’s stomach. The two clouds had small streams of blood trailing from their lips and their bodies twitched softly. Somehow, Nyji’s hands had become surrounded with blue colored chakra. With the activation of the second level of his eyes, he was finally able to use the Gentle Fist. The young Hyuuga’s charka had formed extremely small needles from his palms. His chakra had stabbed into the two native’s midsection and caused a lot of internal damage. Removing his hands and stepping back to look back onto the remaining two fighters, the two bodies collapsed.

“Good, Nyji, you may stop for right now. They will be needed for the rest of your training,” His father’s voice suddenly rang out.The boy looked at the fighters for a few moments before finally letting his guard down. A few bruises began to show over the youth’s face as a grin began to form. The boy knew he’d only just tapped in to the power of the Byakugan, and only wanted more. “Take a few moments to collect yourself. We will beginning the second stage of your training in half an hour.”

[Part 1 = End]

WC: 1534
+ 7 Stats
+ 15 JP
+ Byakugan Level 2

Health: 11
Chakra: 30 (+10)
Stamina: 7
Speed: 20 (+10)
Strength: 10

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Kurisu "Fifi" Ametsuchi

Fame : 130
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  • Cloud

Element(s) : Lightning, Fire, Lava
Clan : Ametsuchi
Bloodline : Uchiha
Ryo : 104300

PostSubject: Re: The Byakugan's Power[Private Training]   Sat Mar 23, 2013 9:28 am



Kurisu's Stats
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Nyji Hyuuga

Fame : 0
Home Village :
  • Cloud

Element(s) : Earth
Clan : Hyuuga
Bloodline : Byakugan
Ryo : 300

PostSubject: Re: The Byakugan's Power[Private Training]   Sat Mar 23, 2013 6:12 pm

[I forgot to add Lvl. 2 Byakugan to my rewards at the end. Edited it in and working on part 2 of training now.]

Health: 11
Chakra: 30 (+10)
Stamina: 7
Speed: 20 (+10)
Strength: 10
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Nyji Hyuuga

Fame : 0
Home Village :
  • Cloud

Element(s) : Earth
Clan : Hyuuga
Bloodline : Byakugan
Ryo : 300

PostSubject: Re: The Byakugan's Power[Private Training]   Mon Mar 25, 2013 4:55 am

Nyji’s breathing finally began to slow and return to normal. The newly awakened power of his Byakugan still surged through his veins, and it was amazing, but the second level of his eyes only brought on a new urge in the young ninja. He’d only had a small taste of power and wanted more. Taking his father’s offer for a small break in the training, Nyji took this time to see just what his Byakugan allowed him to do. Stepping away from the field’s center circle, he kept his eyes activated to the new level. Looking down at his hands, if he focused hard enough, he could see some small chakra needles protruding from his palms and fingers. The needles flickered for a moment and disappeared. This justsu was already clear to Nyji; he knew what this new power was. It was the Gentle Fist style.

“Nyji! It’s time to continue!” the boy’s father spoke again.

Turning back to face the circle, Nyji noticed his father stood in the middle with the two Hyuuga warriors from before standing at his sides. All of them had their Byakugan active and were ready for another fight. It appeared that his father would be stepping into his son’s training as he’d done in the past. The other two Hyuuga shouldn’t be much of a bother, but his father was a different story. Not only had he already attained the second level of his Byakuagan, he’d mastered it completely. His strength was beyond Nyji’s. Trying to take him out first would be a huge mistake on the boy’s part. As he approached his father and the waiting ninja beside him, Nyji tried to form a strategy in his mind. His eyes remained on the three while coming to a stop a few feet away.

Nygi’s father spoke again, “For the next part of your training you will be facing me. These two will be hidden in the trees with kunai, waiting for a chance for a kill shot. You’re going to have to learn to harness the Byakugan’s power and push even further. Without the third level, you won’t be able to see where the kunai will be coming from and will be killed.”

The man paused for a moment and nods towards the two Hyuuga beside him. In what seemed like a second they were gone, leaving the two main house Hyuuga alone in the circle. The other two had hidden themselves in the multiple trees that were scatted in small clusters in the rest of the field outside the circle. His father’s plan caused Nyji to rethink his own strategy. Already knowing his father’s fighting style from previous training sessions, Nyji thought of a quick defense he could use to avoid the kunai and deal with his father at the same time. It would be difficult without the full 360 degree vision the third level Byakugan offered and his Gentle Fist style being far from perfect, but that only left the young ninja with one option. He was going to unlock the next level of his Byakugan.

Before the young ninja had a chance to speak, his father dashed towards him. The man had his hands in front of his chest. Forming multiple hand signs with his fingers, Nyji’s father pushed his right palm forward. Ducking his head down slightly and crossing his arms over his body, Nyji felt an invisible wave of chakra hit him. The force of the wave caused the sturdy lad to stumble backwards, giving his father an open strike on his son. The man’s palm slammed hard into Nyji’s chest with authority. Letting out a grunt of pain, Nyji slides back, leaving small markings in the grass where his feet were. Before the boy could recover from his father’s attack, a sharp pain came from the back of his thigh. A strange warm feeling ran down the back of Nyji’s thigh. Looking over his shoulder, the boy saw a kunai sticking out from the back of his thigh. The two hidden Hyuuga had already begun their assault as well. Noticing another kunai cutting through the air, Nyji managed to dodge it barely. The sharp edge clipped the right side of his body, slashing through the shirt he wore. Before the boy had a chance to attempt a counter, his father charged in once again.

Swinging his leg in an attempt to kick his son in the side of the head, Nyji’s father’s attack was blocked by his son bringing his left arm up and taking the blunt of the kick with his forearm. Another small surge of pain ran through his arm, but he was still okay. His father continued attacking, sending blow after blow towards Nyji. The young ninja parried his father, dodging each blow that was sent his way. The father and son continued fighting, forcing Nyji backwards while the man continued his onslaught. Another grunt of pain escaped from Nyji. Another kunai stabbed into the back of his shoulder. Studding in his defense, his father took the open opportunity. Twisting his wrist, the elder thrusts his palm into his son’s stomach and released another wave of chakra. Nyji’s body nearly flew backwards through the air until hitting the bark of a tree a few feet behind him.

“You have to use more focus, Nyji!” his father spoke while lowering his defense and watching his son. Nyji’s body had sunken down against the tree, but he slowly began to rise back up to his feet. “How do you expect to become the head of the Hyuuga if you don’t even have enough strength to beat an old man like me?”

Nyji’s eyes focused on his father. He hated being called weak, but the man was right. If the boy really was going to be the strongest Hyuuga, then he would have to gain power. Slowly regaining his breath, Nyji brought his hands up and again returned to his fighting stance. If he was able to keep his back close against the back of the tree, then the kunai wouldn’t be much of a problem and he could put most of his focus on his father.

“Come, father,” Nyji spoke. “I will defeat you and anyone else who stands in my path and will surpass everyone!”

With a prideful grin over his lips, the boy’s father came at him for another attack. When he was about 5 feet away, Nyji’s father pushed both of his palms towards the young ninja, expelling a bigger wave than before. Knowing that it would be a mistake to try and withstand the attack, Nyji jumped to his right to avoid the attack. The boy’s eyes widen with shock while he watched the wave of chakra smash into the tree, causing the base of the tree to lose most of its bark a few cracks to appear. This wasn’t his father’s full strength, but even this much was enough to severely injure his son. Not wanting to give the man another chance for offense, Nyji dashed towards the elder. He focused on the man’s chakra network as he came closer. His best chance would be to close a few of his father’s chakra a pathway and stop his jutsu, but before he could, two kunai was coming towards Nyji. Being able to easily spot the two thrown object this time, Nyji jumped forward, hearing the kunai land in the ground behind him. All that remained now was the powerful Huuga in front of him.

The boy tried to use what little of his Gentle Fist style that he knew and forced a few small threads of chakra through his fingertips. Coming within a few inches of his father, the man swung his leg once again, sending another fierce kick aimed for his son’s ribs. Nyji’s body suddenly lowered and slides under his father’s kick. Now having an open chance of his own, the body slammed his right middle and index fingers into his father’s right shoulder, hitting one of his chakra points. Before the young ninja had another chance to attack, another kunai stabbed into his back. He’d taken his attention off the hidden Hyuuga for a moment and paid for it. The pain forced Nyji’s body to freeze and whence in pain. Again Nyji was left open for another attack and his father’s left fist slammed into his son’s stomach.

A small splatter of blood suddenly spurted from Nyji’s mouth after taking his father’s punch. His body seemed to be frozen with pain. The only thing the boy could do for a moment was looked forward and watch as two more kunai flew towards him from behind his father’s back. Come on! Move! Nyji yells for his body to move. It wasn’t until the two sharpened weapons were about to strike his eyes was Nyji finally able to take control of his body once again. His father already saw the flying weapons and moved away to leave his son in the path of the kunai. Turning his body to the side, Nyji managed to slide between the two weapons, each of them flying in front or behind him.

The fight continued between the Hyuuga for another half hour. He stood five feet in front of his father. Both of them were in fighting stances, but it seemed that the boy was the only one that had taken a lot of damage. By the end of the half hour Nyji was covered with bruises and bloody wounds. His breathing had grown heavy and his stab wounds were beginning to catch up with him. Nyji’s father looked into his son’s eyes. He could tell the young ninja was close to the next level. All he had to do was push his son even further. Nyji had already been able to avoid most of the thrown objects from the other two hidden Hyuuga and could still defend against his father, but the boy knew he couldn’t last for much longer. A few of his father’s chakra pathways had been blocked off, stopping the man from using his chakra shockwave from his right arm, but besides that the man seemed to be in top form.

Come on, Nyji. You’re so close to the edge. Reach the third level. Nyji’s father spoke to himself inside his mind while watching his son closely. With his Byakgan he could see the other two Hyuuga in their trees. The both had moved from tree to tree multiple times during the battle so pinpointing them from their throws wouldn’t help much. They often moved from their hiding spot after throwing a kunai. Nyji knew the other two Hyuuga were watching each step he made. The throbbing wounds over his body were a harsh reminder of that. A few times in the battle he’d been able to find one of them, but his father prevented his son from taking out the lower house Hyuuga.

“Are you going to let your younger brothers surpass you?!” Nyji’s father yelled out as other members of the Hyuuga clan began to arrive to watch the training. “You are the pride of the Hyuuga and yet Mejiro is growing stronger than you in the leaf village!”

The thought of his younger brother that had been left behind in Konohakagure began to run through Nyji’s mind. He remembered the news of his brother mastering a new level of the Byakugan and felt a new sense of confidence. He loved his brother, but there was no way he was ever going to allow him to exceed his oldest brother’s power. Nyji was destined to lead the Hyuuga into purity, not his brothers. The look in Nyji’s eyes grew intense. A new fire had been lit within the eldest son of the main house. Failure was no option.

“Byakugan!” Nyji screamed.

A new rush of energy ran through Nyji’s network. His eyesight grew sharper and he could see through the through the tree leaves. One of the hidden Hyuuga was in the tree behind his father while the other was hidden in a tree near the edge of the field. It only just now dawned on the boy that he had near 360 degree vision. Not only had his vision increased, his body felt stronger and faster as well. A new wave of chakra rushed over him. After trying for what seemed like countless training sessions before this one, Nyji had finally unlocked the third level of the Byakugan!

Nyji had to force himself not to smile over his newest achievement. He looked towards his father who already had a grin over his face, knowing his son had achieved success. Coming out of his fighting pose, the man began to speak again. “You’ve unlocked the third level of your Byakugan, Nyji. I’m very proud of you, my son. However, just because you’ve unlocked the power of your eyes does not mean your training is over. You still have to learn control.”

Nyji continued to remain in his stance, ready for anything else that may come at him while his father spoke.

“This part of your training is complete,” his father spoke again. “Prepare for your next stage, Nyji.”

[Part 2 = End]

WC: 2,200
+ 11 Stats
+ 22 JP
+ Byakugan Level 3

Health: 11
Chakra: 30 (+10)
Stamina: 7
Speed: 20 (+10)
Strength: 10
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Atlas the Betrayer
Seven Swordsmen
Seven Swordsmen

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PostSubject: Re: The Byakugan's Power[Private Training]   Mon Mar 25, 2013 8:15 am


"I lost someone... very close to me. One day they were there... and then it all just fell apart.They died. And it broke me. I don't feel anymore. I don't feel sad... I don't feel scared... I don't feel happy. I'm just... here. That's my strength. That's why I'm alive."
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PostSubject: Re: The Byakugan's Power[Private Training]   Today at 7:53 pm

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The Byakugan's Power[Private Training]
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