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 Training [P Dem's inv only]

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Demetri Kaguya <3
Academy Student
Academy Student

Fame : 30
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  • Leaf

Element(s) : Water
Clan : Kaguya
Bloodline : Bone jutsu
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PostSubject: Training [P Dem's inv only]   Mon Nov 12, 2012 8:48 pm

Demetri walked along looking for a spot to train as he walked he did hand signs to help remember the jutsu that he knew. He did not know a whole lot but the ones that he did he valued very highly as they could save his life in a pinch and if used right. He stopped as he found a good spot and went ahead and slid on the gloves that Sanji had giving him a while back, They were black gloves with thick knuckles the knuckles were thick because of the sand that was put in them weighing them down a good bit, Demetri began to shadow box the air till his arms could barley hold up the gloves any more and he sat down to rest. He slid off the gloves and performed the hand sign for Clone no Jutsu and watched as a clone appeared before him he studied the clone closely wanting to see if there was any kind of mistake and he could see none. He stood and watched as the clone stood also matching his movements, He stepped back and watched as the clone stepped back. Demetri even threw a punch and saw the clone throw one also with out thinking he brought his hand up to block the punch and the clone did the same thing. Because he and his clone blocked the punch both of them moved through each other and ended the jutsu. He decided to try out his Transformation jutsu and he thought of some one that he knew and he picked out Sanji and thought of how he looked, his hieght weight eye color even what he was wearing that day and performed the hand seals and just like that he felt him self turn into the person that he was thinking of. He released the henge and felt as he turned back into him self. He even picked up a rock threw it into the air and did the hand sign for Kawamri and as the stone fell and hit him he appeared above the stone and grabbed it landing on his feet he reapeated the process of throwing the stone and catching the stone a few more times before sitting back down and thinking of everything he had done that day. Demetri pulled out a sandwich and a bottle of sweet tea and began to snack. Demetri thought back the his clones and his spar and had a devilish idea then and it required the Kage Bunshin No Jutsu for it to work.

[Word Count= 426]
[JP gain=4 and stat gain=2 if im right]

Base Stats:

My stat page

[3:26:23 PM] Zee: Out trolling the guy who was once named troll. nice.
Daimo Echo ...Approved because you cried in front of God
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PostSubject: Re: Training [P Dem's inv only]   Wed Feb 13, 2013 11:41 am

Approved if this character is still alive.

Now I'm invincible~

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Training [P Dem's inv only]
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