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Missing-Nin (D-rank)
Missing-Nin (D-rank)
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Custodial Provisions Needed!!  Empty Custodial Provisions Needed!!

Sun Aug 08, 2021 9:33 am
Offering no fight, Aichi was bound by the Hoshigakure shinobi. Upon meeting with the Hoshigakure jonin known as Tsubaki the nomadic teenager was detained for questioning. After near a decade living as a ghost he had returned. From the wee age of eight years old Aichi had lived in the countryside of Haven. Alone, with no living family, Aichi matured in his own way. A growing Sage with lots of potential, Aichi was blossoming young teenager.

As he walked he wept softly, remembering all of his last memories in Hoshigakure as a child. At eight years old he had transformed and killed his mother in a Jugo frenzy. The ninja village had been watching him, aware of his potential. However murder was inexcusable and Aichi was put on trial. Magistrate Cho was his judge, and known to be a cruel man who hated Jugo's. However he was unable to prove Aichi to be a murderer, and was forced to excuse him conditionally.

Not officially exiled after the unintentional slaughter of his mother, Magistrate Cho had given the child a set of two choices. He could submit himself as a ward of the state and live his life in an orphanage being force fed nature energy inhibitors until his death; or Aichi could willingly leave the ninja village where he was born. Magistrate Cho was known for his hatred toward Jugo's and after he told Aichi the horrors of life as an orphan, he made sure to tell him the punishments of another Berserker episode in the village. According to Cho there would be no second chances, and the Academy would never accept a dirtbag with no self control. A lie forged by an evil tongue, but an obstacle Aichi was just now willing to confront.

While only eight years old Aichi knew he couldnt control the wrath of nature energy. He also knew the fear of jail from being locked up during his trial. He made the wise choice, and left Hoshigakure on as well of terms as he could have. Without looking back the young boy began his life traveling and studying the art of controlling nature energy.

As life progressed Aichi became familiar with chakra control. Eventually he was able to tap into the highly conducive ability of Ninshu, and grew to recognize his transformations. Despite these fears, he was scared of humans. Aichi lived alone in the woods, fearful of what people might think of his natural state of being.

As his body matured Aichi began to yearn for the precious interaction of others. While still afraid he was becoming curious and eventually this curiosity led him back to Hoshigakure. In many ways he wished to gain closure from the past. Deep down inside of his young soul Aichi wished for stability. Besides simple amenities of life Aichi sought to grasp the forces that persecuted his self control. His dream was to control these primal forces that changed life so vividly. Aichi became devout in his study of using chakra to control the nature energy his body was so sensitive towards.

While he mastered the arts of channeling chakra, meditation and even jutsu, Aichi also wished to become a shinobi. Having kept watch at the Hoshi gates for so long he was continually more impressed with each day. Watching Hoshi ninja flicker from the gates in a blur, and the amazing feats of ninjutsu they could perform; Aichi became inspired to change his life. No longer content with just the basic techniques available through intrapersonal development, Aichi began to work up the courage to formally request acceptance by the ninja Village.

During a week long hole up near a tree he was using as a landmark to watch the gates, Aichi decided it was his time. Following another refugee Aichi's return to Hoshigakure began. The two were greeted by a Jonin named Tsubaki who offered them aid and recovery, which they both accepted.

After Tsubaki agreed to help him she restrained him. Aichi had begun collecting nature energy and his Berserker form was collecting around him. After his restrain the transformation receeded, likely a reaction to his relief in the ninja. His body was mostly normal, except for around his eyes. Both sclera were yellow and had black discoloration around the sockets. Suffering no mental chaos he was aware of his situation.

From behind his back his arms were locked together and with no desire to resist he was left with tears unwiped. Aichi followed Tsubaki, vaguely recognizing the area through his tears. Quiet except for occasional groans through his sadness, Aichi thought about all that he would say when they arrived to where they were going.

The judiciary system was sure to record his trial. Which meant Aichi wouldnt be looked at as a convicted murderer. However Magistrate Cho did not record his suggestion for Aichi to go rogue. This was an illegal attack of the young Jugo's livelihood, and stemmed from dogmatic segregatory beliefs.

Continuing to where Tsubaki was leading him, Aichi prayed that her and her superior would be kind towards his plight and accepting of his past. Dressed in his usual tan tunic and brown pants, the homeless Jugo was barefoot. His orange hair covered his eyes as he walked with his head held down.

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Ayato Hyuuga
Ayato Hyuuga
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Custodial Provisions Needed!!  Empty Re: Custodial Provisions Needed!!

Tue Aug 24, 2021 12:22 pm
The floor of the Starfall Hall was multipanel-colored marble, and overhead was the towering vaulted ceiling with massive arches and columns. On the right side of the Room stood a raised gallery connected to other Unseen University areas, including the Kage office. Many windows with stained glass allowed sunlight to enter the left side of the room.

The Kage’s Oaken chair was on the opposite side, atop a raised dais climbed up to by two sets of wide steps of rough black stone, and on the chair sat a dark-haired, clean-shaven youth of nineteen years. Ayato Hyuuga, the Seventh to bear the title of Kage, looked every bit the part today. He wore long-sleeve elaborate robes as black as the night sky, tied with a purple linen sash around his waist. Over the robes, the white sleeveless Kage surcoat reaching down to the ankles. The traditional Kage Hat was across his lap.

Another one of those days, wasn’t it. A repenting shinobi expelled or otherwise leaving Hoshigakure returning to have justice delivered to him. Most of the time, some lowlife had killed others and did not attempt to hide that would sign the sweetest, so of how he is ready to repay for the sins he had committed to this land and its people.

The Seventh Hogokage could not quite place it but felt that this Aichi was one such. Tsubaki Senju had captured him near the borders, according to the reports using her wood release techniques. Hers was not as offensive and lethal as Dusk was but more refined to make others stop. Part of Ayato was glad of that. If Dusk Tachibana had found Aichi instead of Tsubaki, the Hogokage would be attending a funeral instead of a trial. Assuming that Aichi was deemed worthy of such honor.

A grizzled Northman entered as the gates of Starfall hall opened simultaneously, letting rays of sunlight in. To the side of Harold Graymane, there was a scrawny boy. The one that had been scorned by that magister years ago. The time in the woods had not been kind to him, and the dungeon that Tsubaki put him wasn’t a great help. The girl did follow protocol, and it was wise. He was missing a ninja, but worst of all, a Jugo. Same as Ayato’s late teacher. Same as many of the marauders in the Grimma ranks. A religious zealot could have attacked Aichi as he enjoyed a meal in a ramen stand. Or perhaps as he made his way to the trial. Reinforcing Aichi's escort with the veteran Captain of the Guards, instead of Tsubaki alone, felt like the right thing to do.

“Genki Aichi. I know who you are, and I know what you did. You have one chance to explain yourself, don't waste it.”

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