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Diverged Bloodlines [P, Kenshin, Souji] - Page 2 Empty Re: Diverged Bloodlines [P, Kenshin, Souji]

Wed Oct 13, 2021 7:57 am
The Ragdoll would find himself more than a little amused by what ended up playing out. Apparently he was not the first to have a chakra so corrupted, if the fact that this scroll was found among ruins was any indication… but, he truly didn’t care what had happened to those that came before. More than likely they ended up suffering the same fate as the Legendary First Hogokage, Denkiteki… whose own power and lust for bloodlines destabilised his own body to the point that it killed him. 

The Raggedy Man would listen to what Souji and Mizuki had to say, before nodding and standing from the table, his meal mostly finished at this point. 

“There’s no need for either of you to stand, I can perform this quite easily and without any real bloodshed, so it shouldn’t be too much trouble to do it here. Of course, if you would prefer to do it in another room Mizuki I see no reason why we shouldn’t” He would say, giving her the chance to change venues if she so desired. 

Regardless of where this took place, Kenshin would perform the chakra anaesthetic technique upon both Mizuki and Souji, numbing their bodies to all sensation for the next few minutes. Once that was done he would instruct them to close their eyes, before placing one of his hands above the left eyes of the pair. From each hand came threads, which would quickly burrow through their closed eyelids and behind the eyes, severing the nerves cleanly and pulling the orbs free from their sockets. He would waste no time in placing the left eye of Souji within Mizuki’s skull, although he would refrain from doing the same with Souji as Mizuki’s eye was made up of cells that would attack his body. 

“Souji, you said that you must sacrifice an eye for this to work… does that mean you don’t want me to replace your left eye?” He would then ask, awaiting an answer before proceeding. If he confirmed that he didn’t want his eye replaced, Kenshin would simply use his Amelioration to connect the eye for Mizuki, and to repair any small bits of damage that both her and Souji may have sustained. If, on the other hand, Souji did want a replacement eye, Kenshin would do that while connecting the eye to Mizuki. Overall, the pair would find their bodies revitalised almost completely, any lingering aches and pains completely gone due to the influx of potent Medical Chakra that was flowing through them. 

“And with that the procedure is complete. Now… what say we get back to dinner. It’s been quite some time and I am eager to catch up with you, and to get to know your son.” The Monster would say with an uncommon smile stitched upon his face. 

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Diverged Bloodlines [P, Kenshin, Souji] - Page 2 Empty Re: Diverged Bloodlines [P, Kenshin, Souji]

Wed Oct 20, 2021 12:50 pm
The words of his mother fell on him, though wise in their meaning, supple in their delivery. The Prince would heed them as best he could, of all people — these two would best understand the colloquy. Her faith in Kenshin was blazing, it was clear to Souji that these two had a shared history that cannot, or rather should not ever be called into question. “There is no one, more than myself, that knows what a path of power will have lying in wait for them. I’ve been investigating this scroll and the required components for months now. I’m invested in this.” His eyes would glance over to his mother, his face genuine. 

Kenshin stood, he prepared himself for the part that he was to play in all of this. Souji returned his eyes on him, that foreboding chakra and presence left the boy uneasy, but he had already made up his mind and there was no turning back now. His chest was pierced by the fingers of Kenshin, as well as his mother. The small pinch of pain was soon razed as his body felt nothing. It was a swift procedure, a testament to the former Kazekage’s medical knowledge. Soon after his eyes closed, though that made no difference as his All-Seeing eye still saw everything that came next. 

The threads rapidly breached his eye socket and severed the link that gave him vision in that eye it was gone. A question, one of clarification was proposed. Souji shook his head as he opened his remaining eye to look upon the scroll. He must then harness the purity of the flames he posses already. According to his understanding of the context of the scroll the flames hold a power of cleansing. Souji raised his hand and channeled his chakra at the palm. A spark of flames wisps in its brilliance. He would then add in his knowledge of nature energy which then added a layer of cleanliness to the flames. Thus it eclipse into a pristine white and silver flame. The eye of the Hyuuga would then widen as he acknowledged this change in chakra nature and depths. It was heavy, as heavy as the tainted chakra that was flowing through the reaper. Souji would then look to is mother and then to Kenshin. He thrust the flame into his eye socket that was vacant and the flame would take shelter there, binding to him mind, body and soul. From that a pain would overtake him, that shouldn’t have due to the tech that was used. Souji would stand and his body would permeate white-silver wisps of flames from him. He paused as he found his being being purified by this flame. 

Things would die down from that point. Souji would exhale slowly and then look to them. One Byakugan, one eye of flames. The wisps would gyrate around his head on the right side. “That was one hell of a kick.” He would place his right hand over his right eye socket. He would instinctively rush to move his hand, but soon realized that there was no pain from the flames. He was…immune? They would also discover that his chakra has changed entirely. It was more so close to nature chakra with a hint of his normal chakra. 

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Diverged Bloodlines [P, Kenshin, Souji] - Page 2 Empty Re: Diverged Bloodlines [P, Kenshin, Souji]

Wed Oct 20, 2021 4:50 pm
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Diverged Bloodlines [P, Kenshin, Souji] - Page 2 Empty Re: Diverged Bloodlines [P, Kenshin, Souji]

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