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Taichi Uchiha
Taichi Uchiha
Missing-Nin (A-rank)
Missing-Nin (A-rank)
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Under the foot of Fang Empty Under the foot of Fang

Thu Jan 09, 2020 1:39 pm
“Is this what life is, now?” Taichi asked himself. He was laying in the bed at the inn, hadn’t been able to force himself to sleep almost all night. He stared at the ceiling for a few hours, for a few hours too long. Taichi finally gave up when he saw the sun was beginning to rise and threw his legs over the side of the bed. He sat up and groaned as he tried picking his body off of the bed. He looked in the mirror that sat on the vanity next to the bed in the room. Getting up was almost as hard as staying in bed, he had no goals. He had his mind set on killing himself before coming back to Suna, which he failed. He had his mind set on cleaning out Suna of all the ruffians and savages that plagued its sandy streets, but with Kenshin at the helm he had no chance. Then he fought to avenge Bri’s torturous and painful death by killing the leader of the Walls of Jericho, which did nothing to bring Bri back. Taichi knew that she was gone, but he still couldn’t come to grips with the fact that he had lost both of the women that he saw a future with, both of which had died in front of him and he could do nothing about it. He sat there, face in his hands, trying to think about what his next goal was. 
He thought that when he killed the leader, he was going to be able to move on from Bri’s torture, he thought the flashbacks would not repeat themselves and he would no longer hear the screams that she bellowed out that day. But all of this was untrue, he still saw the flashbacks and heard the screams every day. Taichi stood up from the bed and staggered over to the bathroom. He turned the cold water on and splashed the water into his face and hair. He grabbed the towel that sat next to him on the vanity top and dried off. He looked into the mirror, still wondering why he was still alive, why he was on this planet if he wasn’t even able to save both of the women that he thought he loved. 
Taichi took off the clothes that he had slept in and decided to shower prior to leaving the inn and heading off to the vast nothingness that was his life at the moment. He turned the water on as hot as it could go, when he saw the steam beginning to come off of the water, he stepped into the shower. The water burned his skin, the pain was enough for him to forget about the flashbacks, even for just a moment. He winced at the heat of the water, then his face calmed as his thoughts began to flood out of his mind. Taichi cooled the water down slightly, and when he was done with his shower, he stepped out and dried himself off. 
As he dried off his body, he looked out the window and could see Fang Mountain out in the distance. He couldn't quite understand what it was, but there was a sudden pull to drag himself to that mountain, maybe there was something there worth finding. He finished drying off and threw on his clothes, when he was dressed he checked to make sure he had everything he owned with him and headed out the door with the door key in hand. He walked down the stairs and he set the keys on the front counter. Just before walking out the door, a man standing behind the counter let Taichi know that there was a breakfast being served in the lobby and invited him to join the other guests. Taichi smiled and accepted the offer. He walked into the lobby and saw a few other guests inside the lobby, eating waffles, eggs and the like. He noticed the other guests were all married couples. Taichi sat with one of the couples and they began talking while they ate their breakfast. 
The couple looked to be in their older years, but still as happy as could be. They held hands as they spoke, even as they ate. Taichi wasn’t usually the jealous type, but he truly wished that he could have someone like that to be with him. The group talked for what seemed like an hour when the guy from behind the counter walked over to their table and said that they were closing up breakfast for the day and were going to need to clear out the lobby so they could clean up. Taichi and the group acknowledged the man’s subtle request for them all to leave by nodding and thanking him for breakfast. The man nodded and gave a slight bow before walking over to the breakfast table to begin the cleaning process. The couple and Taichi said their goodbyes and wished them the best of days ahead of them. They wished Taichi the same and went their different ways. Taichi left the inn through the front door, while the older couple went out the side door that led out to the porch of the inn on the corner of the building. 
As Taichi was walking by the porch, he saw as the older man and woman both sat on a bench and the woman rested her head on the man’s shoulder. Taichi’s head slumped slightly as he past the inn and began walking out of town toward Fang Mountain. His eyes were glazed over, his body was moving on its own with muscle memory. Taichi could only think about Bri at this point. The flashbacks weren’t playing yet, it was the happy memories that he had formed in the three days he was with her. Her fiery temper, compassionate look, her kind heart. She wore her emotions on her sleeve, something that this world was generally lacking. Most people he had met were either too oblivious to know how screwed up their situation was or were too jaded to care, like himself. 
Taichi continued down the roadway that led farther into the large island, heading directly for the mountain. He watched as the forests began to thicken and become more dense, watched as he could see through the trees to the next road over, to barely being able to see past the first row of trees. He looked up towards the sky, only to be met with the presence of the tops of the trees leaning over the road, as if they were watching Taichi every step of the way to the mountain. They let some light in, but not very much. He could see the end of the forest coming up and he was curious just what was ahead this deep into the island. 
When he reached the end of the tunnel formed by the trees, he was greeted by a large opening of grasslands, rivers abundant and animals strewn about the area. Taichi was blown away with the beauty of the island and was even more blown away when he got a closer view of Fang Mountain. He already had been told why it was called Fang Mountain, but he had no idea that it was going to look as magnificent as it did in person. His eyes were glued to the gorgeous mountain for a few minutes until he came back to his senses and looked in the direction he was walking. He was still about an hour or so away from the mountain and he wanted to make it before nightfall so he could make camp on the marvelous mountain.
As Taichi continued forward, he continued to note all of the different types of animals that he found along the way. He was amazed on the copious amounts of animals that ran along the roadways, almost as though they were all domesticated. Taichi thought of different business ideas that might work on this island. Fishing was obviously out of the picture, that market was far too saturated. Hunting may just work with the terrain. But there was one idea stuck in his mind, an idea that had been stuck in his mind since the day before, Blacksmithing. Taichi remembered the harpoons and spears that he saw on the old Blacksmith’s table on the docks. The quality was that of something he had never seen before. He began thinking about all the different items he could create with the help of the skill of Blacksmithing. He could create armor, weapons, anything made out of metal really. 
While his mind was racing with this new interest of his, he realized that he had been thinking about Blacksmithing much longer than he had thought. He realized this when he saw that he was at the foot of the mountain, staring up at its marvelous peaks. He saw what looked like a goat path that seemed to wrap around the mountain. Taichi was curious to see what was on top of the mountain, so he began climbing the goat path, itching to see what was in wait on top of the magnificent mountain.

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Amaterasu Meijin
Amaterasu Meijin
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Under the foot of Fang Empty Re: Under the foot of Fang

Mon Jan 13, 2020 10:43 pm
Go get it d00d
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