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 Kyuzo training one hand jutsu

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PostSubject: Kyuzo training one hand jutsu   Wed Feb 22, 2012 1:59 am

Kyuzo woke up early in the morning the sun was still down when he looked out the window. He laid in his bed trying to fall back a sleep but he could not able to go back to sleep. He got up and went to his book shelf of ninja history and jutsu scrolls. He pulled out a book about the old team seven and their journey to the land of waves. He went and sat down at his dinner table and light a candle he started to read about the journey they had. They were sent to guard a bridge builder. He read about a ninja called sauske uchiha and how he all most alone brought down two chunin missing ninja called the demon brothers. He kept reading and he got to another good part when Naruto and Sasuke teamed up to free Kakashi from the water prison jutsu made by a jonin level missing ninja Zabuza. Kyuzo read how Kakashi defeated Zabuza with his sharingan eye. But a hunter ninja rescued him from death by hitting him in his nick with two senbon that made zabuza in a state of death. Kyuzo skipped the parts till it came to the battle on the Great Naruto bridge. He read how sasuke and the hunter ninja named haku fought and how Haku could use one hand to do jutsu. Kyuzo was amazed by the fact that a ninja could do that. Kyuzo only heard of ninja doing that only in stories but he never thought someone could really do it. Kyuzo got done reading the book and shut the book.

He got up and put it back on his book shelf. He saw that the sun was finally up he went and took a shower. He walked out of the shower and grabbed a towel and dried off. He put some clothes on but he kept the towel on his head so his hair could fully dry out. Kyuzo didnt know what he wanted to do today he just couldnt think about anything to really do. He kept on thinking about Haku using one hand to do jutus with one hand. Kyuzo grabbed the towel off his head and tossed it to the side and ran out the door. He was in such a hurry to start his training he forgot to put a shirt on. He was running in the village with out his shirt people in the street stopped and looked at him and started to talk down to him. He kept on running into the forest he kept running till he found the old oak tree that is chard from him training his fire style jutsu on it. Kyuzo went onto the small dock that was there and used one hand and did that hand signs for the fire ball jutsu. Kyuzo did the hand signs not as fast as he normally could since it was strange with one hand and he was not use to it.

The fire ball was small so small Kyuzo thought it was a ember and not even worthy of being called a fire ball. Kyuzo did the hand signs for the dragon flame jutsu he put to much force into it since the fire ball was a ember with the normal force he normally puts into it. The dragon flame was out of control and burnt his arm and a few burns on his body. Kyuzo fell down since the jutsu blew up in his face he got up slowly since he was in pain. But Kyuzo started to do the hand signs for the fire ball jutsu he just put in the normal force he thought to himself looks like im starting all over with these jutsu. Kyuzo's next fire ball was like the first one he ever did it was really small but in the right shape. Kyuzo did the hand signs a gain it was the same shape and size. Kyuzo was did the hand signs again and he remembered when he uncle and father first tought him the jutsu and how proud they were of him when he finally mastered the jutsu. And how they supported him when he was training the jutsu giving him advice about it and how they mastered it. So Kyuzo closed his eyes and did the hand signs for the fire ball jutsu again. This time the ball was a much bigger size but still not the normal size or the size Kyuzo was not happy with. Kyuzo did the hand signs again and it was the same size. Kyuzo kept doing the jutsu over and over again for hours Kyuzo's hand and mouth were starting to blister from the heat from the jutsu. Kyuzo on last time for the day since it was getting dark out Kyuzo thought in his mind mind while do the hand signs snake ram monkey boar horse tiger fire style fire ball jutsu. Kyuzo launched a huge fire ball in the middle of the pond and he fell back panting really hard from all the chakra he used. He got up and started to limp his way back to his house where he opened the door and fell on his bed and fell right to sleep.

Kyuzo woke up in the morning his face and hands were in pain do to his training. He went to the bathroom and grabbed a rag and put it in cold water and put it on his mouth. As he put the rag on his skin he flinched do to the pain and sudden chill of the water. Kyuzo went out into his bed and laid down with the rag over his face to help cool his mouth. After a half hour of laying down he got up and took a cold shower. He looked down in the water going down though the drain and saw small amounts of blood in the water. Kyuzo saw this and thought to himself its what shinobi are thought that they must be willing to do anything for the sake of the village and any missions. So he thought to himself the pain he is going though right now is for future missions and when the village calls for him to protect her. Kyuzo smiled at the idea of giving his life for the village and its beauty. He was told it was a shinobis highest honor to die for the sake of the village. Kyuzo got out of the shower and dried off and put some cloths on and put his old ones in the washer. As he was walking out of his house people would walk by and look at him. Kyuzo looked down at the ground. He was hearing what the villagers were saying about him and his family. How that they were weak in body and mind since his father and unlce died in battle and his mother and grandfather killed them selves. Kyuzo kept looking down as he heard someone say they cant wait till he dies. Kyuzo smiled at that remark as he to wishes to die but his stomach turned inside knowing that he wants to die protecting the village and those that live in it. Kyuzo walked away from the village to go back to the forest to master his new training. Kyuzo was walking in the forest when he reached to his training spot. Kyuzo looked at the old oak tree and did the hand signs for the dragon flame jutsu with one hand. Kyuzo launched the jutsu at the oak tree it was a really small flame.

Kyuzo heard movement in the trees but ignored it since he thought it was just a wild animal. Kyuzo did the hand signs again the same as the other time. It was the same size as the one before it Kyuzo started to hear people laughing at him and people saying how bad of a ninja he was. Kyuzo shuck his head and ignored them he did the hand signs again. This time the flame got bigger but it was still way to small for Kyuzo to say he got it. So Kyuzo kept on doing the jutsu over and over again to he fell to the ground after hour or more passed. His fingers were more blistered then yesterday and his mouth hurt form the heat he was using and how much he was using it. Kyuzo still was hearing voice talk about his skills. Kyuzo started to think to himself dont worry your only using one hand. Kyuzo focused rely hard and did the hand signs again. After he did the hand signs Kyuzo shouted " Fire Style Dragon Flame Jutsu"! the normal dragon flame came out and hit the oak tree starting it on fire. Kyuzo fell to the ground and stared at the sky with the sun hitting his eyes. Kyuzo was laying on the ground he wasnt worried about the tree. It would burn down and let anything else catch fire. Kyuzo shut his eyes and started to sleep he was starting to run on empty. So he got up and started to walk back to his house he used the body flicker to get to his house faster. Even though he knew he was about out of chakra. He got to his house and didnt even make it to his bed he fell face first to the floor and fell asleep.

Kyuzo woke up on the ground face down and turned looking up at his hands. He went and looked in a mirror and saw his mouth had blisters. He went to look for some ointment to put on his burns and blisters. He found his ointment and put it on his bathroom sink and he took a shower. He was standing in the shower he was thinking about becoming the strongest of the Uchiha. He was thinking about it for half an hour till he finally went to dry off. He kept the towel over his face while he was putting on the ointment on his mouth and hands. He saw that the few burns he got on his body were starting to heal but he put the ointment on those burns as well so they would heal properly.

He was done putting on the ointment and put his clothes on and started to walk out the door. He grabbed a kunai he was thinking about training on a dummy. So he can get a use to using one hand in battle. So he runs to the forest and finds a spot where there is a training dummy for him to use. So Kyuzo grabbed his kunai and started to slash at the dummy and with the other hand he was doing hand signs for the fire ball jutsu. He was trying to make it so he could cover up the hand signs with attacking with the kunai. Kyuzo trained till the sun went down his hands were bleeding do to the training. He dropped the kunai and the handle wrapping was soaked with his blood. Kyuzo went to a small pond and washed his hands. It was dark and Kyuzo was hungry and tired and wanted wrap his hands. He walked back to the leaf all alone like a normal day for him. He walked into the house and took off his clothes and went in to the bathroom to wash up and wrapped his hands and went to bed.

Kyuzo woke up in the morning with the bottom of his hand wraps were bloody. He went and put on a shirt and shorts and a wrapped his hands again and headed out to eat some food. He was walking around till he found a nice place to eat so he ordered rice and a egg so he could mix them. As he got his order he cracked the egg and mixed them together and started to eat the rice. Kyuzo got up and left the money on the table and walked out and headed to the forest. He went to the oak tree and just sat down and meditated about what he wants to do and why he was a ninja. Kyuzo started to think about the life of the kids and the villagers even though hes still just a kid. He knew deep down that he would not live a long life and he was okay with that. It became dark and Kyuzo looked at the sky and decided that he was going to give it his all to protect everyone he cares for. Kyuzo got up and walked home happier than he has been and no longer wants to die he wants to live so he can protect everyone.




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PostSubject: Re: Kyuzo training one hand jutsu   Sun Feb 26, 2012 7:09 pm

[APPROVED] by Nashua Uchiha ^_^

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Kyuzo training one hand jutsu
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