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 Quest for Ryūchi Cave

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Nekrun Uzumaki
Genin of Konoha
Genin of Konoha
Nekrun Uzumaki

Fame : 6
Home Village :
  • Leaf

Element(s) : Wind
Clan : Uzumaki
Bloodline : Uzumaki Longevity
Ryo : 1000

PostSubject: Quest for Ryūchi Cave   Wed Jul 25, 2018 2:37 am

Nekrun woke up lazily a lot more bored than usual because he didn't know what to do with his day. Then he thought of it he would find a contract race so he could finally get a summon! He ate a apple and started out of the door to find Ryūchi Cave. He was dressed in his normal attire a long black jacket and a black mask with his weapons in the pouch on his right leg and his scythe in it's holder on his back, he had heard tales of this cave that had snakes as a contract race, and he was very interested in what he would find as he grabbed the door handle and started to turn it he noticed it was cold and when he opened the door and went outside he noticed that there was a lot of clouds in the sky so many you couldn't see the sun. No wonder it's so cold out Nekrun thought to himself as he kept walking down the street and noticed a light breeze making it even colder outside, this is going to be a long search Nekrun thought to himself. He stopped day dreaming looking into the sky and focused on what was in front of him and when he looked he had almost ran into the side of a house so he turned and walked away from the house as if nothing happened then continued making his way down the street. Nekrun started wondering about what the snakes would look like, he wondered if they would be long or short, what color they would be, and many other things until he reached the beginning of the trail to the cave. Nekrun started down the trail and after a few meters it disappeared, he decided that the trail wasn't going to help him so he had to find it himself as he continued in the general direction that the trail was leading him in originally he quickly found himself in a forest which made it even harder to see than before with almost no light coming through the leaves. Nekrun still ventured on blindly into the darkness hoping he would eventually run into something and he did, *Thump* Nekrun fell to the ground after running into a tree but got up and continued on ward he soon saw some light coming from the distance and headed towards it. Once he made it to the light it was a exit from the trees and he found himself right next to a desert he had no water or food but he ventured still into the desert determined to find the snakes cave and sign the contract as he kept walking he noticed that it just kept getting colder with every step now being about 20 degrees Fahrenheit he still ventured on hoping that his jacket would be enough to keep him somewhat warm all though  even now some of the cold was getting through but it didn't bother him much. Nekrun looked forward and observed all he saw was desert for miles he kept walking hoping he would see some thing soon. He didn't think it had been long since he had started his adventure but he started to feel tired so it must have been night it was hard to tell by the temperature and the clouds covering the sky. He lied down on the sand and fell asleep although it took him about a half a hour because he was use to sleeping on a couch and not the ground he fell asleep none the less.

----------12 hours later--------------------------------------------------------------------------

Nekrun woke up sweating, the clouds were gone and the sun was bright in the sky. He got up and started back at it again quickly making sure he had everything on him he looked around and there was a hawk circling above him he continued forward or at least which way he thought was forward based on a mark that he left the day before but it was mostly gone so he took a random guess of direction and went that way. He noticed that the hawk was still following him and that it started to come down to attack, Nekrun pulled the scythe off his back and faced the hawk, when the hawk was 5 feet away Nekrun swung the scythe and it cut the hawk in half like butter. That will teach them to try to attack me he thought to himself as he turned and continued in the direction that he was just going and he walked for about 4 hours and still he saw nothing so he looked to his right and left he saw what looked like a lake in the distance it was a bit green but still it was water he was so thirsty he could drink a horse (I know that's not the expression but hey why not) Nekrun ran as fast as he could to the pond it took him about 10 minutes but when he got there he drank as much as he could then he continued drinking the water until he almost threw up. He looked up to see if there was anything else of interest nearby and saw some potatoes growing in the ground and pulled out some quickly eating them they were very cold and the heat around him didn't bother him anymore after eating the potato he went back to the water and drank more he went back and forth from the two a few times until he was full and looked up into the sky he saw the stars it was now night and cold out again it was even colder with the jacket on but he refused to take it off it was just too cool looking for when he found the snakes then he heard a voice from the distance around him it spoke in a rough, angry voice. 

"Hello, I see someone didn't care to knock" 

Nekrun stood up and looked around himself confused at who was talking all he saw was one snack and a cave behind him it looked like he was the only snake there though and that the cave couldn't hold more than one which was a bit weird in it of itself Nekrun barely noticed that it was the snake talking.

"Ignoring me are you" The snake started to wispier to himself it would seem "Millennial's always on my lawn and stealing my food"

"Oh I didn't know this was your food I'm terribly sorry, I'm Nekrun Uzumaki nice to meet you"

"Why, it can speak not just steal food!" The snake said in a sarcastic tone

"I honestly didn't know it was yours I just saw it and I've been walking out here for almost 2 days without food or water"

"Fine the others call me Simon, nice to meet you Nekrun why were you out here in the first place?"

"I've been looking for Ryūchi Cave would you happen to know where it is"

"I sure do it is hard to find it so I guess I should help you I mean I am a snake after all and I'm sure they would appreciate a new person around there, follow me"

"Thank you very much Simon!"

Nekrun followed the snake into his cave and there the snake grabbed a apple with his tail and gave it to Nekrun then continued out of the cave into the desert as Nekrun devoured the apple whole. They continued into the desert and soon saw another cave coming up out of the sand.

"That's it I'll go with you the rest of the way and introduce you to the rest of us"

Nekrun continued to follow the snake until they got to the cave with lucky timing too a sand storm had just started as they entered, if it started any sooner they might have not been able to find the cave they would have had to go back and stay in Simon's cave for shelter, as they walked into the cave it was a sloped entrance into a underground area full of snakes crawling in and out of different rooms once they got onto flat ground again one of the snakes noticed Nekrun and Simon then proceeded to yell.

"Human, everyone attention, a human has arrived"

All of the snakes looked at Nekrun at once the snake spoke again

"State your business in Ryūchi Cave"

"I am here to get you snakes as my contract race"

Nekrun spoke shyly clearly intimidated by the snake

"HAHAHA you are but a wee lad why would I EVER let you sign the contract now give me some good reasons here and I might let you show us your worth"

Nekrun opened his mouth then quickly shut it not ready for the sudden question and took a few second for himself to think

"What's taking so long you aren't scared are you??"

"No I'm just thinking give me a second"

"Fine you have 10 seconds to think of something otherwise your not worth my time"


Nekrun interrupted the snake and started to speak up

"Because I'm a real ninja, a ninja of the hidden leaf!"

Nekrun spoke up yelling courageously so every snake could hear him

"That's my reason"

The snake walked forward to get to Nekrun and started to laugh then spoke thus,

"HAHAHAHahaha that's the funniest thing I've heard all day-you, a ninja HAHAHA"

"I really am!"

Nekrun pointed to his headband with the konoha symbol on it.

"I see you really must be some thing to have walked all the way from the village hidden in the leaves all by yourself"

Nekrun nodded in agreement as the snake continued to speak

"Fine then show me some thing that will give me a sense of wow or awe and I'll let you sign the contract"

The snake used his tail to point to the contract on his back. So this must be the contract keeper Nekrun thought to himself, I better really surprise him then. 

so he pulled out his scythe and made a shallow cut on his arm then proceeded to use his only healing jutsu to make the cut scab over the snake noticed and commented on the actions

"my 2 year old sister could do that show me some thing better"

Nekrun made 2 clones using the clone jutsu and then they all used the surface walking jutsu and walked on the ceiling.

"Great, show me more!"

Then they all used the Wind style: Quiet Footsteps technique and the snakes couldn't hear his footsteps anymore nor could they hear the footsteps of his clones.

"Great get down here now"

Then all three versions of Nekrun used the transformation jutsu and turned into snakes just like all the other ones to blend in and slithered up to the snake they had been talking to the whole time.

"Here we are"

All three of them spoke at once.

"Good for you now get out of that jutsu and show the real you I'm going to have you sign the contract now you have been sufficient in entertaining me" 

Nekrun reverted to his original form and got red of the 2 clones then followed the snake to a open spot and opened the scroll.

"Here you go ready to sign for you"

Nekrun looked down at the scroll and saw the open spot for his finger prints and his name he bite his thumb and wrote his name in blood on the scroll then spread the blood to the other fingers on his right hand and proceeded to put his finger prints onto the scroll.

"Done, you are now part of our group, call upon us at any time if you are ever in need of aid"

Nekrun thanked the snake for letting him sign the scroll then left for the long voyage home. It took him 2 days to get home but it was worth the trip there to sign the scroll Simon helped him get back too. Nekrun dropped onto the couch and fell asleep immediately the trip was exhausting.

claiming 10 stat points
claiming contract race Snakes of Ryūchi Cave

Nekrun Uzumaki
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Kōmori Hozuki
Kōmori Hozuki

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PostSubject: Re: Quest for Ryūchi Cave   Wed Jul 25, 2018 2:30 pm


Give me honorable enemies rather than ambitious ones, and I'll sleep more easily by night.
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Quest for Ryūchi Cave
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