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 Finding a metapod, wait what?

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Genin of Konoha
Genin of Konoha

Fame : -172
Home Village :
  • Leaf

Element(s) : Doton
Bloodline : ???
Ryo : 200

PostSubject: Finding a metapod, wait what?   Sat Mar 03, 2018 1:13 am

As is often the case, Shinoskay made his way out to the forest some time during the day, he actually spent most of his time out here now and enjoyed keeping his little fire going. It was peaceful and comforting to dig out into the ground, to train, or to just think with the sound of the lightly crackling fire so close by. He had worked on the pit since he made it and now had a nice 6 foot round radius of rocks on top of a 10 foot radius of clearing that was all dug out with crude tools such as kunai and rock canes. he even had a nice wall surrounding the fire pit to actually make it much like a pit, compact dirt and crudely compressed clay pact and shaped around standing rock canes to form a nice foot tall wall around the fire so that it was easier to just drop wood into for burning without having to worry about shape or any such. He rarely needed to but his initial triangle of rock canes were left in the pit, also slightly improved upon with a few more canes and an arch of clay and small rocks so that it funneled better, in case he ever needed to start the fire with any of its embers such as after it rains or after some extended period of time not coming back.

He thought about putting some kind of canopy over the fire pit to protect it from the rain but that would have to be a project for another time. Maybe set up a kiln like side onto the pit... oh the ideas for this site, he would make it his own in time, who knows where it would go.

He was grateful he had managed to find a shovel, it was pretty crappy when he found it but he removed the dilapidated and water logged wooden handle with a rock cane by forming it into the shovel socket as well as buffed out and cleaned the shovel head of its rust to make an acceptable digging tool. He still would need more but this would be enough to start a whole for when he was ready to tunnel into the ground.  

The earth he was pulling from the ground was put off to the side for now, he would rotate from digging for an hour to patting, layering, and placing clay and soil over segments of rock canes, much like most the rest of his construction. By varying the level and height of the Canes, he could slowly work out a seamless wall without having the make segments, and to leave gaps for things like a view whole or even a door. This was made even easier with the use of chakra threads to compensate his lack of height and strength, or even hands, for moving and holding things into place or as he was soaking and then heating the clay and soil mixture to help it better bond and harden in place.

Thanks to his seemingly infinite amount of energy, his fast recovery speed in general, and his chakra threads he was able to work none stop on each wall segment so that as it hardened he could keep building on to it to prevent seams, cracks due to bonding difficulties, or even just to make good time in his work.

The best part about all this was he actually enjoyed it, something about working on it himself, watching his work grow over time, and even seeing its completion in a basic level and them in incremental improvements just brought so much satisfaction in the young orphan. His work was crude, but it looked like it was likely to hold, like it would resist most critters trying to get into it, and even that it would keep out undesirable weather.

The boy practiced the first wall with his back to the fire, near enough that it would keep him warm but with the wall far enough that it, nor he, would get cooked by the heat. At first he tried to just pack in soil, figuring he would have plenty of it as he continued his hole but he quickly found that the Earth naturally would shift to a flat plane and so it would quickly shift out of shape from water. He also found, on its out, the soil would have no structural integrity if something would intent on destroy it or even if they tried to lean on the wall hard enough.

This would be problematic since there were not only normal wild life out here but also giant wildlife, he needed to put together a wall with at least enough durability and support that a single wall could hold up to 100 lbs. With enough support to hold 100 lbs, per wall, all four walls should be able to not only assist each other to hold a minimum of 400 pounds but they should also be able to go beyond this a little bit depending on how he angled the structure. Normally walls would be a typical straight vertical form but if he could improve durability from most angles with a different shape then perhaps that would be more ideal. An egg, for instance, was designed to resist a little of most directional impacts and at least the pressure of the parent creature so that they could be warmed.

[wc 909]


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Genin of Konoha
Genin of Konoha

Fame : -172
Home Village :
  • Leaf

Element(s) : Doton
Bloodline : ???
Ryo : 200

PostSubject: Re: Finding a metapod, wait what?   Sun Apr 15, 2018 10:55 am

Shinoskay realized he had stopped actual work and was spending quite a pit of time just visualizing and musing over the conceptual development of the hut and so it came to mind that perhaps he should work on chakra techniques while his mind wondered so. He took up another rock, and with his free hand he formed the one handed tiger seal to focus the chakra into the rock and shape it with the energy into the shape of a cane. He paid close attention to how he felt the chakra pass from himself into the earth used to form the implement, further pressing the chakra into it and around it in much the same way he would chakra threads. He would raise the cane to a few inches from his hand and slowly rotated it using one of his many available previously mentioned threads.

Slowly, he rotated the rod while watching where the chakra interacted with the stone, it was strange to him how easy it was for him to use physical concepts such as moulding chakra and stone into a tool but yet he didnt fully understand it very well. The chakra passed from his finger and was willing through to the point of contact where his directed will would take a hold of whatever his threads interacted with to move it in some manner. He couldnt force something to move that wasnt designed to move, such as this cane where it was inherently one none moving piece. He could move it through the environment but it in its self can not bend or be reshaped through threads alone. However, a puppet had ball joints meant to allow movement much like a human can and the chakra threads could use this freedom of range so long as it was able to naturally move if it were to move of its own volition... assuming it had some means to move itself.

This presented that the chakra threads did not actually enter into and mould the item like the rock section cane jutsu does but instead it takes a hold of the item through raw chakra. He read up on this a little while looking chakra threads, it wasnt new to him, much the same with chakra infusion where one presses there chakra onto the edge of a weapon to extend the range of the weapon while also protecting it to some small degree.

He took note to himself of the idea to press moulded chakra, or infusion, through chakra threads 'a little advanced for me, perhaps, but hopefully if I can use both chakra threads, infusion, and understand puppetry jutsu well enough then I should be able to come to understand the advanced concept. I learned a useful jutsu for moulding chakra and bodily fluids into a chakra infused silk, this also could be advanced and refined into making a paste for both combat as well as for construction of, whatever this little project is working its way towards.'

[wc 500]


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Genin of Konoha
Genin of Konoha

Fame : -172
Home Village :
  • Leaf

Element(s) : Doton
Bloodline : ???
Ryo : 200

PostSubject: Re: Finding a metapod, wait what?   Sat Jun 02, 2018 6:45 am

With the acknowledgment that things beyond standard chakra infusion were too advanced for him, Shinoskay decided that perhaps actual chakra infusion may actually be a more idea training then so that he could further refine his practice and understanding of the art.

He wanted to walk himself through what he already knew... and so the orphan retrieved a rock from his weapon pouch. First he formed the one handed Tiger seal and surged the chakra from himself into the rock, matching the natural earth chakra in it to take control of the rock and slowly form it using the Rock Section Cane jutsu. Once it had formed, he placed the cane in his mouth to hold it before then re arranging his hands, in sequence, into first the hand seal of boar, then the hand seal of Ram, then the hand seal of snake, and then finally once more into the hand seal of Tiger so that two identical clones would appear in some relatively convenient location near or around him within the distance of him that the jutsu general allows.

Not stopping there, as he did before, he would continue with another series of hand seals. Holding tiger still, he would then form the Hand seal of Dog, followed by the Hand seal of Boar, Followed by the hand seal of Ram, finally as he was sliding his hands from Ram into Tiger once more he would transform in appearance from his already relatively androgenic and angular appearance into somewhat more feminized version of himself.

From here, he turned to face the clone, himself, and he held out the rock cane so that the clone would do the same... slowly, he would draw his chakra thread into the earthen stone rod and continue to press that thread into the inner workings of the stone... already familiar with how earth works... to further reinforce it.

The converted form of chakra really wasnt that far off... from the simplified concept of shaping the rock into a cane like shape by converting chakra into earth element in mimicry of the latent energy in the rock before willing it to move and mold both the latent energy and the raw form of the rock so to form, reinforce, and shape it into its elongated form.... the act of then coursing actual raw chakra in shape of the rod, pressing it through the rod almost in a manner to trace through it, to overlap it, to extend beyond it, to create a chakra formed edge on it... the concept was exceptionally easy to convert over.

In his musings of chakra infusion... a strange gust took a hard course through and past him... he was able to hold onto the cane because of the chakra threads, and both his fire pit and his mostly constructed walling all held from the gust... as well as the follow up gust, then the next follow up... He heard a shrill cry above as two large flying creatures... one that looked like a crow and one that looked like a moth.. clashed above. The giant raven like creature had just swooped down to pick up speed to circle around the moth but found out how bad this was as the moths natural defenses fluttered off of its wings and down onto the feathered foe... but in an animalistic determination for life and death that it started, the avian creature would still follow through with using its maneuvered speed to rake a talen across the membrane of the giant bug.

The same defenses from the moth were quick to now threaten the young boy further below this odd struggle and so he took to quickly seek shelter in his small hole. On his way to it, he heard a large thud and the after sounds of earthen debris falling from a newly formed crater, not daring to lose time to look... he continued his descent into the safety of the covered section of his hole....

Unsure how long he waited here, eventually things would settle and the shrill cries would pass and fade into the distance... Shinoskay crept out and took a look over the remains of the surface area where he would then find the crater made and a strange pod with eyes... glossing over the details as most of the motivation for writing this little story has been lost with time and whim, the pod would explain that it had been being carried by the moth and was knocked loose by the giant raven and now it needed help getting to a certain location where it would shed itself to become a moth as well. Yay shitty alternative to what was intended to be a semi interesting CD for pursuing a summons, owell.

[exit wc 795/2,204]
Claim Chakra infusion
Claim 11 stats
Claim 200 wc towards Sakura First Step


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Kōmori Hozuki

Fame : 103
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  • Cloud

Element(s) : Make
Clan : Kumo
Clan Element : Great
Bloodline : Again
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PostSubject: Re: Finding a metapod, wait what?   Sun Jun 03, 2018 4:22 am


Give me honorable enemies rather than ambitious ones, and I'll sleep more easily by night.
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PostSubject: Re: Finding a metapod, wait what?   

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Finding a metapod, wait what?
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