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 home bound (travel)

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Tatsuma (xuba) Uneo
Genin of Hoshi
Genin of Hoshi

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PostSubject: home bound (travel)   Sun Oct 22, 2017 4:09 pm

the snow fell fresh on the young man as he continued westward. his nice home in the ice behind in a smoldering cave of flames as he even left his trademark disguise of konoha jacket and the headband with a single scratch through it. making the thing look like an accident that went wrong. with that he allowed 4 of five passports burn to ash as well. enabling him to simply bury the truth of his deceptive deeds behind him. the light of the flames now many miles behind him was a beacon. then it vanished. only his assortment of weapons and a grey cloak with a black under shirt remained on xuba as well as his other various objects. Taking to the west xuba made his way as the ground did get rockier and the air not as nippy.
The snow covered caps of white were challenging in their own right to climb. In part he needed to utilize every ounce of skill and dexterity to keep himself from plummeting to the depths of the white abyss below him. The shelfs of snow were home to caves which offered optimal resting spot that granted momentarily rlife from the otherwise stormy weather that was commonly an hindrance to a climber. Still xuba maintained his course and soon scaled enough mountains to  make the weather not tooo much of a problem to him. Besides xuba felt that after each climb he was nearing to something much more comforting. The warmth of the other lands. As if he had been in a freezer and now was slowly thawing out of such a cold environment.
the familiar mountains of a dry earth country reached far and wide as xuba proceeded down the  mountainous slopes. Before he knew it after a few days of travel he almost forgot what it was like to be in moderately decent weather. his travel took him a tad bit longer as he took his time and enjoyed the weather while familiarizing himself through hunting the more common animals in question. By day xuba traveled and hunted, and by night he feasted on the healthy berries and rich meat. Soon enough he arrived at a place he recolonized as the ruins in the earth country. his mind recalled the times he spent there training on his own. The mere travel had xuba stop long enough to think now on the progress he had made. More for the better than the worse. Still his moment of thought was indeed a peaceful thought.
 Then it dawned on him he was simply moving backwards. The journey continued till he paused by the stream where he first drew blood upon leaving his homeland after being on the run for 15 years.  He considered that the various back country roads where he hid from detection were not only the same but with his careful movements through the land he managed to keep his work relatively quiet. The petty robberies he had grown exhausted from due to there being little to no challenge involved. Still his eveys were now fixed on a more fixing problem. A person needed to grow and mature in time to make a whole trip. He ran away from the land as a boy, and now he was near to the very land he ran from as a man.
the scar on his chest ached as he stared at the stream momentarily. Then he made up his mind. It was time to head back into the fray. This time with a purpose. As he knew there was no telling with the way that land of kumo was. what has happened to hoshi. Perhaps they were a land still that sat on their hands and payed meager to the queen. Perhaps she died and the land was in turmoil. The most he knew was that her son went missing in part no thanks to him. so why not go to the castle and to pose as the adviser? it was a comforting thought that despite the lurches in his stomach he continued towards the  borders of the country. However his steps were still slow, perhaps smaller as well. As it walking back into the den that was undesirable. The mountainous land changed to trees soon enough and it was as if he was truly taking a step back in time. The humid climate from the sea to the north enabled this place to maintain it’s natural warmth. The humidity could’ve gone away however.
Ugh this humidity
Still the mere humidity was not the thing that annoyed xuba the most. Lthough his face and voice never reverberated it his loathing returned soon afterwards. The populous cities of people could be heard from miles out as he would note that this was more rural land than the  later lands. The hyper estatic energy that seeped in the air was concerning to xuba. Still he made it back and none the less sooner.
(exit insta travel from snow country to haven)

(destroying 4/5 falsified documents and the false konoha uniform)


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Aryll Hyuuga
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Jounin of Kiri

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PostSubject: Re: home bound (travel)   Sat Oct 28, 2017 7:06 pm

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home bound (travel)
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