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 Lost in Shadows: Part 1

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Alice <3
Missing-Nin B
Missing-Nin B

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Element(s) : Earth, Water
Clan : Nara
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Ryo : 150

PostSubject: Lost in Shadows: Part 1   Mon Aug 14, 2017 2:41 am

It was lonely on top of this god forsaken mountain. Lonely and cold. It felt like she had been waiting an eternity in this snowy white tundra. The cloak she had obtained was the only thing keeping her reasonably warm at this point; she was beginning to lose the feeling in her finger tips. While she was just wasting away up here in no man's land, Alice thought it might be a good idea to get in some practice. She still hadn't been able to master the new technique she started to develop. Not from any fault of her own really, she had just been wrapped up in so many things since the idea had come to her that she wasn't able to find much time to dedicate to training it. So why not do it now since that good for nothing, self proclaimed leader of there's was taking his sweet time to show up. 

The concept was simple, it combined the secret arts of the Nara clan which manipulated shadows with the subtleties of space-time ninjutsu. The idea was to actually meld herself into a pre-existing shadow so that she was completely unidentifiable from it. In the long run it would be useful for intelligence gathering as well as committing stealthy assassinations or simply thieving without leaving any trace behind. Though those were just some minor uses for the technique. Luckily for her, even this snowy mountain top had some shadows she could use to practice with. 

Making her way over to the nearest shadow, Alice placed herself so that she was standing directly on top of it. She knew she had to be at least in contact with the shadow she wanted to merge with in order for the jutsu to actually be activated. The hand seals were simple, only four in total. Bird, Ox, Dog, Rat. The Rat seal was the most important. It was the hand seal used in all of the Nara clan's secret techniques, which in essence was what she was using, or trying to create rather, now. As she worked, she began to focus her chakra in a way that was similar to the use of the shadow imitation technique. It was the Yin nature chakra that gave her the ability to manipulate the shadows. Alice focused on that, trying to flow the chakra into every single cell in her body starting with those in her feet. Then she formed the necessary hand seals: Bird, Ox, Dog, Rat. She felt the technique take hold of her immediately, but she also knew that something wasn't quite right. Looking down, only her feet and just above her ankles were completely merged with the shadow below her. The rest of her body was just a little darker than usual.

Releasing the technique, her feet and ankles slowly rose back to this realm from that of the shadows. Realms and shadows. It was as if there truly was another dimension of some sort that she was tapping into by creating and utilizing this technique. Perhaps that was an idea she might explore later on when she finally had more time for herself and her experiments. Either way, she wanted to get right back to it. Once more Alice focused on the Yin release version of the chakra flow that sustained itself inside of her body. She took her time differentiating it from the several other types that resided within. There was at least three others that she had to weed out: earth nature chakra, water nature chakra, and yang nature chakra. She had to admit that it took her quite a bit longer to differentiate the four types completely and only take hold of the yin nature chakra that she wanted, or needed, to use. 

Once she had done that, Alice once more began attempting to flow the yin nature chakra into every single cell in her body. There were just so many that the task was becoming quite tedious to the point of actually straining herself. Each and every single cell of her body, the millions of tiny pieces of human anatomy that made her what and who she was, all of them working together now being infused with yin nature chakra by the young Nara girl. Again Alice brought her hands together in a slow, deliberate motion and intertwined her fingers to form four different handseals consecutively. Bird, Ox, Dog, Rat. For the second time she felt the new technique begin to take hold of her. Again it started with her feet; she paid more attention to the sensation this time, noticing a different type of 'numbness' taking hold of her body than that of the cold. As her feet began to meld with the shadow starting with her toes, Alice realized that it was as if her feet were slowly becoming detached from her, but still a part of her being. It was truly something she could say that she had never quite experienced before. The feeling continued as the shadows stretched, absorbing her body into them. After only a matter of seconds, maybe ten or so, she stopped merging with the shadow. It reached a bit further this time, going halfway up to her knees instead of just above her ankles, but it still wasn't enough. Holding on to the technique just a little bit longer, the girl finally gave up and released the hiding in shadow jutsu. 

For the second time since she reached the top of the ancient three headed behemoth that was now only seen as a famous landmark mountain for the Land of Iron, Alice watched as a portion of the lower half of her body re-entered this realm from that of the dreary shadows which she was trying so hard to become a part of. They expunged her quickly, not at all taking the amount of time to regurgitate the female Nara's feet that she had taken to submerge them in the first place. The exhaustion she felt from trying to continuously manipulate that amount of chakra hit her like a brick wall once she was entirely herself again. Even in this dreadful cold Alice could feel herself sweating; her breathing was also becoming shallow. Maybe she was just pushing herself too far after climbing several miles through heavy snow-capped terrain and into the thin air atop the mountain. Maybe she just wasn't as fit as she once was. She had to admit she had been taking it pretty easy ever since deciding to team up with this rag-tag bunch of misfits that called themselves Hitsuyo Aku. That was most certainly a mistake, proving itself to be so at this very moment. She smiled at the thought. How could she have let herself become so comfortable? It only served to motivate her even more to finally complete this secret technique before the others arrived.

For the third time now, Alice refocused herself on to the task at hand of trying to get the hiding in shadows technique she personally developed under control. Again she searched her body and began to discern the different types of chakra within it so that she could separate the yin chakra from the other three types that were housed within. First she weeded out the water nature chakra, then she separated the earth nature. She took about ten seconds to differentiate and remove each in turn. Finally she hid away the yang nature chakra, leaving the only one that was necessary for what she was about to attempt: yin nature chakra. Now that that was finished, she could finally begin the process of trying to implement it into each and every single one of the cells in her body with the intention of using it to meld herself into the shadow she had chosen to practice with that she was currently standing on. It was quite a large shadow too, being cast by the light of the moon off of a nearby boulder that was easily three times her own size. It was truly ideal for practicing the utilization of this new and never before seen Nara style secret technique. 

Her hands were drawn together now, as if by some outside force she couldn't explain, to form three specific hand seals in a pointed and smooth motion. First was the Bird seal, then the Ox, followed by the Dog hand seal and finishing with the Rat, the one seal that was iconic of the Nara clan's secret techniques which she incorporated into this new one: hiding in shadows. After the hand seals were made, the now familiar feeling of her body becoming one with the shadow she was standing on began to take hold of Alice once more. It always started with her toes, that strange tingly feeling that wasn't quite pins and needles, but similar enough to send a bit of a chill down her spine. Though, in all honestly, the chill could have been caused by the incredibly freezing snow surrounding her on the mountain top. The abnormal sensation slowly made its way up the girls legs like an inescapable snowstorm meticulously enshrouding the surrounding area. The pitch black of shadow crawled up Alice's legs, making it's way entirely up to her knees this time before stopping it's advance. She struggled on, trying to force the shadow to continue, but to no avail. After a while longer she was forced to give up, gasping for breath and sweating profusely from the strain on her body.

She wanted to continue, but her body just wouldn't allow it. She needed to conserve the little strength she had left for when the other remaining members of Hitsuyo Aku arrived anyway. So, unfortunately, she was forced to call it quits and just wait in the snow for Kazuo and the others to arrive. 
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Sakana Meijin
Chuunin of Kumo
Chuunin of Kumo

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Clan Element : Water
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PostSubject: Re: Lost in Shadows: Part 1   Mon Aug 14, 2017 4:37 am


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Lost in Shadows: Part 1
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