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 The Basic Bear Necessities

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Atem <3
Chuunin of Konoha
Chuunin of Konoha

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PostSubject: The Basic Bear Necessities   Sat Aug 05, 2017 5:05 pm

It was a week before Maraan’s graduation to genin and he had been procrastinating learning the only two jutsus he needed to pass and that was the transformation jutsu and the substitution jutsu. For some reason for this militaristic academy these were the two utility jutsus to know before you are set off onto the first step of becoming a ninja. “There needs to be a starting place somewhere so I guess this is it.” He thought as he sat under a moss-filled tree sketching a blue bird which had rarely seen around these parts. He was currently located relatively close to the ninja academy so he figured he would go there and try to practice the jutsu before he failed the exam. He had no clue if there were punishments for failing, but he didn’t want to find out.

As he was having weird thoughts of the different ways that they would torture him he began to make his way to the Ninja Academy, the place that trained little kids into becoming reserved soldiers. He always thought that the ideals of Kumo were sort of strange like it was constantly preparing for something, but it wouldn’t be farfetched that Kumogakure has many enemies after it’s neck after all the things it’s done. For instance, he is one of the people who wants to see the collapse of this Kumogakure. While pondering this in his mind he finally made it to his destination, the bricked up building with dusty windows. Behind the building you could hear the heart-filled sparring of children and harsh instructors reprimanding mistakes, it was like some militaristic indoctrination. The only things these kids knew were their studies and battle etiquette.

Pulling out the heavy door he noticed two kids run past him about the height of his hips with huge grins on their faces, behind them were instructors trying to chase them. Maraan let out a slight chuckle seeing that some kids will never change. “Hopefully they manage to escape of they’ll be paddled.” he thought to himself as he traversed the marbled halls of the academy. Everyone had wooden lockers that they put their things in with customary seals that only they knew how to unlock, although the instructors could break each seal easily if need be. Finally, at the back of the hall were two more doors that led to the ninja academy training grounds. This was only for the academy students and genin, anything above that and you have to go to the other locations. Of course a genin could go to the other locations, but they may face some taunting or may even end up in fights depending on the situation.

As Maraan opened up the doors he seen an array of things, students practicing hand to hand combat on each other, kids throwing shurikens and kunai at wooden training dummies, and instructors observing the progress of the students. It was pretty normal, but Maraan could not wait to get out of this environment. He always liked to train alone, but doesn’t want to put himself in any unnecessary danger. After scouting out the training grounds he found an open spot that he could train at. He stood there and recalled the two jutsus he needed to train in his mind. “Transformation jutsu and substitution jutsu.” He said under his breath. He put his hands together trying to remember the seals, he knew it had something to do with Snake, Dog, Ox, Boar, Tiger but he could not remember which came first. Well he felt the best idea was to try out all the combinations, even though there would be a lot to go through and too many to learn today he decided this was the best course of action.

Weaving each sign in his first combination he began to feel the chakra buildup and then a cloud of smoke appeared around his body. After it had settled he noticed that he hadn’t moved and there was no block of wood to replace himself with. It was obvious that that wasn’t the right combination of hand seals so he went on to the next with the same results. After a few more tried with the same result an instructor came up to him bonking him on the head with a book. “Ouch, what did you do that for? You see I’m training here!” Maraan said letting a bit of his temper show. “You fool, the hand seal order is: Tiger, Boar, Ox, Dog, and then Snake. Not whatever you were doing...anyway go back to your training. Graduation will be next week.” He said walking away. “Well, why do you think I'm here right now?” Maraan said under his breath as he went back to his training looking back to see if the instructor heard him.

He remembered the composition of the hand seals and began to perform them, when he did he felt the surge of chakra again swelling up until a cloud of smoke appear right beside him with 4 logs of wood beside him. “You’re almost there, but not close enough! Hurry up and get it already!” The instructor said from afar. Shrugging him off Maraan began to continue his training. He weaved the hand seals again and he felt the swelling of chakra once more, he wondered if he had been putting too much chakra into this jutsu and began to remember when his teacher used to talk about chakra control in class. He then took that swelling he felt in his body and began to suppress it, he wasn’t sure how but he could feel the chakra swelling inside him begin to fade. At a point that he felt was perfect he then began to weave the hand seals once more and then released a cloud of smoke.

He noticed that he was on the other side of the training grounds where the wooden logs for practice are. He didn’t know why he teleported to these ones in particular, but he could see that he has now learned the jutsus. Some of the little kids broke their formation of training and ran to him asking him how he just teleported. Maraan smiled and said, “I practiced just like you guys are doing everyday.” rubbing one of the kids heads. The instructors began to round up the children as if they were cattle and put them in their designated spots.

Maraan went back to his as well and began to weave the hand seals again just to make sure he could do the jutsu reliably. After feeling the swelling of chakra he slightly suppressed it to a manageable level and then again, cloud appeared with him back over by the logs of the academy. “Oh, looks like I forgot to take one again.” He chuckled grabbing the back of his head. “Hey, you! Stop messing around over there!” The instructor yelled at him. He then began to walk over to his pot once more to begin the new jutsu he was going to learn, the transformation jutsu. He knew this jutsu would be easy for him to learn due to the fact that it required you to mentally imagine something while you controlled the emission of your chakra. He was aware that he was a creative boy and planned to exploit it in the training of this jutsu.

Considering he actually knew the hand seals for this jutsu he knew he would be able to easily get it down, it went: Dog, Boar, Ram. He began to weave the hand seals and again he felt the swelling of chakra, but it seemed to be misplaced or not in the same place as when he used the last jutsu. From this he began to learn that each jutsu concentrated chakra in a different spot of the body, but just like before  he concentrated and lowered the level of chakra to around the same level as when he used the substitution jutsu. As he did this he began to visualize that blue bird that he seen earlier this morning. It was such a unique bird. It was mostly blue with purple stripes arounds its eyes and it also had white circles enclosing the eyes from the rest of the colors. The tail was black and white and it fanned out when ready for flight.

As he opened his eyes he looked at his hand to see that the overlay of the bird was there, but it still faintly showed his hand and the image of the bird was wavy as if it was a TV with bad sync. He then began to theorize that he didn’t put in enough chakra to complete the jutsu. So as he wevaed the hand seals again he took swelled up chakra and suppressed it, but not as much as before and when he opened his eyes and the smoke disappeared he could see that he was a perfect image of the bird. In two tries he had completed the jutsu and was now confident for the genin exams. Behind him he heard kids talking about a bird and he already knew they were speaking of him. Soon he changed back and turned around making a face at the kids to get them laughing.

He then left the training grounds feeling satisfied with the rays of sun beating his face causing him to squint a bit. Walking to his home he seen that same bird that he turned into and wondered if it were a good sign. He took it as so and confident continued to walk to his house. As he got to his empty house he felt as though he should practice a bit before he went to bed just to ingrain the feeling in his head. He did each jutsu a total of 27 times before passing out in his bed.

[WC 1649]
[Claiming 8 stats, learning of the substitution jutsu and transformation jutsu]

[Genin Exams here I come]

"Your life has only ended when you begin to do nothing."
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PostSubject: Re: The Basic Bear Necessities   Mon Aug 07, 2017 7:11 pm

Need approval

"Your life has only ended when you begin to do nothing."
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PostSubject: Re: The Basic Bear Necessities   Mon Aug 07, 2017 9:01 pm



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PostSubject: Re: The Basic Bear Necessities   

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The Basic Bear Necessities
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