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 Training of an Academy Student

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Kaen Yuki <3
Genin of Konoha
Genin of Konoha

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PostSubject: Training of an Academy Student   Tue Nov 29, 2016 11:53 pm

“Discipline!” Kaen’s father said, grinning deviously before hitting him in the middle of his face with a palm strike. Kaen yelped out wincing holding his now bruised forehead. That hurt! It had hurt more than the times that he had been hit by his dad's strikes in the spar. It hadn’t occurred to him that he was blanking out as his dad drew the wooden sword from his back, “Kenjutsu: Spanking!” The wooden blade seemed to ‘vanish’ as he swung it at me. The black-haired dropped quickly in a crouch not wanting to get hit by that, even if it was just a wooden sword. The plank sailed across his head before it met his back sending him flying.

That was it. Kaen quickly took notice to his father’s stances as he tried to slap him again. Kaen’s face grew ever cold as he shifted his body weight to move from his fist coming down at him. Dropping to the ground he rolled sideways and bounced up sending a flying roundhouse kick towards his father’s jaw ready to dislocate it. Kaen’s plan was to set up the right time for Discipline, then disarm him and use Kenjutsu: Spank with his own sword.

If Kaen’s face could get even colder it would’ve as his dad instantly ducked punching the joint in his leg causing him to fall unevenly. His back met the ground before Kaen instantly leaped off the ground with pure strength sending a very hard kick to his father trying to put in all of his strength into one; aiming towards his neck with the potential to break it. Kaen was serious when he was fighting always trying to aim for the potential points that could kill his enemy. He was thinking of creating a Taijutsu Style with a name like Taijutsu: Pressure Points just to get a dangerous leverage in his Taijutsu prowess.

Ignoring his roaming mind he felt his leg connect with his father’s forearm. Kaen instantly pushed his leg off of his father’s forearm spinning his body around 360 degrees so that his other leg was aiming for the other side of his neck. Kaen was  trying to end the fight quickly. Well, that’s what his dad had summarized but was wrong as Kaen feinted. Before Kaen’s leg reached him he brought his hand up with a smirk finally showing emotion. “Discipline!” He screamed hitting his dad directly in the face causing him to stumble. Kaen landed and ran forward and slid under his legs, “Discipline!” Kane said with glee hitting his father directly in his family jewels. Kaen’s dad cried instantly holding his tenders.

The sword quickly fell out of his grasp and Kaen instantly snatched the wooden sword, which really couldn’t be considered a sword as it was seen as a plank considering that it was broad and very large, “Kenjutsu: Spanking!” He screamed hitting his dad in the back causing him to fall over still moaning in pain from the previous critical hit.

“Check and mate,” Kaen said with a large grin putting the sword on his shoulder. Suddenly his ‘dad’ exploded and two more of him showed up. Out of the trees with obnoxious grins on their faces. His clone almost beat him. No, not even that! His third Shadow Clone was ⅓ of his strength, and he almost lost! That still wasn’t surprising since Kaen’s dad was a Chunin for a long time.

“It’s okay buddy, you still did pretty well!” Kaen’s father laughed a bit before starting to walk away, “Don’t stay out too late Kaen!” Kaen growled gripping the sword in his hand, his knuckles whitening.

Kaen turned towards the taijutsu pole. He felt as if his dad was always making fun of him, acting as if he was not ready to be a ninja. Kaen spun in an arc of a half-circle hitting the taijutsu pole with the flat side of his sword. Kaen knew his dad was going to be wrong, Kaen had decided he was going to show him he was wrong! The blade hit the taijutsu pole again with a louder smash! than usual. Kaen’s hands started to hurt from the collision of wood meeting wood. Usually, Kaen wasn’t this angry, but he wanted to become a ninja and if people didn’t believe him he was going to show them. Smash! Kaen’s hands were shaking now, begging for him to stop damaging himself.

Kaen wasn’t stupid, he wasn’t going to continue to hurt himself rather than gain anything. He could look at the technical subjects of the skills then. Sitting on the ground he was thinking of the skills his dad had used. They were easily known as forms of punishment and embarrassment, but say if the Raikage used it then he’d easily kill Kaen; breaking every bone in his body. Especially if it was a huge sword like one by the name of Kobayashi Senshi who was one strong Genin. Known for helping around the village a lot. He had also come to the Academy once to see Kaen's class, and Kaen had instantly taken an admiration to him. He snuck out of the house once to see him training with a huge sword. It was awesome!


So say if he used Discipline! and added some more aspects, or even ice when he trained a water element and finally unlocked his Kekkai Genkai. Same with Kenjutsu: Spanking, he could even use that skill with the actual blade side. Kaen also thought it could easily be stronger than when a pathetic Academy Style like himself used it. Kaen also noticed that his father had added chakra to the wooden blade to make it even stronger, but added even more chakra to his hand. It was easier controlling chakra throughout their body as it was natural energy in the world.

So if he could conduct it through wood his father’s chakra control should be pretty great. Kaen instantly jumped up with a new determination. Holding the wooden sword he started attacking the Taijutsu pole again. A few hours had passed and Kaen would be seen lying on the floor in exhaustion. Kaen smiled standing up, he was going to get lunch and get back to training. He was happy that he had gotten down the attack and got to realize more of chakra control. It was pretty exciting to think of how he was learning how to fight better, and getting ready to become a real shinobi. Kaen slowly walked home leaving behind a broken in half wooden sword.

When Kaen had gotten home his father wasn’t there. Probably on some mission, or helping some people around town. Kaen took out some dinner from last night before sitting at a small wooden table in the living room. Slowly eating the clock seemed to go by fast before he was ready to train again.

Running, Kaen had made it back to the training grounds. Kaen sat on the floor exhausted from running all the way here. Kaen had finished his personal training, but now he had to work on jutsu to finish the Genin Exam.

Jumping up, Kaen got started immediately.

“Ram, Snake, Tiger!” Kaen yelled out, performing the hand seals to produce the clone. There was a lot of smoke, so Kaen could already tell what he was going to see wasn’t going to be Genin material or Academy material as it is. When the smoke cleared Kaen winced, there stood a lumpy version of himself that looked as if it was melting, just like one of the movies he and his dad had watched where the witch had water poured all over her from quickly melting. Kaen quickly dispelled the clone trying to end its pain and suffering.

Kaen couldn’t help but wonder what he had done wrong? A light bulb appeared above his head - figuratively of course - and he started flowing chakra throughout his body. It was like he was slightly tugging at strings; trying to bring the object closer as slowly as he could. Then something had started to hurt in his chest and he had instantly canceled his chakra enhancing.

A trail of sweat rolled down his forehead, once his father had told him that many academy students had tried to be flexible with their chakra (make pure chakra ninjutsu) and had ended up dying from destroying their chakra coils releasing the chakra in an unstable way. Not even the best medics could save them when they ripped their chakra coils and their chakra invaded their system.

Kaen did it slightly slower, still scared of the fairy tale (or was it even a fairy tale?) that had been haunting him, before he tried the hand-seals again. There was still the same amount of smoke, even after all of his observations. Ignoring that fact, the smoke had cleared to show an exact version of Kaen. The clone’s stare was blank as if it had died,  though before Kaen had done anything another fact had come to the boy’s mind. The academy instructor had told them in one of their lessons when they produce the clone try to keep the chakra flowing from the original to the clone. If you do so, it will copy the same movements as you do. Kaen dispelled it before trying once again, this time keeping the connection to his clone stable.

There it stood with a small smile on its face, mirroring Kaen’s; forgetting his previous fear, Kaen sighed in relief before dispelling it. Now the smoke was a problem, it just would be too obvious if Kaen had produced a clone in a hidden place. The only thing that he could think of was his chakra control. Kaen instantly started to thin his chakra stream then tried to do the same signs again for the clone technique.

Kaen had found out that he couldn’t do it as easily as before, the truth was that it was harder than last time. Kaen did increase his chakra it to his medium reserves and produced a clone again albeit with a bit less smoke and fewer struggling to create it. There it stood looking healthier than the morning sunrise. Kaen nodded to it causing it to copy his movements. Dispelling it once again he decreases his chakra by just a few slivers and had finally made a good clone with a well amount of chakra.

“Finally,” Kaen said mentally patting himself on the back. It seemed when he did that though the clone’s actually patted their own back. Kaen’s eyes widened… he could make them do his commands! Even though they were illusions this was interesting, Kaen wondered what else they could do. Kaen had a plan that when he went home to have lunch, that he’d come back and learn the Transformation Technique and see if he could allow his clones to transfer or even give them more of his chakra so they performed better. Kaen remembered the little book he had read that had everything about small jutsu in it. The Transformation Technique covered your chakra around their body.

Like Genjutsu. Kaen instantly flared his chakra causing it to start to seep into his veins. It started freely coursing throughout Kaen's body, causing him to feel ever powerful. Kaen started to let his chakra out of his pores, and before he could damage himself he did the hand seals.

"Dog, Boar, Ram!" Instantly the chakra started flowing and the image of his father came into Kaen's head. The image of his sharp clothing, his scruffy beard, and weapon pouches on his body. His father's coal-black hair which color looked identical to his own. Kaen smiled as he finished distributing his chakra to the technique. Smoke appeared and Kaen now had looked exactly like his father.

"Heck yeah!" Kaen said fist pumping. As his father, he looked pretty awkward fist pumping. Eh, if anyone saw him Kaen would just say that his father was practicing a new Taijutsu.

Kaen lets go of the transformation. Sighing in relief that he managed to finish this he fell back onto his back yawning. Kaen was tired as hell... he'd go home after he took a nap.

Snoring ensued.


WC: 2037

Requests - Moves: Transformation Technique, Kenjutsu: Spanking!, Discipline!, Clone Technique.

Stat Points: 10

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Akihana Akari

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PostSubject: Re: Training of an Academy Student   Wed Nov 30, 2016 12:00 am

Approved <3

You're awesome, give yourself a treat. <3

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Just because she loved the one holding the knife."

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Training of an Academy Student
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