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 Extra Training before a C Rank

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Akihana Akari

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PostSubject: Re: Extra Training before a C Rank   Wed Nov 30, 2016 5:01 pm

Approved @ Senshi <3

You're awesome, give yourself a treat. <3

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I have loved the stars too fondly, to be fearful of the night."

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Kobayashi Senshi <3

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PostSubject: Re: Extra Training before a C Rank   Wed Nov 30, 2016 5:29 pm

OOC - Quick note, only claiming the techniques/weapon and Chakra sensory to max not stats or anything else as I need the techs for my Chuunin Exam


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Maximillian Yamaguchi

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PostSubject: Re: Extra Training before a C Rank   Thu Dec 01, 2016 8:52 pm

Max would find himself learning the base of the techniques fairly quickly. To use the Chakra Suppresion technique regularly and during strenuous activities like combat, he would need to practice it a great deal more in his free time. Still he was glad that he had been getting the basics down for the most part, and that his feeling weakened was fairly normal. Now he would listen intently as his comrade would explain the idea behind the Chakra Sensory Technique. This was another that is hard to demonstrate, so Max would just have to pay as close of attention as he possibly could.
So he would have to send his chakra out in ‘pulses’ that would collect data any then control them in such a fashion so that they return with said data. An interesting concept, to say the least. Max would immediately try to do exactly as Senshi had said. He would focus his chakra outward, pushing it as far out as possible at first. Senshi had said that Max should seek out things that felt similar to Max’s own chakra, so that would be what he would attempt to do. Despite listening intently, he had no experience in this field and struggled a great deal.
Trying again, Max would attempt to probe outwards around him with his chakra. Again, the boy was unable to read the chakra signature of Senshi or anyone else around. This was the first time that Max had tried to do something and had such little luck, and it was surprisingly frustrating. Sweat would begin to form on his brow, his body continuing to strain his chakra network in order to keep the concentrated effort up. After trying for quite some time, Max finds himself unable to ‘sense’ Senshi. Had he been doing something wrong? Senshi did say that these were advanced techniques, so maybe Max just wasn’t ready. His chakra control might not be strong enough yet to fully utilize the ability. “I don’t think I’m understanding this Chaka Sensory, thing. I can’t seem to feel out your chakra. Maybe I am trying too hard and overthinking it. Let’s move back to this technique later, or maybe I can practice it on my own.” Max didn’t want to not learn it, but he also didn’t want to hold up the training of other things for both himself and for Senshi. Maybe a change of pace would do him some good.
“Ah, something I am more accustomed to. Hopefully I will be able to get this down without too much difficulty.” Max would say with a light chuckle, hoping to lighten his outlook on his inability to master the Sensory technique. Running the hand seals needed through his head over and over, Max would practice the seals while Senshi demonstrated the technique. The boulder being struck as the lightning arced from Senshi to it was impressive. It might have been a short range of only five meters, but it was still a ranged technique. Max liked to keep his opponents out of striking range and so this would prove incredibly valuable in combat. “Avoid striking trees. Noted.” He would say as he listened.
After the demonstrations were over, Max would immediately begin to try on his own. Rapidly forming the seals Boar – Ram – Snake – Horse – Dragon, Max would start channeling the chakra to his hands forming crackling electricity to form around them. The energy arcing from hand to hand, Max would try and push the energy towards the same rock that Senshi had hit. Outstretching his arms, he would focus the energy and ready himself to release it. Without much difficulty, Max managed to send the bolt of lightning straight towards the same boulder and charring it yet again. Very nicely done, Max would think to himself happily. After the frustration of not mastering the last thing he had attempted, the ease of which he had learned this technique would help alleviate some of that frustration. Max would continue to form the hand seals, hoping to ingrain the movements in his muscle memory. He wouldn’t have the luxury of hesitation and trying to remember the seals in combat. He would have to call upon it in a moment’s notice, especially since the range on the jutsu isn’t very long. If the enemy was already that close, there would be no time to spare. Still, he was happy with his results and would begin to shift to the next phase of his training.
Witnessing the Taijutsu in action, Max would feel a tad overwhelmed. He knew that this wasn’t a particularly advanced technique, as Senshi had claimed it had been simple. Maybe Max’s neglect about working on his hand to hand combat skill had only made him worry that he wouldn’t be able to pick this up quickly. Well, difficult or not, Max would need to learn it.
Watching the events replaying in his head, he would attempt to perform the technique. It would be rather humorous to Senshi, as Max would look like quite the fool. His stance and technique would be all out of form, and it would look quite clumsy. He would start with a “high” kick, though it would not be very high at all, only maybe a meter or so in the air. His leg would swing around, though his use of the momentum would be inefficient. His secondary kick looked worse than the first one, likely a combination of lacking skill and not starting at a high enough position with the first kick. The first few attempts would all look similar to the first. Max didn’t practice actually hitting anything in these tries, instead trying to focus his efforts on performing the technique correctly first. It took several attempts, but he finally seemed to have at least a basic grasp on the move. It wasn’t pretty by any stretch, but it would get the job done.
Now that he had the basics down, Max would head over to another one of the training posts. He would leap up into the air roughly a meter and a half, driving his leg hard into the post with the first kick. The striking of the post was rather painful, the impact not being something Max had been used to. For a shinobi, his body was not very well conditioned at all. He winced in pain as it struck, but he continued on with the move and struck the post low. His use of the technique had been nowhere near as impressive as the demonstration Senshi had performed. He didn’t damage the post or any nearby foliage. Still, he had managed to do something far outside of his comfort zone and therefore was happy with his progress. "How was that?"

Listening to Senshi barrage the youth with questions, Max would just smile and wait. He wouldn’t be annoyed in the least bit by them, as he had really enjoyed building things and that was doubly true for puppets. “Well, they cannot perform all the techniques I can. My puppets don’t have their own chakra networks…yet. I am in the process of building some more complicated puppets, ones that are more advanced in how they can handle the chakra fed into them by my threads. Napa’s current body is fairly… basic. It doesn’t have much to give it an edge in combat, but don’t say anything about that to Napa. He gets really upset when I say that he isn’t the most combat capable. As for who is more durable, I would have to say that the puppets would be. I am not the toughest of people, and they tend to tolerate pain much more so than I could. As for what degree they can tolerate the pain, it depends on the individual puppet. Most things actually depend on the puppet used. Some are better at certain tasks than others. As for Sensory, I do believe that they can be detected, though I intend on developing counters to such countermeasures.” Max would say, hoping that he answered the inquiries of Senshi to his satisfaction. "Did you want to know anything else about puppetry?"

OoC: I will be learning the chakra sensory tech from you, but I am RPing that I cannot do it on my own just yet. This whole thread Max had been without contact with Napa, and so I am attempting to RP his codependency on his puppets by making him have difficulty in learning the "advanced" Chuunin tech. In fact, if he doesn't make contact soon he will have a harder time focusing and likely won't be able to learn much until he does.

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Kobayashi Senshi <3

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PostSubject: Re: Extra Training before a C Rank   Yesterday at 1:24 pm

Senshi gave a light nod to Max, the other boy was probably correct in wanting to take a break from the difficult skill. Senshi himself recalled just how difficult the technique had been when he had started learning it. It had taken several hours just to be able to sense anything and that didn’t add to the amount of training he had put in just to become knowledgeable in the skill. Not to mention everyone’s chakra worked slightly different, so just because something worked for Senshi did not necessarily mean that it would also work for Max. “As you wish Max-Sempai, I’ve learned a break from techniques can be beneficial in the long run.” Senshi inclined his head slightly to Max as he spoke, clearly giving the other Genin deference in his choice to take a break.
As he demonstrated the lightning technique, Senshi could see from the corner of his eyes that Max was also practicing the hand seals. It brought a small smile to his face to know that one of his teammates was so dedicated that he would practice even during a demonstration. It meant that if his life fell into Max’s hands he could at least consider the other boy reliable. Senshi watched, his eyes narrowed as the other boy ran through the seals. When he finally attempted the technique a slight, small satisfied smile etched across his young features. He was proud that his teammate had managed to learn the technique so quickly. It might be incredibly low ranked, but regardless the skill that he had shown in working through the hand signs and then releasing the lightning natured chakra was simply awe inspiring.
Max had learned the technique far faster than Senshi had, and he was willing to admit that it left him feeling both slightly proud and down trodden. Both his teammates had learned things that had taken him quite a long time and training to figure out. He needed to work harder if he was going to stand on the battlefield with them. “Congratulations Max-Sempai, you have a talent for Ninjutsu that I myself lack.” Senshi’s praise was completely whole hearted, he held his failure at learning the technique slower than Max against himself and as such there was no jealousy in his voice simple pride at the other boys accomplished. Senshi resisted the urge to correct Max’s form instead allowing him to work through it on his own. He could see that the other boy was learning far faster by working on his own then if Senshi were to interrupt him.
He had to resist the urge to wince as the other boy made several faulty attempts in his high kicks. He made a note to see if Reizo would be willing to assist the other boy like he had done for himself. As Max completed the technique Senshi stepped forwards choosing a separate training post. “You did well Max-Sempai, but a note from when I learned the technique from Reizo-Sempai, you want to keep your feet on the ground as if you do not you leave yourself quite vulnerable to a retaliatory attack.” With those words Senshi would move slowly bringing his leg up in a slow arc, tapping the log with it and then doing a one legged squat and forcing his muscles to continue twisting without the momentum they would normally have he would bring his leg around to tap the log in a low sweep as well before standing up. “This is how the technique would be performed slowly, keeping your body on the ground so you could jump away quickly optimizes the technique and leaves you less likely to be open to a dangerous counterattack. Though I supposed you could always use the jump to draw and opponent in and hurt them in return, I had not originally considered that.”
Senshi gave a slight shrug in embarrassment for not having considered that portion of the technique being a possible idea. Still it bore thinking on, something he needed to explore. Drawing an opponent in could be dangerous but risk vs reward sometime stated that it was indeed worth it. As Max began to explain puppetry Senshi’s eyes would focus on him, much as a hawk who was staking her prey ready to strike. His genuine curiosity on the topic, matched by the fact that Max was willing to explain it so thoroughly to him brought a small smile to his features. He simply enjoyed learning and learning about a topic he had no foreknowledge on was a great boon to the young boy. Rubbing his chin in thought Senshi ran through the other boy’s words for several seconds.

“So could Napa learn to hide his own chakra presence or learn to use Chakra Sensory as well? Possibly even chakra infusion? As for his durability well if you wanted my fathers a black smith I’m sure I could assist you getting some heavier metals to build a sturdier frame. He forged Bastuodosodo for me actually, so I’m sure he’d be proud to assist a fellow Genin of Kumogakure.” Senshi paused wondering if he should continue with his line of thought, shrugging he decided it couldn’t really hurt at all. “As for their combat capability it seems they act much as fuuinjutsu would, enhancing your abilities as a force multiplier. How many do you think you could control at once? If you had one who specialized in every field, you would become a true demon on the battle field. One that could eventually contend on the levels of the Raikage’s of the past.” Senshi’s voice would rise slightly in excitement at the thought of Max being able to contend with a Raikage, it excited him to know that he could possible be teammates with someone so strong. 

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PostSubject: Re: Extra Training before a C Rank   Today at 9:30 am

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Extra Training before a C Rank
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