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 Welp, that'll be max stats. [Solo]

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Risako Akara

Fame : 208
Home Village :
  • Leaf

Element(s) : Fire, Wind, Earth
Clan : N/A
Clan Element : N/A
Bloodline : N/A
Ryo : 20150

PostSubject: Welp, that'll be max stats. [Solo]   Tue Mar 15, 2016 4:54 am

Once again, there was dew that seemed to grace everything under the morning sun as it made the long trek into the vast blue sky that hung over Konoha. With her destination set, Risako left the confines of the village wall to go to a place she hadn't been since she first began the wild ride that was her career as a ninja. Okay, maybe it wasn't as wild as most, but. 

The clearing was almost the same as it was the last time, the springtime flora being the only difference. Inhaling deep, she came to the conclusion that she was alone this time. The nearest animal, that she could sense at least, was a bird about twenty meters off from the northern end of the clearing. Tossing the journal on the ground, Risako grabbed her left wrist with her right hand and twisted her body to the right, stretching out her sides and back. She repeated the action, but flip flopping sides. 

Bending over, she used her hand to balance herself as she began to sat cross legged by her journal. A part of her wanted to read the book, but another part so desperately didn't want to, and she couldn't quite tell why. So with a slight hesitation, she picked up the bound notes and flipped open the cover, reading the first little line that was jotted down. "To do the clone jutsu, make the Ram, Snake, and Tiger handseals in that order." 

Placing the book in her lap, her hands snapped to each other, blurring through the hand seals for the technique. The clone that popped up in front of her wasn't correct, but it was done so on purpose. Instead of Risako as she was now, it was a reflection of the girl who wrote the notes over a year ago. Long beige shorts, a red v-neck long sleeve shirt over a mesh undershirt, and that little short hair cut that made her almost look like a boy. Compared to the fully equipped chuunin that sat across from her, the only similarity they shared was their raven black hair and wide eyes.

Going back to the book, she continued reading on. "Don't forget to channel your chakra," at which point she recalled that she slapped the fuck out of her forehead for making such a mistake. With a chuckle, she pressed on through the next couple of paragraphs, mostly looking for little personal notes. Then she found the one that made her day, "Fix your posture." 

She wiped away the small tear that was welling up with her sleeve, and then decided the nostalgia was best left for another time. Sticking the book inside on the inside pocket of her flack jacket, she stood up, the younger clone version of herself mirroring the real one's actions. Forming the seal of confrontation, the clone would disappear in a poof of smoke. After dispelling the clone, Risako would stand up, and begin to walk around the perimeter of the little clearing. The little thorny bush, (that she used to be so fond of tripping over,) had developed into a well grown thorn bush. Or at least she thought it did, it seemed to be in the same spot, and that was enough for her to assume. It was here she first met Jason, Kasai, and Tatsuya. 

It was here she first began to train and grow to be what she was today, too. It was here she would wrap up her first chapter before going onto the second. 

Strutting over to the middle of the clearing, she performed a few hand seals, bit her thumb, and then smeared the blood on the ground, all the while letting her chakra flow free. After the act, she'd take a few steps back before forming the seal of confrontation.

The fruit of her labors? A snowy fox with nine long tails that seemed to tower over her, as if furry pillars of white hot fire were flickering in anger over what she had done. If she remembered anything that Akami had taught her, it was that Kioshi was pretty much the head honcho of the valley, and that gaining his respect required skill, and a lot of class. Both things Risako had a severe deficit in, to be entirely honest. 

There were no words spoken between the two. No interaction at all really, besides the same blazing stare that seemed to communicate a mutual feeling of arrogance and overall cockiness between the two. Both truly believed that neither one of them would leave the clearing with their heads hung in defeat. But hey, if you wanna summon something that was revered as a god among foxes, you gotta beat it into submission. And if you wanna keep yourself from being summoned by some little whelp of a girl, you gotta beat the thing trying to summon you into a pulp. 

All in one brief flash, the fox hunkered down and sprang forward, twisting its body mid flight so that the tails would be swung towards the chuunin. One tail in particular came flying at her with spikes suddenly forming along its length. 

He didn't seem to be as fast as Risako thought he would be, definitely not as fast as Akami had made him out to be either. The tail wouldn't make it even a meter close to her, right before dropped to the ground like a sack of potatoes. With her knees tucked in, she almost fell flat to the ground, where not even a bit of her body go past that invisible one foot tall marker. The fox, now gliding past her, couldn't change his momentum enough to nail her while she was on the ground. But, she could feel him beginning to gather chakra. 

Which, was probably a sign of bad things to come, kiddos.

As she began to roll over and scramble to her feet, she barely got a glimpse of the fox as it landed, and immediately launched large ball of fire her way. It was then she decided she needed to begone from that spot, like right then and right there. It was a skill she picked up over time. Flooding her body with her chakra, she seemingly flashed from one place to another, the reality being that she had used her chakra to move as fast as she naturally could in an instant.

Risako circled around the fireball and skidded to a halt, off to the left of the fox. For some odd reason, the Tiger handseal was a favorite of Katon techniques, as most of the ones she knew seemed to use it. The technique in particular that she had in mind sent forth a large dragon shaped ball of fire the second the user spewed it from their mouth.

Naturally the fox wanted nothing to do with that, and pounced to the other side of the clearing. Both were at a stand still, Risako having the speed advantage. The fox however had that knowledge that she lacked. 

Locking eyes once again, they were left just giving each other glares and stares that indicated a lot of salt between the two.

For now, she desummoned the fox, there was nothing she could do to him until she "got gud."

1206 WC
600 for 3 stats to max out.
600 for 6 AP
All WC goes towards gaining Kioshi]

Risako's Stats

@ TheInvincibleLegend : Risako is probably the manliest Ninja in Konoha.
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Akihana Akari

Fame : 540
Home Village :
  • Star

Element(s) : Fire, Lightning, Water
Clan : Akari
Clan Element : Light
Bloodline : Golden Eye
Ryo : 47000

PostSubject: Re: Welp, that'll be max stats. [Solo]   Tue Mar 15, 2016 5:53 am

Approved <3

You're awesome, give yourself a treat. <3

"How many scars did she justify,
Just because she loved the one holding the knife."

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Welp, that'll be max stats. [Solo]
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