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 Day of creativity

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Touka Keisuke <3
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PostSubject: Day of creativity    Sun Dec 20, 2015 2:18 am

The day was young and so was Tatsuya. He had woken up early for a big day. 
Getting out of bed with messy hair Tatsuya walks over to the coffee table and picks up a note pad with the list of things to do. Looking at it with fuzzy eyes Tatsuya puts it down to get ready for the day. 

Walking into the bathroom he brushes his teeth and attempts to comb his hair. Looking at him self in the mirror Tatsuya runs his fingers through his hair and wonders if he should get it cut soon as it was becoming quite a nuances. After admiring his body in the mirror it is not until he washes his face that Tatsuya becomes more fully awake. Putting on a clean pair of clothing Tatsuya walks to the fridge to fix him self a meal. Opening it up Tatsuya sighs at the sight of an empty fridge. Thing on what to do he walks out of his government assigned apartment and walks next door to Kasai’s. When they both became Chunnin they were able to move out of their shit holes of a home and into a more suitable and proper home where many of the hirer ranked ninja lived. Tatsuay could probably work to get a larger and nice house but he liked his little apartment. It was just him and it served Tatsuya in the way he currently needed it too. As well he was close to Kasai and the other ninja if something bad happened.
To Tatsuya’s disappointment but not to his surprise Kasai had already went out. Tatsuya wondered what Kasai did in his free time or rather when they were not together. Did he still make it a hobby to gaze into the sun all day or did he as well take part in solo training as Tatsuya was doing today?
Nevertheless Tatsuya decides to walk down to a local cafe at the corner of the street. There he ordered a classic rice pudding with some roasted duck and various vegetables with a pot of strong Jasmine tea.  
Having finished the meal Tatsuya takes out the pice of paper with the list of things that he needed to get done.  

Tatsuya first needed to go to the market to retrieve some materials that he needed to create a pice of armor. Doing this early in the morning would hopefully allow Tatsuay to find all materials that he needed as they were not the most common things sold. As well possibly even more important is he needed to train. Tatsuya needed to increase his over all basic skill stats and he wanted to learn a new jutsu but he did not know what to learn. Tatsuay didn't particularly want to create a new jutsu as that would take much time and seeings as him and Kasai were plaining on leaving for lava country in the near future Tatsuay thinks it best to stick learning an already created jutsu. Going to the library would be second on the list so first he pays the bill and leaves for the market. 

Walking into the more commercial district Tatsuay begins on the look out for what he needs. The main material would be leather as well he wanted to look for some nice green cloth on which to make a trim for the armor. As well he would likely have to find some form of thread and needle. 
Looking around Tatsuay could only find already made clothing and nothing even resembling armor. Then walking to the more crafty part of the market there was nothing to be found other then some pretty art work. Then walking down an ally Tatsuya reaches the weapons district of the market. Looking around Tatsuya notices many different characters and he knew that some of theses people were probably criminals or even a few missing ninja here and there. When he was younger Tatsuya would have never though of coming to this part of the market but seeings as he was much older and stronger Tatsuya didn't have a second though about it. There was one fellow that gave Tatsuya a look of intimidation, Tatsuya should have just ignored it but instead he flashes the guy a sight of his leaf village head ban that hid under his hair which took care of any other strange looks. 

Walking deeper into the market Tatsuya notices the decreasing amount of standard weapons equipment, like kunia and flax jackets to then see more barbaric looking things. He looked at a few battle axes that had blades shaped like a snake and mental armor that was spiked and sharpened. Turning the corner Tatsuya walks past a funky booth with an assortment of raw materials. 

Walking in Tatsuya is greeted by an old bald man. 

“Hello son anything I can help you with?” He said with a small smile and a happy expression.

“Yes actually, I was wondering if you have any leather for sale. I am planning on making a pice of armor for my self but I haven't been successful in finding anything. 

“Ah yes there are a few other places that carry uncut pieces of leather but I can ensure you ours will suit you much better.”

Tatsuya gives the old man a bit of a funny look as he was never one to fall for sales men tricks but 
Tatsuya fallows the man. 

“Our cattle that this leather comes from are raised in moon country…” The man says as he pulls out a box with samples. “… and so due to the rough environment there they tend to produce much finer and stronger leather but the environment isn’t too rough so it keeps the leather in a condition that is still workable.”

Tatsuya then takes a look at the various different kinds that the man sold all of which were nice looking. Tatsuya picks up a sample that is not too thick and still workable as well it had a nice shiny black finish to it.

“I think this will do.” 

“Allow me to go in the back to retrieve the larger pieces.”

Waiting a bit the old man comes back out with several sheets of the leather and lays them down on the table.

“Now I can make some cut marks on the leather if you have an idea of what you want to turn this into.” The man said 

Tatsuya pulls out a pice of paper with a basic sketch of what he wanted.
The suit would be similar to a vest but with more layers and a loose part that partly came over Tatsuya thighs. The man looked it over for a bit and then took out what looked to be a box cutter. As well the old man takes a few measurements of Tatsuya for Tatsuay’s reference and for his own.

“You know if you weren't a ninja I would find you to be a fool.” Tatsuay cocked his head slightly.
“Well” The man continued “This is a pretty complicated pice of work that you are planning on doing but if you are able to pull it off I'm sure it will serve you well.”

The man is silent for a little longer but soon finishes scoring the leather. 

“Alright there you go son. I just made some basic cut marks that were necessary for you to make this but if you change your mind on the design its not big deal.”

“Now my next question.” Says Tatsuya “What do you think is the best way to stitch this all together?” 

“Well I would use leather stitching for some of the larger and longer parts and this iron enhanced thread for the more fine details.” He responds handing Tatsuya the materials. 

Tatsuya bows to the man and says thank you. Just as he was leaving the old man says.

“Hey just cause you are a leaf shinobi dose’t mean you get stuff for free.” 

“Well thought I might at least try.” Tatsuya says with a chuckle. 

“How about this ill give you a discount on it then, as it is a little pricy.” 

Tatsuay nods in agreement to the discount and especially to the price. The rolls of leather was expensive and almost made Tatsuya go broke but it was worth it. Bowing again to the old man Tatsuya leaves the shop.

Taking out his list Tatsuya marks off the leather and walks on to retrieving a component that will make the armor special. On his way he picks up some green nylon cloth for a trim as well a thin line of gold trim for the edges of the armor. 
Tatsuay at this point has made it to the more regulated part of the market which had more items that naturally or unnaturally held special properties. Tatsuay was looking for something specific and he quickly spotted the booth in which to purchase it. 
Walking into the store that was much smaller and much cleaner then the last one Tatsuya was again greeted.

“Hello.” A young woman said with a kind voice. “May I help you?”

Tatsuya turns around to the sound of the woman’s voice to then rest his eyes on a beautiful young lady. She had sandy blond hair and a warming smile but most of all he eyes were a mix of a green and blue. 
Tatsuya didn't say a word until the woman said something again. 

“Oh…Right…Yes! I was wondering if you have a spool of wire that reacts with chakura?” Said Tatsuya

“Yes we do.” She replied “Normally I would have to see some form of identification but I can tell that you are a ninja by looking at those arms of yours.” The lady responded with a wink. 
Tatsuya being a little star struck watches as she goes to retrieve the spool. 

Standing at the cheshire desk Tatsuya pays for the idem trying to hold back a blush. 

“So I do need to document your intention with this idem.” The women says.

“I am using it for an upper body piece of armor.” Tatsuya responds gladly. However it was a little annoying that the village required this information but it was an effective way to keep the village less liable for accidents.

“Well I hope it shows you off a little more.” She says.  

“Oh it will.” Tatsuya responds. Tatsuay bows to the lady and leaves the store making sure to give her a little tip. 

Tatsuya thinking about the interaction really found only her appearance to be attractive for it was strange to trust people that were flirtatious. Nevertheless it felt good when someone flirted with you as there was not much time for those types of things which at times was something that Tatsuya had a bit more of in his life. 

‘No matter!’ Tatsuya thought to him self ‘For it is time to go to the library!!!!’

Walking out of the market aria and into the suburbs of Konoha Tatsuya watches as children play in the street as their parents watch over them without much dedication. Tatsuya didn't know anything about being a parent nor did he know what it was like to have a parent but he wondered how much the life of a child will effect that child’s adulthood. It would make sense if the events that happen to someone that is young would have a much larger effect then events that happen once your fully developed. After thinking about this concept for a wile Tatsuya rolls his eyes at the parents who are ignoring their children for by ignoring a child is to ignore the future. Nonetheless Tatsuya had more important things to attend to like making his way to the library. 

Walking into the large building a smell of musty old books and scrolls quickly makes its up Tatsuya’s nostrils which creates a bit of a wrinkle. Moving on Tatsuya walks up stairs and through a security checkpoint where he shows his id to an officer which stated that Tatsuya was a Shinobi of high ranking. He had to do this as the aria of the library that Tatsuya was in was filled with secret jutsu and other restricted items that were not for the common eye. 

Weaving in and out of book shelfs it doesn’t take long for Tatsuya to reach the section labeled Armor. Studying each book title Tatsuya finds one that reads out Armor Enchanting. Unfortunately there was only one book with said title for it would be nice to have more then one resource but nonetheless Tatsuya pulls out the dusty book and takes it to a comfortable place to read. Turning to the first page Tatsuya reads a disclaimer about the dangers of enchanting, smirking he quickly moves past it and onto the meat of the book. It doesn’t take long for Tatsuya to read through as it was quite basic. All he really had to do was to funnel his chakura into the armor and there you go. Once practiced a few times you are all set.

Feeling confident Tatsuya runs to the woods with a few tools and his sack of leather to start its construction. Laying out the large roll of leather he makes the necessary cuts, slices, and stitches to pull it together. After spending a few hrs working his armor was soon finished. Pulling it over his head Tatsuya is surprised by how flexible it was. He thought that it would limit some of his movement but seeings as the leather was thiner on his sides it made sense. Nonetheless Tatsuya jumps into the trees and runs around testing its strength. Testing out a few jutsus he is happy to see that the boost to his jutsu was successful. There were a few mechanics that he would probably apply but he would do that at a later date. 

On his way home Tatsuya looks at the village around him and his place in it. He didn't have very many mission lately and Tatsuya felt like he was falling out of place. He felt like he was no longer engaged with the community and because of this his own attachment to this village began to decrease. Tatsuya still have a love for this village but it was not what it once was. Getting lost in his own thoughts Tatsuya thinks of the time with Kasai proposed a quite controversial idea but now it doesn't seem so strange. Perhaps there will be a resurgence of that proposal.

[T/W/C 2,526]
[Requesting 12 stats and 2.5k towards Ura Shishō Fūin (Reverse Four Symbols Seal)]

Touka Stats


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PostSubject: Re: Day of creativity    Sun Dec 20, 2015 8:40 am

Approved <3

You're awesome, give yourself a treat. <3

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Day of creativity
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