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 Blue Lighting of Lightning

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Genin of Konoha
Genin of Konoha

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PostSubject: Blue Lighting of Lightning   Fri Oct 09, 2015 9:27 pm

Nejonin was the type to master anything if it could securely fit into his array of abilities. At the time of now, he only possessed many long range or medium range techniques and needed something just in the case of people trying to get a little too personal with him in battle. He made his way to the rock clearing training grounds in the morning and placed all his stuff down like he usually had. While putting his backpack onto the ground’s center and looking up to the sky, he said to himself. “Damn, if I were on a ninja squad I’d seem like quite the support attack character. That couldn’t be further from the actual truth.” Nejonin preferred attacking the targets head on but in a different manner opposed to what most would describe as head on. His head on was a mixed of tactical and strategic methods and approaches that were made and tested to assure the win from the start of any match. These methods were made generally on the spot and would be specialized to the current enemy of which he would be battling. Today on his list was a well-known technique especially throughout the Leaf.

 “As for my first close range technique, I will be learning the infamous chidori. It shouldn’t be all that abstract of a concept due to my lightning element being my main affinity. However, the main problem will likely become forming this mass of chakra. Or, is it even a mass of chakra? It’s not much like a rasengan where one swirls his chakra in a physical form at high speeds in the shape of a ball. It seems to be more that of holding an electric wire that is literally going insane. Something like a static or lightning ball I suppose.” Nejonin went about theorizing. Now, it was his time to start attempting this technique. “First thing’s first, I need to be able to create some type of finely mixed chakra that includes my lightning element. As of now, I can roughly mix my chakra to do some basic techniques but nothing like the chidori which requires a fine almost solution like mix of lightning and neutral chakra.” To get this done, he decided the best approach would be trying to mix his chakra in his mental world. - - - Nejonin moved off to the perimeter and placed his back against one of the many large rocks and sat down. “Hmm… This will also appear to be something that resembles the arts. If I can swirl my chakra from my mind’s perspective into that of a mixture, it will look like a lava lamp of some sorts until finely mixed together.” Nejonin said as he moved himself into the mental world. Now, with sound and normal vision blocked out with taste and smell too, Nejonin saw himself down on the perimeter from high above.

 “Alright. There I am. It appears my chakra is fully in its neutral state of black and the background is white with the few colorful dots everywhere to symbolize the minute fragments of chakra that exist still from various attacks and moves practiced on these very grounds. - - - I will first attempt to fully change all of my neutral chakra into that of lightning chakra. If I can do this successfully, it should change my body into a bright blue type color instead of the normal black neutral chakra. First attempt, here we go.” – He tried translating his chakra started from the feet and going up. He sat in a cross legged position making this a rather peculiar place to originate the chakra changing from it. “Man this neutral chakra won’t give.” That was correct. The neutral chakra has a tendency to want to remain dominant within the body. Normally, this isn’t much of a problem because neutral chakra can be useful in many ways when it is fully dominant at the time within the body. Examples of these times would be the use of body flicker. It doesn’t require a specific type of elemental chakra making it directly feed from using neutral chakra. That is one of the reasons why the technique is so widely used. If it had required an element chakra along with the need of it being spread throughout the entire body. It would take some preparation or a split second longer to activate. Since the neutral chakra is already spread throughout the entirety of the body, this isn’t much of a problem. - - - “Finally… Getting some progress here. My feet are shifting from this night like blue to a slighter blueish shade. At this rate, this may or may not take years which is odd because I’m sure I did something like this before. Maybe the position wasn’t the best to use but whatever. I’m already here inside of this place now.” He continued trying to transition his chakra from neutral into solely lightning based. After around ten minutes of switching the chakra back and forth as it would revert back to normal if it wasn’t held in place because chakra likes to suit what the mass of chakra around it is doing which was primarily neutral, he managed to color one entire foot, this being his left, in the bright color of blue. “That entire part of the body there is filled to the brim with lightning based chakra. Sadly, that part of the body is extremely small and won’t hold much of a large effect on the entirety of this transition. Oh well. Onto the next part.” - - - Despite all this, Nejonin was getting better at his craft. He managed to change the other foot to fully blue in half the time that was required for his left one. This gave his some feeling of advancing in what he was attempting. In other words, it kept him going as a source of momentum. After some more time was put into this, the faster it became. He was now rising around the levels of both his knees. Although he was in his mental world and blocked nearly every sense out from the physical plane, he could feel that his legs were somewhat shocking but not in a damaged way. More so, an electric pulse sort of way that felt like it synced with the heartbeat of his own body. Now putting in even more effort, he moved up higher along the body rising all the way to the point of the waist. “Going at this pace is much easier, I should be done in just a few more minutes. This does seem to weigh quite the strain on my mind though. Luckily, sleep can always fix that.” Nejonin continued his moving and twisting of the neutral chakra into the lightning based that he needed for his training. In a little more time now, he had it all the way up past the chest to the base of the neck.

 This was surely when his body felt very odd as if floating or very light. “Feels like I weigh nothing down there. What an oddity. I presume this was part of my training for the lightning javelin most likely. Seems to have a familiar feeling to it.” - - - With a bit more time put into the process, Nejonin fully created his body into that of a blue one all the way to the top of his head. “Now that that’s done, I can move on to trying to move with this new found lightning based chakra going about in my body totally.” He returned to the physical plane within no time and found that his legs were somewhat cramped up. “Hmm. That’s unfortunate. Too bad it isn’t enough to stop me from what I’m doing though.” He lifted himself up and began to feel the body that was his own. “I’m lighter than a cloud right now. It took barely no energy to lift myself off the ground. I guess this is the nature of lightning. Ever changing and quick paced are some properties that it would need to be like itself.” He started taking some steps around the rock clearing making sure not to touch his backpack in case of electric fires somehow. It was a difficult practice to uphold. With each step that was done, he felt more and more of the lightning based chakra within his body and mainly his feet dissipating. “I just ran about twenty or so steps out around this perimeter. I can’t feel the lack of weight within my feet anymore. This may tie into the fact that this landing pressure is making my body expel lightning chakra. Or even yet, lightning may just want to leave the body and never stay attached to just one general vicinity. That would mimic its personality very well.” Nejonin continued his walking but made sure to focus on the creation and maintaining of the lightning based chakra on each step that he took around the perimeter. These runs were later turned into high speed sprints as he felt weightless enough to be able to do so with relative ease. - - - 

This was all done to get a feel of what it’s like to hold large amounts of lightning based chakra within the body opposed to neutral. From his mind’s perspective now, he would have appeared a fast circling body shaped blur of blue and some black near the bottom of the feet. This view probably would have freaked anyone else out. For him, he’s used to it as if it was just another pair of lens to use on the eyes. “I’ve probably done this for long enough. I suppose it’s time to move on now.” He said stopping in his high rotation march around the perimeter. “Now… How do I release all of this lightning based chakra without it somehow forming into a lightning bolt surging in all directions? And, if I were to do that, I would lose most of my chakra would could be fatal and is just stupid. Let’s see... To be on the safe side, I’ll just try to revert this back to neutral chakra. Luckily, this process I know quite well.” The next steps of doing this would be easy for Nejonin. He had practiced it many times before around the time when he began calling the center of the chakra network, the chakra furnace. All he had to do was circulate the chakra throughout the body until returning it to that of his chakra furnace’s intake paths. Once it would exit, all the chakra would be back to neutral again and the energy of his lightning element would be restored back into the chakra furnace. “You see… The chakra furnace is quite the interesting core piece to a human. I think of it like a natural purifier that tries to create and store chakra as well as turn any that enters that isn’t already neutral into a neutral form. Now you might say then, ‘how does this allow for having elementally influenced chakra’? Good question. The furnace somewhat has flavor buttons.

 If you push one within yourself, you add this flavor of this element into the mix of normally neutral chakra. Some people can do this much faster than others and it increases with the level of practice that you give into it.” - - - Nejonin began circulating the chakra throughout his body and rounding it up at the entry point of his chakra furnace. Surely enough, after it churning around in there for a few minutes, it escaped a solid black as it had always been in its neutral state. “That’s what I like to see. Easy reverting of chakra. After all this, I could use a little break.” Nejonin, now with all neutral chakra back to him, went over to write a few entries into his notebook. He sat down beside the backpack and grabbed from it the notebook and pens he needed. “Ok… Turn to page 48. Now let’s write down some notes of what I’ve learned so far. Lightning chakra when condensed all throughout the body wants to escape similar to that of its physical nature in generally. Lightning doesn’t want to be limited to a single place to venture. Being even in the much less complicated mental world still takes a toll on the mind of the user to some extent. This lightning chakra that escaped is required to be filled in by more lightning chakra that is made actively during whatever actions you are taking part in.” - - - Following the minutes of his break, Nejonin was thinking of what to do now for his next part of his training. He wanted to start with something that would give some decent progression to his goal that wasn’t too difficult nor too easy. The last part of it had been just around the right level. “Well… I do need to be able to hold a large amount of chakra on my hand using my arm as well. I should practice that then.” Nejonin thought. He came to the conclusion that he would need to perfect his ability to hold the lightning chakra in one specific area. Since he was right-handed, this would be his right hand. He returned to the near center of the rock clearing and got into a semi squat position with his right arm extended forward and his right hand seeming as if it were looking for something to grab or holding an invisible ball. “Firstly, I need to quickly generate this lightning chakra within my right arm and extend it through the entire arm then solidify it not in literal terms but to the point that it won’t be flowing off throughout the body anywhere else.” Nejonin began with this. He transitioned most of the neutral chakra around his right shoulder area and used that as a lightning based chakra wall to stop the constant chakra type switching from the rest of his right arm.

 He shifted the colors from black in his arm to that of blue and created his lightning chakra arm. Moving it around slightly, he could feel that it made him extremely fast as if he weren’t moving in air but a resistance lacking void of nothingness. “So far so good. I got the arm fully engulfed in this lightning based chakra. Now, I need to practice the movement of this limb to make sure that I’m not rigid while holding the lightning chakra.” You see, the problem with holding such amounts of lightning based chakra was that it made the user, in this case Nejonin, often stiff up and have random movement locks or it made his movements rather sporadic and done at random, or it would cause him to have rigid motions when trying to do fluid ones. “There’s a simple way of working with this. All I need to do is play catch with a few rocks around here and possibly bounce them off the side of other rocks then catch.” Nejonin got some larger rocks around the perimeter and bunched them up in ninja pouch. He started throwing them up into the air with his right hand and trying to catch it in its return. It proved extremely difficult as he would randomly move his arm mid throw and cause the rock to go somewhere where he hadn’t expected to go. This needed a quick jolt of movement to go and catch the falling piece of free training equipment. It was a tiring process in all honesty. But, it was worth the annoyance. He finally got the throwing part down and the hardest section still remained as the catching. The rock seemed to almost fade through his hand because the lightning chakra afterimage showed as Nejonin swung and curved his right arm and hand to attempt at catching the rocks. After many minutes of doing this, he became tired and generally entertained. It wasn’t that difficult to entertain him with a physical sport like scenario. On normal times, this would physically take no energy at all. The only difference here was that this required him to throw something in one direction, have it go completely in the other, then he would need to quickly change momentum and direction to chase it before it flew out of the training grounds, which mind you were pretty large. 

“Well. Isn’t this just fun haha. I can’t catch for my life right now but I do have a better understanding of how movement with the lightning chakra within your body works. I should take some more notes before I forget them somehow.” Nejonin got up from the perimeter boulder wall and began canceling out his lightning chakra arm and turning it back to a neutral black chakra. That didn’t take much time at this point. “Ahhh. Much better. I feel like my arm has been holding a boulder or something. So much for having it feeling weightless before.” He went into his backpack and got out the notebook and pens. “Turn to page… 49. Here we go. The more you use lightning chakra throughout the body, the easier it is to control and manipulate as expected. The weightless feeling that you get when you have swapped it out for the neutral chakra is nothing more than an electric illusion. Whatever actions done during this time will still require the same amount of physical energy, you just won’t feel it. Also, having large amounts of lightning based chakra circulating or stuck in one part of your body makes your movements very sporadic and at random. Throwing and catching simple items such as rocks may prove to become around twenty times more difficult that they had been before when you were in your neutral state. The best way around this is to practice with the rocks and continue throwing and catching until you can predict the movement jolts within the lightning itself. Based off how the movement works, I wouldn’t be surprised if someone could use these jolts to switch momentum at crazy speeds. If one can predict exactly when they will happen, they can be used for great advantages. But, that is far out of my league as of now. – Entry part two.” - - - Nejonin continued on writing a few side notes here and there until he was finished. At this point, he was ready to begin with something that took some actual skill and precise timing. 

He would try to start forming different shapes of lightning. “These formations of lightning chakra won’t be on my body like the chidori will however. I’ll just make them and attempt to draw them after as well. This should make my ability to successfully form my lightning chakra into anything much better. A universal skill such as this should severely increase my training speed on future techniques of the sort.” – Nejonin brought his notebook and pens by his side this time as he moved off to the perimeter and lied down with his stomach connecting with the ground. He put his notebook opened down in front of him and his pen to the side so drawing quickly wouldn’t be much of a problem for him. “What should I make first? Something simple likely. I’ll make a small lightning stick or rod.” To draw now, Nejonin would put his left hand out along with a stretch of his body to get some decent distance between his hand and the notebook. He pulsed some lightning chakra from his hand into the ground and gave it some of his will to form a certain shape on the ground or floating just above it. - - - He released his first surge and the lightning could be seen like a static shock moving along his arm until reaching the ground. The ground shaded a quick and small tint of blue as a hyper blue and white mini rod appeared floating above that point. It was partially see through as the lightning’s movement created holes at fast speeds then reclosed them in seconds. “How nice. I should draw this as fast as I can before it fades away.” Said Nejonin already grabbing for his pen to begin drawing with. He was never really a fan of pencils. They always sounded weird when writing with. “Let’s see. I won’t draw all of the scenery because that would take too long. 

So, I’ll just draw the lightning rod and the colored ground below it. That shouldn’t be too difficult. A year of art classes wasn’t done in vain.” After around thirty or so seconds, he had finished his picture. It showed the lightning rod in all of its odd shape shifting yet shape remaining glory against the blur ground that shimmered from below. “Title that picture number one and attempt: lightning rod. That’s quite the treasure. I can transfer this to my book of drawings later. - - Alright. Onto the next shape, to try something a little different, I’ll make a wheel. This wheel isn’t just any regular wheel though. I need this wheel to be a triple dotted wheel.” He said placing his left hand out forward once more. He sent another surge of the lightning chakra through is left arm and waited for it to connect with the surface of the ground. “It seems my control over this has improved a lot so far. If I can keep getting better at these shapes, I can make more and more complex pieces. And before I even know it, I can create the chidori with no problem at all.” – The ground turned blue once again, this time a slighter deeper shade as if it had retained the chakra a bit from earlier. From the ground, rose up a disc shaped circular object with three dots on it resembling that of a sharingan. Nejonin moved his head to both sides a slight amount to make sure it wasn’t just a flat circle, but an actual wheel. It happened to be an actual wheel as well. “That’s what I’m talking about. It looks great. Now let’s put this down into the notebook. If I could just stop losing my pen every other second.” - - Nejonin got a hold of his notebook and pens then began his next sketch. It was of the triple dotted wheel and it looked great as the last one had. The more complex the actual shape was, the better result would be achieved from drawing it. The main difficulty in this process was getting a static image. No pun intended. Every time he would look down to draw a bit of what he saw, the pattern along the lightning would change slightly. So, he would never be able to create a fully accurate picture of any one moment and time of the lightning rod or wheel. But, it was good enough for training purposes. - - After finishing that image in fine detail, he moved on. “Next shape, here we come. 

I’ll try something very difficult now. I need a cup with a dragon on the side of it.” He said stretching out his left hand once more in hopes of receiving another perfect result. He sent the surge of his chakra down his arm and waited for the ground to become blue once again. It did, and from it rose up a cup with proper dimensions that held a symbol of a dragon on the side of it. “Ahhh perfect. Now just to draw this and also check if the object is 3d.” Nejonin did his 3d check and proceeded to draw. With pen to notebook, he moved swiftly and elegantly as if he were drawing with his own shadows. That wouldn’t make sense to most people. But, he was from the Nara clan where fluidity in something like that was common. With another picture down, he wanted to move onto something more difficult as a final picture. “This one should get the point across. I will make something that I know I shouldn’t be able to make with little to no chance of success. I need a life sized statue of lightning resembling that of myself.” Said Nejonin stretching his hand out onto the surface again. He pushed the chakra along his arm in a rhythmic momentum. In little time, the ground turned a deep shade of blue as the statue began rising up from the ground in a wide shape making him have to back away and grab his notebook and pens for their safety. After he backed away some, he got his proper footing back and stood up. “Woah… That shouldn’t have happened.” He noticed that the statue was actually made. It looked nearly just like him and was the same height except an extra meter or so for the block of which the statue stood on. “Looks like I’m a better artist than I had presumed with these lightning strands. That’s it. I’ll call this new style of art lightning strands. 

It will become well known throughout all of Kumogakure for its greatness. Probably not by me however. Someone who has mastered lightning itself would make much better pieces than I ever could. But that’s beside the point, this does show how capable my control of this lightning really is. Much better than before as of now. I should be able to make what I really need now or at least sooner than later. First thing’s first though. I need to document this all into my notebook along with some notes after.” - - Nejonin sat back down and drew his picture as a bird’s pace and moved onto his notes. “Lightning can be used to create various shapes no matter the complexity. The level of expertise in making these is directly influenced with the control one has over the lightning they create. The better chakra control per se, the more elegant the creations are. Creating these pieces of art will increase your overall active chakra control over lightning. This is a useful skill that should be had by all ninjas. These lightning structures seem to only fade away when you want them to or when you lose total interest. I never lost interest so I can’t estimate when they fade away normally. The lightning can be put in a multitude of ways such as wrapping around each other like strings. Going in perfect lines of curving to the user’s will. The possibilities are endless surprisingly.” Nejonin looked after all that writing and noticed that the lightning statue was gone. “Well. I guess that gives me my answer haha.” To make sure that he had made some positive progress with the controlling of his lightning. He wanted to play catch with the rocks and himself using his lightning enhanced arm that before made him drastically fail. He quickly gathered some more rocks from the perimeter of the rock clearing. He got into his prior squat like position and stretched his arm out before filling it with lightning based chakra from the right shoulder down. 

“Let’s see if this works out better for me now. I’d assume that it would and also hope that it does.” He picked up one of the rocks and threw it high into the air with little movement change or breaking of his fluid movement. This alone was a major feat in the entire problem and it meant that he was no longer getting his movement sporadically changed during any attempts to position his limbs. The rock nearly seemed to catch orbit with how high it flew. Coming back down at immense speed, Nejonin caught it with ease because his arm was much faster than what the rock could blitz past him by. “Wow. I’m much faster than before and I also don’t have rigid motion locks anymore. This training does pay off.” - - To up the difficulty, Nejonin began throwing multiple rocks up into the air at once and attempted catching all of them as they would try and hit the ground. He caught them even with great ease rising up the ranks from two, to three, to four, then finally finding the whole process to just be insanely challenging randomly around the mark of 5. “This is actually getting fun. I might do this later on random days just to relieve some stress of whatever’s going on during my life.” This game wasn’t just stress relieving. It also advanced Nejonin’s sense of motion. He would often read the path of an object way before others could. It was a matter of accurate prediction that was hard to match by any. 

His eyes were that of a motion scanner in a way taking the object’s position at one time, then another at a later time, to determine where the object would be at any time unless it specifically changed its momentum. In his mind, he included factors perfectly such as the varying wind speeds with altitude, gravity, air resistance and much more. This made his somewhat of the predicting machine. - - - He had done enough of the rock throwing for now and simply wanted to use it as a test to see if his other methods of training helped him out here. To his expectations, they did. But now, he was tired and his body required a well-earned break. He was still going but this time decided to let the rocks around him just hit the ground itself. He moved about making sure none would hit him in the head. “I’m extremely tired. I suppose I might as well just sit back now and take the time for another break or so.” Nejonin said releasing the lightning based chakra in his right arm. He sat back against the perimeter and began to write in his notes once more. “When you can control your lightning when your body. You feel truly weightless. Your reactions are much faster and what you previously couldn’t do switches to the category of what is easily done. Catching multiple fast moving objects that aren’t even that close is also possible. Using rocks for this method is reasonable but for safety, try using sport balls of some sort like tennis. They don’t hurt if they ever hit you most of the time. The only down side still is that whatever you do in this state will still affect your body parts in terms of how tired you will be later. There is no avoiding that as of now.” - - After another few minutes of just relaxation and listening to the sounds of the mountains, He was ready to begin once more.

 “Before I fully attempt to work on the chidori directly, I want my control of lightning to be ever more advanced than it is right now. To do this, I will practice catching and creating lightning itself.” Nejonin was always out of the box in his training methods. But, this would likely take some part of the cake. He pushed his supplies out from the center of the rock clearing and got himself ready into a combat like stance where it seemed he was grabbing a vertical pole with one of his hands. From that hand, he created a little lightning dagger like shape and threw it up into the sky. “This will really test my ability to control the lightning chakra as I need to keep the dagger from fading as well as keep it solid enough for me to be able to catch it and throw it back up each time. On top of all of that, I need to make sure my hands are wielding enough lightning chakra of their own so I don’t burn or shock myself when I grab it. This is going to be fun.” He said looking up into the air as the lightning dagger flew so high. He had already made the lightning shield cover on his hands and was ready to catch. This was about the time when he saw the lightning dagger starting to fade upon reaching its throw’s peak. “Can’t let that happen. I need to focus on keeping it alive more.” He peered his eyes onto the dagger and willed it to not fade. Now with it in descent mode, he would need to be fast enough to predict its landing point. It seemed as if time began to slow. It was close to the ground now and just within Nejonin’s catching range. He moved his hand out at the fastest speed he could which looked merely like a slow motion hand movement as well. Once he finally managed to position himself to catch the flying dagger that was falling. He grabbed a hold. 

As he did so, he noticed that his hand was nearly sliding through the dagger itself. “I need to also keep it solid. I can’t tell when it isn’t though.” With his mind focusing on the dagger, he willed it to remain in its shape and position without fading and flying all over the place then from losing its solid properties. His grip was perfect now. Time reverted back to normal from its slowed state as he did a jump and kicking arc flip to throw the dagger back up with some sense of coolness added into the mix. Speaking of coolness. These mountains at the time were cold as can be. “That was a close one but let’s see how it works out on the second return.” - - - Nejonin could feel that the lightning dagger was beginning to fade away. For counter measure, he swiftly allocated his thoughts onto keeping the lightning from fading away into nothingness. It reached its peak once more and began descending to the ever waiting Nejonin. When nearing its possible collision with the ground, He began to focus on the lightning dagger being as solid as a metal pipe. Already knowing where the dagger would land, he simply put his hand out and caught it with relative ease and performed another flip like motion to throw it back up into the sky. “2nd return so far. It seems to get easier with each time that you do it. I wonder if I can make this any harder…. Two daggers it is.”

 Nejonin said as he created another lightning dagger in his hand and threw it high into the sky as well. They would be in different places at different times making catching them both something that surely required some management and thinking. The first dagger was high into its peak now while the 2nd was still rising. He focused on both of them especially the first being perfectly existent so they wouldn’t fade in any way. The first one was nearing the time of catching while the 2nd was half way there. They would land on opposite sides of this large rock clearing. He would need to somehow gather momentum to capture them both at the simultaneously. He figured out a little simple movement plan. He would need to position himself on an aligned path with both of the daggers falling locations. He would be behind the 1st one aiming and looking towards the second. He would gain some high speed and jump early to catch the first dagger higher than was required. With that gathered momentum, he would catapult himself out until reaching the second one at just about the right time to catch that as well. “This seems like a plan that will work.” He did as he had planned and move himself in alignment with all of the falling paths. He got his speed by jumping off the side of one of the perimeter rocks and dove into the air catching the first dagger with a little more trouble than he had before when catching from the ground. He glanced up in this moment to see that the second dagger was fading slightly and become less and less solid. “Looks like I forgot to check that one’s properties. I have little time so all that remains is just a slight window of near perfection.” Nejonin thought. He focused deeply in his mind on both of the properties required at once. It resulted in again the time seeming to slow around him but then quickly shifting back. He caught the second dagger with just enough time to not fly down the mountain as well. That would have been catastrophic in more ways than one. - - He landed on the opposite side of the rock clearing. “I did it… It wasn’t even all the hard.” He said aloud to himself. “My approach for this can be defined as over preparation. I want to be so efficient at what is required before I reach it so that it’s simply a cake walk. This is known as over-leveling in many games and such. Once I attempt the actual chidori, I should be way above the requirements to do one with little trouble. It will be quite the test of my abilities as well. As for now, I need to let go of these daggers before I burn a hole in my hand.” Nejonin quickly made the daggers fade with a slight feeling of static in the air.

 “What’s next now? I need anything that’s harder than what I did before. Maybe… If I can draw fully in lightning from the hand. Not in the same way that I did before but in real time. That would require some other form of control that is likely more linked to the use of chidori than anything else that I’ve tried today.” Before starting his next form of training for his chidori, he took to his notebook to write down anything that proved useful to him during that lightning dagger training. “Turn to page 52. To master lightning or just advance in general, you need better control over your lightning including objects, your chakra itself, and whatever may have you. A good practice for this would be to make lightning daggers and throw them high into the sky then attempt to catch them. This does sound normally easy as throwing and catching objects is simple practice. However, the case is different here. When doing so, you must think about the properties of your objects to make sure that they remain solid and do not fade. If you fail to do this, your objects will simply fade before reaching you or pass through your hand and become destroyed from ground collision. While this is easier, you must also create a wrapping of lightning gloves on your hands to be able to catch your own lightning without shocking yourself.” - - - After a bit more of his writing, Nejonin was fully prepared to attempt his ultimate form of training. “I will be 3D lightning drawing. Something like this requires a special level of perspective awareness and special awareness. Both of which, I possess. I must use my hands and feet like paint brushes and my body itself as the hand of the normal painter.” He was already prepared with all of his supplies put off to the side of the rock clearing now. “First thing’s always first. I need to put a large amount of lightning chakra into my feet and hands specifically. This will require what I like to call allocation precision.

 It’s not a difficult process but a very peculiar one most of the time.” He did this in little time as well and got into his combat stance. His first move was to jump high and perform a spinning kick into the air. Depsite never majoring much into taijutsu, he knew a few moves. The specialty of this movement came when he released the lightning from his feet and hands all at the same time. He moved through the air on his side with his left being closest to the ground. He spun his hands in the air in a circular motion the entire time as well. This spinning kick was more so a series of spinning kicks that were possible because of his rising momentum. Once he landed, he ran off to the side and stepped to a position where his movements would have appeared 2D. There it was, the art of which he wanted so much from. From all those movements combined, he created what seemed a large jumping path arc that from the movements of his feet. That also overlapped with the constant fluid circles created by the motions of his hands. He quickly fled to his notebook to draw the great looking lightning art. “Hmm. To think I did that at random as well. Mentally, I still need to focus to keep that from fading so I should be quick when grabbing all of my equipment.” He opened up his notebook and looked in amazement as he quickly drew what he saw. Luckily, the lightning strands are bold and large enough to be seen even with the odd setting of the sunset going across the sky. After finishing the picture, he fled into his notes as well. “Page 56. Lightning can fully be used to make art but it doesn’t have to just be the automatic mind creation way either. Once can release lightning from multiple points of his body and move in various ways to create art. The image shown on page 55 is also made from me doing just that. The control required to release lightning at a multitude of points of the body like that is definitely on the high levels of skilled. It is good practice if you want to gain fluidity in your lightning.” Nejonin was nearly finished now. He just wanted one more attempt of something to see if he was fully ready to attempt the chidori. But, he felt confident enough just to head right onto it now. Through his past training, he had made his ability to control his lightning greatly increase. He was prepared for his final attempt. “I’m sure this won’t be any harder than what I had done before as well. If anything, it should be quite the fun activity.” Nejonin got off the perimeter wall and walked back to the center of the rock clearing and held out his right arm with his hand seeming like it was grabbing hold of an invisible ball. He rotated the wrist so this invisible ball would have been with he would see as if he hand were going to grab his face. He simply examined this position to see what it felt like. It was normal movement with a normal position, nothing too special. “Shit….” Nejonin said in that way where you know you’ve forgotten something. “What where the hand signs for the chidori again? I probably should have reviewed them earlier before I came out here. Wait a minute! I bet they’re in my notes somewhere.” Nejonin said already turning back to get his notebook out of his backpack. Once it was in his hands, he turned about with a flurry of speed. “Not here, not here, that’s a frickin’ picture. Wait…. Turn back a few pages. Nope. 

Next five. Look back a bit more. There we are. I made these earlier in the day before I left but I forgot to review them beforehand. They are ox, rabbit, monkey, dragon, rat, bird, ox, snake, dog, tiger, and monkey.” Nejonin spent a few minutes just running these through is mind so he couldn’t forget how to do the jutsu when the time came for him to use it. “Ox, rabbit, monkey, dragon, rat, bird, ox, snake, dog, tiger, and monkey. Alright... I nearly got it. One more time without looking at the paper. Ox, rabbit, monkey, dragon, rat, bird, ox, snake, dog, tiger, and monkey.” He was finally on a roll with knowing them after a while. Now it was his time to attempt the jutsu once more. But before doing so, he had to write another note in about not forgetting to review the hand signs of techniques he planned to learn on any day. He returned to his spot in the center of the rock clearing. He held his arm out as he had once more and just felt the position that he was in. Quickly, he performed the hand signs. “Ox, rabbit, monkey, dragon, rat, bird, ox, snake, dog, tiger, monkey!” He felt somewhat of a commanded surge of lightning reel through his right arm as he held it as he did before. This time, he put his left hand onto his elbow and held there as well. “This feels promising, I can already feel the energy surging. It’s like my hair is lifting up as well. Or is that just my imagination?” That’s when the lightning began to spring from his right hand in a crackling roar. He made sure not to stare directly into it as at point blank, it was blindingly bright and white to the eyes. “So this is the power of the ruler of the skies huh? Seems like I’ve been missing quite the pile of fun with this.” He felt his whole body become weightless again as the lightning got stronger and stronger within his hand until forming somewhat of a nonball like ball. It was in the shape of a sphere but at the same time it wasn’t it would move freely and do whatever it wanted to like send large shaped bolts of lightning outward from Nejonin’s hand. He removed his left hand’s grip on his shoulder as he began to stretch out his right arm while holding the ever powerful ball of lightning. “This possesses an interesting feel to the touch. It’s obvious that I created a layer of protective lightning on my hand to stop this from basically destroying my whole hand with ease. It’s like holding a mini vortex or outward pushing black hole in your hand. I think those are called white holes or something alike. 

Now to test its destructive power.” Nejonin held the shining ball of blue arcing fire in his hand as he walked over to the perimeter right of the entrance gate. “This hopefully won’t damage it too bad, but then again. It’s a training grounds. What do they expect?” He moved his right hand with the ball of lightning closer to the rock’s surface. Without even fully making contact, the sound of heavy amount of rock being grinded away in seconds hit his ears which hadn’t expected anything of the sort. “Damn!” He held his left hand over his left ear and of course, he didn’t do that with the other. He stepped back in hopes of stopping the insane sound of lighting grinding against rock. Stepping back, he regained his footing and looked forward at the now destroyed partially rock. He didn’t even actually touch it at all to be fair. He just had it near enough for the outer part of the chidori to take effect on the edge of the rock. “This power is quite immense. I’ll be sure to not get this redirected into me. That’d be horrible and likely fatal depending on where it went. But the most likely location is the chest.” Nejonin wanted to try something else as well. He crouched down facing the center of the rock clearing and ran close to the ground with his right hand sliding along it. Looking back, he saw a long path that seemed dug in through solid rock that was made for training. Aka very dense and hard to break rock. “Isn’t that just something. Now I know I can perform this with general ease too. Just to be on the safe side for now, I will turn it off.” Nejonin said. The lightning faded from his right hand and his hand steamed although he felt nothing. With success being the end result, Nejonin moved about and grabbed all his things as well as jotted a few things into his notes. “The chidori is crazy as hell. Mission accomplished.”

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Blue Lighting of Lightning
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