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 Multitaskers train faster

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Genin of Konoha
Genin of Konoha

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PostSubject: Multitaskers train faster   Mon Feb 16, 2015 2:45 am

[Training for Byakugan & Tree Climbing / Surface Walking Technique.]

Feeling successful from his last training day, Lyoid was packing his things in preparation for his second. He’s heard enough about a power he couldn’t use. This was his day for the training of his byakugan. He didn’t know where to start, but he could find a way like he always does. At least, that was what he thought with little conviction. He was nearly done gathering his things when a blue bird landed on his window. With his prepared gear on his back, Lyoid walked over to the window. Surprisingly, the bird didn’t move. Well, it wasn’t really a surprise. 

The same bird had been doing that for a couple weeks then. Lyoid nudged it off and proceeded downstairs. His dad was downstairs reading a book at the table. “Hey, dad. Where’s mom?” Lyoid asked. “She’s out in village visiting some new shops that opened recently.” He responded. Lyoid trailed off for the door. “Let me guess, you’re off to the training grounds?” His dad asked him. “Yeah, this time, it’s for the byakugan.” Lyoid answered back. “Heh, I expected as much from my son. I think I might something that could help you train for it.” Lyoid’s father got up from his chair and opened one of the downstairs closets. Dad grabbed a scroll out of the many and passed it to Lyoid. “I recommend reading it when you get there.” A little happy smirk whirled over Lyoid’s face for a split second. “Alright, I’m off.” Lyoid quickly packed the scroll that he was given into his backpack then dashed for the door. He sped like an eagle that was diving through layers of clouds daring to claim the sky as his own. In under a minute, he was at his familiar training ground. He opened the unforgettable gate and took his first step to new understanding, control, and ability. Hopefully this time, the spider wouldn’t be here.

 He returned to his usual spot and sat down then put the backpack on the ground to his side. He removed the scroll that he had received from earlier. It was a different type of scroll compared to what was normally used in the cloud village. It was a hidden leaf village scroll. Lyoid opened it. It read “Hyuuga Gentle Fist Style Forms & Chakra Control Exercises.” Lyoid ran through the forms until he found the one that he liked the most. Each stance felt weird to his normal balance system. Adjusting would be needed. Lyoid was slightly crouched and leaning forward with his left arm and left in front and his right arm pulled back to elbow length of his left arm. His right leg was centered beneath him with his foot pointing slightly out to his right. After a few minutes of Lyoid practicing his maintaining of the form, he moved on to the chakra control section. It showed three pictures. One of a leaf ninja with a leaf on his head. Underneath that, it read “practice funneling all of your chakra to the leaf as a vocal point.” The second was a picture of another ninja standing on the bottom of a tree branch without falling. Underneath that, it read “direct a fixed mixture of chakra to your feet and maintain it at that level. This will allow you to stay connected to any surface. If you add too much too little chakra, the technique will fail. The third was a picture of a ninja walking on water as if it was a solid. Underneath, it read “this is a continuation of exercise 2. The chakra required for water changes randomly, you will need a stable level of chakra control to perform this.” Lyoid concluded that these were to be done in chronological order. He first needed to get a leaf. He looked to a tree beside him. He ran toward it and flipped off its trunk with a propelling kick. Tons of leaves now floated down to the ground. Lyoid picked one up and returned to his prior position. He placed the leaf on his forehead and began focusing. Lyoid mentally tried to view his chakra moving up from his body along his neck to the leaf. Similar to his prior training, he reached a level of focus when all sound was sucked into a noiseless void. He retained this chakra moving focus for 10 minutes. Lyoid eventually became so adept at this that he forgot he was practicing. He noticed and removed the leaf from his head. He could feel his chakra moving back it its prior equilibrium. He reread the one with the ninja walking under tree branches. Lyoid found the largest tree that he could. He began drawing chakra to his feet. He could feel a grip to the grass beneath. Now, he had to see if that would work with the tree. Lyoid backed up to the opposite side of the clearing that the tree was on. His pressed his fingers lightly into the ground and got ready to speed ahead. Lyoid hurled himself in the direction of the tree. Before he would have smashed directly into the tree, Lyoid pushed his leg with all his force. Like a rubber ball hitting a metal floor after descending for a whole minute, he sprang into the air. Lyoid lifted his feet in front of him to connect them with the tree. Collision. He held a decent grip and wasn’t slipping. He could even stand completely up. It felt weird looking at the world from the side. Surprised at himself at this point, Lyoid lost focus. With his chakra grip now detached, Lyoid plummeted to the ground. He fell into a slight instant panic, but soon collected himself. He paused and balanced his chakra performing the ability again. Nearing the floor, his grip was restored. Lyoid ran up the tree to get to a branch. To test even more, Lyoid ran along the branch a few times.

He circled underneath and above. Lyoid stood now. As he had before, he noticed a presence. Lyoid darted his eyes to his left. The giant spider earlier was flying towards him. Before Lyoid could react the slightest, the spider slammed into his chest and sent his flying out of the training grounds. “How can a spider be that strong?” Lyoid thought. Lyoid was flying backwards and couldn’t see what he was heading into. He displaced his weight with leg movement allowing him to turn his front of his body to where he was heading. Underneath him was a lake outside the village barriers. Without thinking, he landed on his feet onto the water and attempted the third picture he had seen earlier. He swayed back and forth on the water almost as if standing on the most slippery ice in existence. He nearly fell twelve times before achieving a decent balance. Lyoid pulled a kunai from his pouch and gripped it tightly in his hand. That’s when it hit him. He’d just done of all the training for the byakugan. He should be able to perform it now if he tried hard enough. He got into his Hyuuga gentle fist form from earlier. He tried focusing chakra to his eyes. He didn’t know if that would work or not. He felt the veins tense around his eyes. Suddenly, he could see a giant spider web hurtling toward him. Lyoid barely ducked in time. Now was his chance. He moved back into his form and focused once more. The veins near his eyes tensed once again. He continued this until the pressure there couldn’t build anymore. He looked down at his arm. Lyoid could see the individual chakra canals within it. He could even see around himself in full 360 vision. He felt his speed suddenly increase. Another web flew at his again, but this time, it seemed he could react faster. It came from behind him, but he could see it anyway. Was this the power of the highly acclaimed byakugan? He slipped to the side dodging the web. 

He spun around and threw the kunai that he had toward the spider. He couldn’t visually see it. It was hidden in the trees, but he could see its chakra. Based off of the chakra movement, Lyoid concluded that it dodged the kunai and fled into the forest. Lyoid willingly deactivated his byakugan. His vision returned to normal. He accomplished what he wanted to do in that day and once again kept his eternal foe at bay. (The Spider) He realized that he was still walking on water. He had been doing it without even trying. Lyoid began running back to the training grounds as his backpack and scroll were still there. Once he arrived, he picked up his backpack and scroll then put the scroll back into his backpack. Lyoid paused while looking at the sunset scenery off in the distance. With his love of nature, he wanted to try something. He activated his byakugan again. This time it was nearly instant. He pushed his view in one direction out forward to scan the scenery. It was an amazing view of his village overlaying with the nature around it. He deactivated his dojustu. Lyoid began walking for the training gate. He did an I-won-type movement with his hand. “All in a day’s work” is what he father would have said. For now, his training was done. As always, he planned on returning soon to train more and to resume that battle with his eternal foe. It was nearing night now, Lyoid walked home slowly taking his time to enjoy the transition from sunset to night.

[Trained For]
Tree Climbing / Surface Walking Technique.

[Wordcount = 1,630  /  +8 stat points]
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PostSubject: Re: Multitaskers train faster   Mon Feb 16, 2015 11:24 am

Approved <3

You're awesome, give yourself a treat. <3

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Multitaskers train faster
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