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 Training For wind glaive (done)

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Genin of Konoha
Genin of Konoha

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PostSubject: Training For wind glaive (done)   Mon Dec 29, 2014 2:05 pm

Ehlandreh stood sipping coffee, looking into the official scroll of the “wind glaive Jutsu” in his hand was a book he had written in his childhood, devoted to the topic of the wind glaive.

“The wind glaive Jutsu is a technique that allows the user to use wind chakra to effectively “power up” their own performance, their chakra pathways become much easier flowing, and the presence of the wind chakra means that the people move a lot more easily. The wind glaive therefore increases the speed and the chakra of the user, allowing them to access Jutsu that are more difficult with ease. The wind glaive requires a large amount of chakra and energy in itself, but the benefits are enormous.” Ehlandreh recalled the day that he had written this. He had seen two shinobi fighting, and then one activated the Jutsu, and the battle was soon over. Although both sides were looking worse for wear after the fight, the shinobi whom used the wind glaive was a decisive victory, which we wouldn’t have if he hadn’t used the Jutsu. Ehlandreh turned to another page of the book, this one about the theory involved with it “since the Jutsu is activated, meaning it cannot effect things outside of the user itself, the Jutsu is about chakra manipulation, within the users own body. The process for the Jutsu, apparently, is to mold your futon chakra around your body, however, you must have both the capacity and the energy to provide it. You pump your Futon chakra around your body at a fast pace, natural for futon chakra. You basically mold and excess of it. The result; the wind glaive Jutsu, making chakra capacity larger and physical movement faster.” The young Ehlandreh had no idea about much chakra at this age, at four Ehlandreh hadn’t been recognized as potential shinobi, and had just started to break into libraries to find reading materials. “But this writing only comes with the experience of written accounts, in practice this is going to be very different, something that as a child I just assumed was simple, is actually quite complex…” Ehlandreh thought to himself, looking critically over the small manuscript. The hand seals were, a surprise to Ehlandreh, having not remembered the writing of the Jutsu, none. “SO this should be pretty simple,” Ehlandreh thought to himself, “just create a lot of wind chakra. Got it” Ehlandreh accessed the Jutsu in his head, and started molding the majority of his chakra to Futon. Nothing happened, Ehlandreh just felt a little tired, and maybe his hair had flapped around a bit, but that was probably due more to the open window in his parents’ bedroom, currently empty, they were still away on holiday… Ehlandreh shook his head of such emotions, and got back to the task at hand. So, despite his past self’s efforts, he hadn’t grasped the proper concepts of Fuuton ninjutsu. “Looks like I was wrong’ Ehlandreh said to himself in disappointment. Ehlandreh skipped through the manuscript, trying to find snippets of information which would open the lock, but most of the 300 pages devoted to Fuuton Ninjutsu was pure conjecture and opinion, Ehlandreh, at the time, hadn’t known about any of this stuff. No, some of the opinions were a little too far-fetched. The entire book probably didn’t have anything that would help him. Time to go to the library. Ehlandreh filled a flask with some coffee that he had kept in his fridge, although usually being adverse to such coffee, Ehlandreh had learned to make do for the circumstances, especially when it came to study. A brisk walk to the library later, and Ehlandreh was learning all there was about the wind glaive Jutsu. It was not a very common technique, nor much immortalized, as some Jutsu were. It had a reputation of being a decisive factor in fights. But most importantly in one of the books “The long account of my experience of Ninjutsu firsthand, in my own bedroom #married a shinobi” by an “Arthur Jay Boy Goddard Forner the second junior” Apart from the man’s very lengthy title name, and often steam content, he knew what it was like to use the wind glaive Jutsu. Ehlandreh walked back home, now the hour being much later, and his state much wearier, at his side hanging the empty flask of coffee. Ehlandreh stood at the front of his house, looking at the white exterior, and the window to his inside his mother’s house still firmly open, Ehlandreh mentally berated himself; his parents would have given him extra chores for such stupidity. Ehlandreh prepared himself mentally, referring himself back to the authors experience “And I grabbed my wife pos-“… “Not that part..” Ehlandreh thought, shaking his head of the written sexual experience. Ehlandreh remembered his words on the Jutsu, how to use it, and forming his chakra, Ehlandreh began to glow. Almost immediately feeling lighter on his feet, Ehlandreh walked around examining his skin, which was glowing quite bright in itself. “Well this is awesome” Ehlandreh stated matter-of-factly “Wonder if I will be able to digest coffee faster” Resolving to experiment, Ehlandreh walked into his house. “Gonna be a long night….”

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+ The wind glaive jutsu 3000/3000
(2200 jutsu points spent on it)
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PostSubject: Re: Training For wind glaive (done)   Mon Dec 29, 2014 2:40 pm

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Training For wind glaive (done)
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