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 Really needing to move faster (private)

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Genin of Konoha
Genin of Konoha

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Element(s) : Futon
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PostSubject: Really needing to move faster (private)    Fri Dec 26, 2014 3:11 am

Wow. Twas some good coffee. Twas being the key word in the previous sentence. The contents of the now empty cup had been completely ingested by Ehlandreh, now licking the remnants of the drink from is lips. Today Ehlandreh had decided to make quite the commitment. But it was for the greater good. Absolutely the best thing for him. Ehlandreh had decided to learn the “body flicker” technique. With this jutsu, Ehlandreh could reduce time on making coffee by about 50% or so his calculations would suggest, he would no longer have to “walk” to the fridge, he could just teleport there. “So awesome!” Ehlandreh lifted both arms up, catapulting the few drops left in his cup towards the hearth, the coffee fizzing up in the heat. “Phewww” Ehlandreh mimed the blinding speed of the body flicker as he walked towards the sink, arms lifting up into a frozen running position, making a whistling sound and shivering his body. Ehlandreh wondered around the room for a while doing this, doing his few chore and pretending to fight enemies, before flickering away to do something else. Ehlandreh enjoyed pretending to be able to body flicker, but soon it was time to really attempt it.
Ehlandreh made his way to the library, greeting the people whom he knew on the way there. Although the trip should have taken about five minutes, Ehlandreh somehow managed to make it last an hour. “Man…” Ehlandreh thought as he approached the library “How ironic, I’m here to learn one of the fastest Jutsu , and I take an hour to get here from a 5 minute trip. “ Ehlandreh chuckled as he entered the center of learning, but soon silenced himself and made his face completely neutral in the presence of strangers.
Ehlandreh made his way to a desk, with a pretty, pale lady sitting there looking bored. Ehlandreh was not looking forward to talking to her, he felt subdued just by looking at her “I am looking for scrolls on the body flicker technique” Ehlandreh stated briefly. “So?” she replied equally briefly. Ehlandreh widened his eyes. She was just as bored as he was. Well that makes my effort worth it. “Sorry, I was distracted, what I meant to say was, HI my name is Ehlandreh, I am looking for some scrolls on the body flicker technique, and could you please give me a hand.” Ehlandreh smiled charmingly at the lady. His change of tone got her attention, and she smiled back at him. “Go find it yourself” and went back to looking bored. Ehlandreh shrugged and left. Some people just didn’t want to be friends. Ehlandreh respected that, he often behaved similarly.
Ehlandreh found that things in the library were really hard to find. He could have gone to the Shinobi library, where it would be easy to find, but that was an entire 30 minutes’ walk, rather than the easy five. And also, Ehlandreh didn’t like reading instructions to learn something, he found that reading literature about such techniques was a lot more fun. He had found a lot of fiction on it, but nothing that he would have possible proved useful.
Ehlandreh had found a book on Jutsu theory. It was, however really old, and obviously written by someone who was not a shinobi. It talked about how the body flicker technique was not a kind of taijutsu, as Ehlandreh had ofen assumed. This was a pretty good thing, Ehlandreh didn’t have much aptitude at taijutsu. It did appear to be some sort of ninjutsu though. “The body flicker is a technique that allows the user to move at great speed from one point from the other, I have observed people who are not at all fit move at great speed, sometimes greater than their taijutsu peers, using this technique. It involves a burst of chakra to supplement speed, the greater the chakra the greater the speed. It is very similar to the technique of surface walking, using chakra to stick to a surface, however the body flicker is significantly more advanced. I have been told that when flickering, it is very hard to do anything else, as the great speed and energy that is required to maintain the technique, even if it is only for a second.”
The scroll then begins to drone on about possible ways to counteract this. Obviously the book was aimed at retired ninjas who were looking at ways to give advantages to their grandkids. Although it may have provided an accurate account of the body flicker, it was not at all helpful to actually using it.
Ehlandreh had to continue on, but that idea about that chakra and how it was similar to the surface walking technique gave him a thought. Ehlandreh stood straight on the wooden floor, looking down a book aisle. Ehlandreh sensed his legs, and tried to focus on putting the chakra into his legs. “Yeah like that...” Ehlandreh thought “similar to the surface walking technique…. Yeah” When Ehlandreh thought he was ready, he lunged forward, like he was leaping from a tree, speeding through the air… “Crack! Ehlandreh was falling flat on his face, attached to his feet part of the wooden floor. “argh…. Damn it” “SHHH!!”
Nearly an hour Later….
Ehlandreh felt like he was dying. Coffee was not allowed in the library and the nearest coffee shop was five minutes away, at a brisk walk. Ehlandreh was so tired, and he knew that if he attempted to walk back to his house, he would never arrive. He just wasn’t fast enough to make it. But he had to make it, otherwise he might have a heart attack “I really ought to do something about my coffee addiction” Ehlandreh thought as he stumbled out of the library, “it is really proving to be a bit of an issue”. Ehlandreh made a quick oath to stop his over reliance on coffee, but for the time being all he could think about was the coffee. And he knew he wasn’t going to make it home without some serious speed. But he just didn’t know how… there was a click clack behind Ehlandreh, and he turned, knowing well the sound of high heels. “You… a.. Um Beardra…? Sorry, I was on break earlier,” she blushed, and gave him a scroll “this has everything you need to learn the Jutsu, but next time just go to the shinobi library!” She said suddenly losing her embarrassment and becoming severe. She walked off, an Ehlandreh read the scroll hurridley. The theory was excellent, and Ehlandreh knew that there was no chance of him not getting it this time.
About a minute later.
“sip…. Coffee so good” Ehlandreh said, sitting in the comfort of his home, in front of the hearth and drinking his coffee, which he had speedily made with the help of the body flicker. Although it was very different to how he had thought it would be. Although it was very different to how he had thought it would be. It was not the clear flash of sophisticated movement that he had expected. It was more akin to a burst, like you had been shot forward by a cannon. 
It was pretty cool though, and Ehlandreh couldn't help but flicker to his sink to wash up his cup of coffee. 

 TWC: 1212, required 1000 
+5 stats 

(I would like it known that the "library" or "shinobi library" is in no way real, and is just a fictitious design for the purpose of the story. I don't expect it to be considered as a real building, and with a multi person rp thread, I would not consider them real. if me including these in story is a problem than I will get rid of it. Know that my imagination will not exceed these limits, i won't make up a giant temple with a hidden bijuu to fight or something, that is a bit over the top) Here is the jutsu link
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Odin Senju <3
Genin of Konoha
Genin of Konoha

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Element(s) : Suiton
Clan : Senju
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PostSubject: Re: Really needing to move faster (private)    Fri Dec 26, 2014 9:09 am

(i don't mean to barge in but i wanna say when training, it is good to be creative and make up some stuff, the only things that count the most is in combat and RPing with others.  Good job and welcome)

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Genin of Konoha
Genin of Konoha

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Element(s) : Futon
Clan : Nara
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PostSubject: Re: Really needing to move faster (private)    Fri Dec 26, 2014 9:19 am

(alright since you seem to be talking in brackets I will to. Don't worry, I don't think the staff can see thi stuff. I just want to say, I can't at all seem to fathom if you are making a criticism or a suggestion. Yes true, it is good to be creative, but I don't want it to seem like i'm making up what happens in Kumogakure, cuz I cannot do that. There are some really crazy staff around here, watch out, and make sure whenever they are around to pop into brackets, cuz they cannot see stuff that we write in here. Thanks you for your opinion, it is super appreciated. Bye.)
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Akihana Akari

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PostSubject: Re: Really needing to move faster (private)    Fri Dec 26, 2014 9:30 am

(*infiltrates the secret world of brackets to approve this* It's true, we totally can't see anything in parenthesis, it's our one weakness!) <3

You're awesome, give yourself a treat. <3

"How many scars did she justify,
Just because she loved the one holding the knife."

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PostSubject: Re: Really needing to move faster (private)    

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Really needing to move faster (private)
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