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 Trials Of Fire VI.

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PostSubject: Trials Of Fire VI.   Sun Mar 09, 2014 11:31 am

          Just another day, Muu thought to himself as he walked up to the sliding glass doors of his favorite training building.  The large expanse of space echoed with the sound of his foot falls and the distant sound of running water form the man made streams and small waterfalls from with the large forest that had been made within the building. Muu was wearing his standard fancy pants outfit as he strolled up to the group he’d asked to meet him here today. It was almost the same group that’d helped him with his chakra sensing training a few weeks ago, Shinto Migashi was there, his smug smile upon seeing Muu was annoying, but the bored almost lazy expression of Muu didn’t register any emotion regarding it. Umi was here as well! Umi Yakaza smiled and waved to Muu as he approached and Ryo Nagata gave him a firm head bob which, form someone who really didn’t care for Muu was pretty good considering, or so Muu thought.
”Hey Muu! We’re all here just like you asked. So what do you have in mind for training games today?” Umi asked cheerfully. She was always very pleasant to everyone, and one of the few girls who treated Muu well in fact. Not that Muu ever cared what girls around him thought of him, he honestly had never given it much thought, but he’d always noticed Umi’s exceptional kindness to almost everyone. But never mind that, Muu knew her question was shared by everyone gather here. Including his old classmates Shinto, Ryo, and Umi there were about nine young shinobi waiting for some instruction form Muu, the one who’d invited them all to help him train. He’d made it up to them all by now and as all the eyes turned to him, he felt his face grow warm again. He hated having a lot of attention on him when he knew he was suppose to be directing things. Not the kind of attention he wanted, ever.  But he had no choice here yet again so he cleared his throat and gave it a shot, ”*ughhh ummm* Well, hey….” Then his mind went blank for a moment, a confused look went across his face and he scratched his head a minute looking to the ceiling. Everyone sighed almost in unison as their hopes for an exciting game quickly faded.
Then Muu snapped his fingers, his normal bored look was one of surprise and cheer,  ”Oh yea! Today we’ll be on two teams, Me, Umi and Ryo, vs everyone else. Use whatever skills you want, but the team to capture the other teams captain first wins. Ready go!” Muu had a smile of triumph as he started walking casually away to the metal railing around the entire edge of the observation area. He realized no one was following him and stopped after a few feet, looking at them in confusion and the motioned towards the forest with his hands again as if to urge them on. Ryo was the one to speak up, ”Umm okay Muu, what are the team captains and if you haven’t noticed the teams are a little unbalanced, there’s three of against seven of them… how are we suppose to win? The whole group looked between Ryo and Muu nodding their heads in agreement. Apparently Muu left something out again, classic. With an almost sarcastic tone, like he expected everyone to know what he was thinking or something he said,
”Well I’m our team captain, and Shinto is theirs.  And we’ll win because well, we have  me. Now come on everyone.“  Muu then jumped over the edge and waited a moment, as Umi and Ryo quickly joined him, although they did not look excited at all. ”The others said they’d give us a lead since we were outnumbered, please tell us you have a plan Muu.’ Umi asked as they all started to move at a quick pace into the forest. Muu’s bored expression probably wasn’t very inspiring but he did have a plan, specifically to help him with one of his abilities. Even as they moved through the trees Muu spoke in a monotone, ”You two fight, stay close together. I chose you cause I thin you’re the best of the group and I believe you can beat them given enough time. I’m going to go between you both, and heal you throughout the fight and lend utility support. That’s how they are going to give up  and tire out first.”
They both exchanged skeptical looks, but they were already out here so they had no choice but to go along with it now. The trio landed in a small clearing with a pond in the center of it. As good of place as any to make their stand they all agreed. It wasn’t long after they had taken positions, Muu standing on the surface of the water with Umi and Ryo flanking his sides as they waited for their enemies to arrive. Muu was expanding his senses quickly, feeling the chakra of them all approaching quickly, he relayed the info to the team, telling them three were incoming while the other four were lagging behind with the chakra signature that he was sure was Shintos. He figured they were staying back as a defensive group while the other 3 were suppose to take them down as the offensive team. Because of Muus sensing he was able to know and tell his team that the enemy was flanking form the right side and they could alter their position accordingly, so when they came out of the trees they were ready for them completely. Ryo Charged up to them, drilling on of them in the face with his fist, and getting tackled by another. Umi Hit one with a water style jutsu while he stopped to witness the struggle with Ryo. Muu dashed to Ryo’s side, channeling his chakra strength to rip the enemy off his teammate and throw him a few meters away back into the trees, the sounds of breaking branches and the thud of him hitting a tree in the distance was audible to them and  caused the first enemy to fall back. The other four however had just landed behind them.
Ryo was on his feet and rushing the enemy again, engaging two of them while one of the girls came spinning up to Muu. She was agile and quick and Muu had to pay a lot of attention and give a lot of focus to dodge her swift strikes. Umi tried to come to his aid but Shinto started a barrage of fire blasts using his fire style jutsu at her to keep her distracted. Muu saw Ryo fall down under his two enemies, he was bleeding from a cut on his arm and it looked like he’d taken a slight burn form a well placed fire blast by Shinto probably. Quickly using the clone Jutsu to distract his opponent, the agile girl, Muu raced to Ryo’s side, using his chakra enhanced strength once again, but this time to punch the ground, destroying it, sending crack spider webbing around them and even cause large sections to turn up form the ground. The two enemies jumped back to safety in fear of what being too close to Muu would mean for them. Muu kept his eyes on them, as he kneed over Ro who was trying to get up although struggling. Muu focused chakra to his left hand, a dark emerald green glow covering it as he moved his hand closer to Ryo’s injuries. Surprised Ryo responded, [color:d3d6=Brown”Damn Muu that actually feels great, I think I can keep fighting now!” Muu had a firm determination set on his face as he watched the enemy and focused on healing faster. He sensed a fast moving chakra signature to Yumes left, Turning to see he witnessed Yume paying no attention to the direction and he promptly yelled at her, ”Umi! To your left! Dodge now!” She didn’t even look at him, just turned straight to the direction he yelled and jumped up to avoid a sudden blast of fire that came roaring out of the trees toward her. If Muu hadn’t have yelled she might have been burnt toast just then. But another of the enemies was closing in on her back, but Mu was already on the move, jumping he caught the sneaky bastard in the air, a solid punch to his face sent him falling into the pond below, Muu himself transitioning chakra to his feet and landing on the surface. He didn’t even have to enhance his strength for that one.
The battle was going well for the time being, Umi and Shinto were exchanging ninjutsu blasts back and forth, raining  water and fire over the battler field respectively while Muu had landed a solid chakra enhanced blow on the agile girl sending he flying into the trees moments ago. He didn’t feel bad about hitting her either, until he heard the smash as she collided with a larger tree a few meters into the forest. Ryo had been able to dispatch one of his own opponents but he was wavering, running out of steam and had fallen back to Muu for help. Umi wasn’t too far behind, backing up to him as well. As the three of them stood on the waters surface, Umi focused on putting up barriers of water to blocked the Ninjutsu blasts of fire and wind form the remaining opponents while Ryo sent bolts of lighting at them in retaliation. They were both getting tired and Muu’s only thought was about how to keep them in the fight. He was getting tired himself, but he had to keep it up for his team now, focusing chakra into his hands and as they began to glow emerald green that was his Mystical Palm technique, he slowly, carefully placed his hands on both Umi’s and Ryo’s back. He focused his chakra and began healing them both as best he could. For a moment he felt it working, as they increased their speed as if they had gotten a sudden urge of energy. But even Muu could feel it fading. He had to do something to end the conflict soon otherwise his teammates would fall form exhaustion.
He couldn’t let that happen. During the pause of attacks Muu acted, racing forward and leaping in the air, focusing his chakra into his fist at precisely the moment en in the place he needed it to be. His enemies were standing close together luckily and when he brought his fits down between them to hit the ground they were both sent back as the ground exploded as if a meteor had just fallen form the sky.
With the dust in the air and the enemy confused and shocked form the sudden kamikaze form Muu, Ryo and Umi were able to come in swiftly and subdue the rest of the enemies. But honestly after the eruption of the ground beneath their feet they were ready to give up regardless. They were to afraid of possibly being on the receiving end of a hit like the one that had the power to change the landscape. But I mean could you really blame them? Muu walked over to Shinto who was laying on the ground and asked him, ”So, Shinto, do you give up?” Muu asked with his lazy eyes staring hole in the boy laying on his back with a frightened look on his face. Muu then simply cracked his fingers, a threatening manner that made him visibly flinch. That brought a smirk to Muu’s face, as he looked to Umi and Ryo and gave them a thumbs up on a job well done. They looked exaigshted and Muu felt the same, but in the end they won and Muu was able to viably use his sensing, strength, and healing abilities mid fight to accomplish exactly what he hoped he could, tactical support and utility in a fight, while still having a viable impact on the fight in an aggressive manner. That sure caught them off guard too. Regardless, Muu was very satisfied with the outcome but he didn’t have any intention of staying to babysit everyone, so he turned and waved his goodbye as he walked towards the exit. This was enough social interaction for him, that much he was one hundred percent sure of.
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PostSubject: Re: Trials Of Fire VI.   Sun Mar 09, 2014 11:33 am

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Trials Of Fire VI.
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