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 Rank C Mission: Temple Robbers

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Hunter Yagami
Jounin of Konoha
Jounin of Konoha

Fame : 5
Home Village :
  • Cloud

Element(s) : Lightning, Fire, Wind
Clan : Yagami
Clan Element : Thunder Flare
Bloodline : Blood of War (Stage 4, Lvl.3)
Ryo : 3200

PostSubject: Rank C Mission: Temple Robbers   Tue Sep 03, 2013 5:07 am


Hunter awoke as the sun broke through his window. He was rested but felt a bit of unease this morning as he dressed after cleaning up at the Bathhouse. He put on his black Cargo pants, Yagami’s Fury Boots, his Yagami Sealed Belt, and his Chuunin jacket as he how had the jacket altered so that he had a bit wider, open back as to reveal his tattoos. He now had pouches on his belt for his Kunai as he had Rebellion and his Wakizashi strapped to his back. He went out and saw his friend/familiar Slow Death, but the giant Alligator Snapping Turtle was nowhere to be found. It made Hunter a bit uneasy, but a guard soon came up and informed Hunter that the Turtle actually left of its own accord earlier that morning before the sun rose. He smiled and thanked the guard before walking out of the Compound and out into the mountain pass. He put his hands in his pockets as he began to walk towards the village. Now that he was a Chuunin, there would be more opportunity for missions of higher rank. The Mission Board was not to far out of the way for him so he would go and see if there was anything fun.

Upon arriving to the Mission Boards he was able to look around, all around him people stared at the new Chuunin, some were new Academy Graduates, others were Genin that were just coming back from long missions. He felt proud to be a Chuunin and that he was able to serve the great village of Kumokagure. After looking through the missions he was finally able to find a couple that were of good rank and looked pretty serious. Seeing as they were older, Hunter knew that it was a repost and that it has happened before. Hunter took the mission posting that was labeled “Temple Robbers” and he went to the mission directors and they looked him over then smiled and gave Hunter a small dossier of clean new paper detailing the mission out and what exactly was going to be needed. He smiled and took the dossier from the director and left the Mission Boards to begin his walk out into the more ancient part of the mountains. Her walked the entire way there so by the time he arrived it was reaching late afternoon/early evening as he began to survey the Temple Site.

Hunter began with the front of the temple where he saw some minor damage there and there that was outside of the ordinary “wear and tear” of the environment. There were statues of ancient leaders and warriors that were defiled, marked, or dismantled for some sort of monetary value, but as far as Hunter could see, that was about it. Upon inspecting the sides he saw a few scorch marks, and small dried up blood trails, but the trails seemed to lead into the temple rather than away, which would suggest that perhaps one of the Temple Grave Robbers, or a ninja from one of the more ancient families dedicated to defending the Temple was injured. Hunter checked the other two sides and saw no further amounts of damage or points of entry beside that of the North and East entrances. Hunter walked into the Temple where he studied the near bare interior. He noticed that most of the more intricate and ornate pieces were already gone, also that the trail of blood led down into the depths. Hunter began to focus as he was able to use a bit of Chakra to activate his heat sensing abilities in his eyes. Along with the low light when he was not using the heat vision he was able to tell that there was some statues, ornaments, memorial tablets, etc. missing from their rightful places, this still was not out of the ordinary, but Hunter was going to make sure that someone was going to pay for the desecration of the Temple. After what seemed like an eternity of searching he finally found what he was searching for. It was the body of a ninja that was defending this place. The ninja had a few Kunai, Shruiken, and Senbon stuck into his uniform…he looked to be younger than Hunter. Hunter sighed as he looked at the boys face and saw that his headband was that of Kumokagure and was defaced with graffiti. Hunter took the headband and turned it over as he saw a name of the kid on the back of the headband, it was stitched in. A family was probably missing this kid.

“I am sorry young ninja…you endured as much as you could, but was just in the wrong place at the wrong time…” Hunter began as he pulled the multiple weapons from the kid’s body and placed them carefully beside him as he wrapped the kid in bandages to make sure he would be ok. Hunter then gathered the weapons and the kid’s body and made his way out as he hid the buried the body quickly and made a small memorial tablet and marked the grave as he put the weapons in a pouch to use against the Temple Robbers later.

Hunter wasted no time in taking a perch as the night grew dark and the animals of the forest began to come out and fill the air with their noise. It was not long before Hunter was able to feel with his Chakra Senses that a force was approaching. He waited as soon his stakeout paid off and three bigger men appeared at the Northern entrance. A few seconds later though Hunter saw two slender more armored ninja appear. “what is going on here…” Hunter muttered to himself as he concealed himself looking at the group, studying their habits and moves as they prepared to enter. Hunter came upon the conclusion that the three bigger men were criminals and that the two smaller ones were of the family that guarded this Temple. “Those scum…I will make sure that at least one lives…” Hunter said again as he thought of a strategy to take them all on one at a time. As they entered the Temple he noticed one of the slender ones stay behind as if to look like he was guarding. Hunter waited for about five minutes before he withdrew Rebellion and kept it out as he activated his Shadow Wings and as he flapped them once he Body Flickered behind the guard and shoved Rebellion through the spine of the guard as a sickening sound made the birds around the area flew away as Hunter cupped the guards mouth and withdrew Rebellion and flicked the blade out slinging blood out as he felt the guards body grow cold quick. Hunter hid the guards body as he fastened another Exploding Tag to a Kunai as he tied the wire to a Kunai as he made a loop, making a small trap as he ran into the temple and used his surface walking ability to stay off the floor and into the empty and crumbling ceiling as he soon found the group beginning to plunder. Hunter threw a rock as they all reacted and the slender one reacted quickly as he launched a streak of lightning towards the direction the rock Hunter threw. Hunter knew that that ninja would be a little tougher as he ordered two of the bigger men to check out the area. Hunter kept still and quiet as he leapt to a perch on a broken archway as one of the two decided to pass under, Hunter lowered the noose around the mans neck before jumping to the ground sticking the Kunai into the ground as the man launched into the air and as gravity did its work there was a sickening crunch. Hunter then flicked out his wing and rolled out of the way as his wing shot three Feather Kunai at the other one, and Hunter watched as all three hit their mark…inside the mans skull. The next thing Hunter knew there was a bright flash as Hunter activated his wing shield just in time as fire erupted all around him, and when it died down Hunter threw the Explosive Kunai and jumped back up to the ceiling. There was a thunderous explosion before some crumbling stone. Hunter heard as the other bigger one was caught…he was pleading for the other guy, the ninja, to help him out, but it was no use as the ninja quickly silenced him as there was a thud as the man went silent. Hunter knew the ninja was now out looking for him so he spread his Chakra senses as he looked out with his heat vision to try and track the last man. It was then that he heard the ninja speak form some location in the next room.

“Very good…I see that none of the men I have hired were of match for you, but you see I know this temple…” he began as Hunter was just barely able to react and jump out of the way as the ninja appeared behind him and slashed, Hunter blocked with Rebellion as he landed to the ground and popped his neck. “…Inside and out…” The ninja said as he performed a quick series of hand seals. Hunter reacted as quick as he could as he launched out the weapons that killed the kid, it was him versus this ninja as his Jutsu arched through the metal in the weapons as Hunter used his speed boost to get behind the ninja as he activated the spikes on Rebellion and sunk one into the ninja’s back, severing his spine, making him cripple as he fell to the ceiling. Hunter reacted quickly as he caught the ninja before the ground.

“By authority of the Lady Raikage of Kumokagure I am placing you in my care to which I will return you to the authorities and you will be brought in for questioning. As for your commrades...they obviously knew the risks” Hunter said as he cut down the man he hanged and used the wire to tie up the ninja’s hands and fingers in a pattern as to where he knew he could not escape as he left the other bodies for now. He would return for them if the Lady Raikage needed them to get stronger. For now his mission was accomplished.


Hunter Yagami Stats
Throwing Speed:205
Throwing Distance:66 Meters
Weapon Sharpness Bonus:205

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Xuro Bakuton
Jounin of Konoha
Jounin of Konoha

Fame : 38
Home Village :
  • Sand

Element(s) : Earth,Lightning,Wind,Acid
Clan : Bakuton
Clan Element : Bakuton (Explosion Release)
Bloodline : Iwagakure Kinjutsu, Mangekyou Sharingan (Implant/DNA)
Ryo : 1447

PostSubject: Re: Rank C Mission: Temple Robbers   Tue Sep 03, 2013 5:28 pm


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Rank C Mission: Temple Robbers
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