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 Taming the big ass turtle

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Hunter Yagami
Jounin of Konoha
Jounin of Konoha

Fame : 5
Home Village :
  • Cloud

Element(s) : Lightning, Fire, Wind
Clan : Yagami
Clan Element : Thunder Flare
Bloodline : Blood of War (Stage 4, Lvl.3)
Ryo : 3200

PostSubject: Taming the big ass turtle   Wed Aug 14, 2013 5:37 am

Hunter was out in the mountains training away from home today as he came to the pond where, ten years ago he set an Alligator Snapping Turtle he named langsamen Tod, or Slow Death.  He named this turtle because he bore markings of a time long since past and looks to have been through many hardships in life.  As Hunter sat at the pond he noticed a few ripples hear and there but nothing could prepare him as the water began to churn, massive air bubbles coming to the surface.  Hunter did not flinch though as a giant alligator snapping turtle at least 2 meters tall rose from the depths of the pond.  Hunter looked the creature over and saw the markings on its back, and was truly amazed at what he saw.  It was indeed “Slow Death” in front of him, and man did he look hungry.  Hunter stood up and stood his ground as the Turtle came up and roared once in his face, and even though his breath was putrid, Hunter stood there.  The turtle looked confused as no human that had ever come to the pond stood its ground before.  So as the turtle drew its head back it charged at Hunter, and in typical fashion, Hunter did not body flicker but run and jump up as the turtle ran at him.  He landed on its shell and he could hear the turtle hiss as it tried to come back and bite at Hunter.  It had no teeth, but its bite was enough to split someone like Hunter in half, and Hunter had other intentions.

“Whoa there big guy, man you sure did get big and strong in ten years…” Hunter began as the turtle was now fully on land.  On the back of the turtle Hunter noticed it had significant markings…not to recent, but not to old either.  They seemed to have looked like a seal, but carved into the shell.  Hunter thought that someone trying to protect the mountains might have done it, but didn’t have time as the turtle shook itself violently, and in Hunter’s loss of focus, he was flung off its back and out into the middle of the pond.  “Damnitt, all wet…and smell like fish…I hate my life sometimes.” He said as he saw the turtle turn then slide back into the pond.  “How deep is this bastard anyway?” Hunter said but didn’t have time to truly react as he felt something nudge his leg.  “aw fuck…” Hunter said before he felt a clamp on his leg.  It was excruciatingly painful and Hunter knew that his leg had to be fractured if not broken.  He took a deep breath just as he was drug under by the jaws of the turtle.  He charged up his lightning Chakra and right as the Turtle was about to chomp down on Hunter’s leg, he struck it on the head as an electrical current surged through the pond Hunter shot up as he was released and swam for the shore.  Not having much time before he noticed the intense bleeding. “Damn…Damn, Damn, Damn…” He said as the voice in his head piped up.  “Run you idiot…RUN NOW!” It said as Hunter knew he did not have a chance today.  He took Rebellion from its harness and stuck it in the ground to use as a cane, and just as he was hobbling  back to the Compound he looked back.  Just enough time to see Slow Death rise up and begin searching the area for Hunter, it began to roar and Hunter almost felt sad as he sped up feeling the blood loss speeding up as he reached the gates of the Compound and collapsed.  

Hunter woke up sometime later as the bad feeling in his leg was gone.  He sighed as he sat up and looked around.  “Must have blacked out at the gate…damn…I need to go back.  I need to tame him…Slow Death will be mine.” Hunter said as he was determined to get back out and find the turtle. He really did not know how long he was there, but after looking under the covers and finding a scar…he assumed the medical ninja at the compound healed him up, and something that severe…must have been at least a week.  He thought to himself as the voice in his head came up.  “Hunter you have been out for about 2 weeks actually.  Your father went out to look for that beast and he ended up finding it.  What he did with it, I have no clue.” It told him, and the fact that the voice in his head knew that info struck Hunter, but now was not the time as he ran outside.  Upon reaching the doors his father was waiting on him.  

“The turtle which you seek, is it the same one that nearly took you out?” Uriel asked his son, and in looking for a way to get out Hunter nodded.  “Yes, but it was my fault for being careless and unfocused.” Hunter admitted.  That is when Uriel put a hand on his sons shoulder.  “Then you, as a man of the Clan Yagami, must go back to face that challenge and tame the beast.  You two share a connection that can only be strengthened.”  Uriel said as Hunter really was confused, knowing that his father wanted him to go back, but that he KNEW the turtle was Hunter’s familiar was freaky.  Hunter nodded as his father stepped out of the way letting Hunter leave.

Hunter soon arrived at the pond and found that the turtle was at the surface already waiting.  Hunter stood his ground and waited as the turtle came at him again.  This time as the turtle snapped at Hunter, he reached out and with all of his strength he stopped the beast in its tracks at the shore.  With its mouth still wide and it still trying to push, Hunter gave it a taste of its own medicine by charging up his lightning and fire chakra in his feet.  As he let go of the turtle, he jumped up and was at the perfect height to kick the turtle in the face twice, once with each foot as the turtle flew back into the pond.  It was angry, but Hunter was not going to back down as it rushed out of the water.  Hunter used his Body Flicker to get on its shell once more just like last time as he knocked on the turtles shell it turned its head slowly and let out an earthy and deadly sounding growl before beginning to thrash violently trying to throw Hunter from its back.  This went on for hours as the sun went down the beast finally fell.  Hunter had stayed on its shell for at least 5 hours and knew that the beast was his.  He jumped off its back and went to its head.  The turtle then stood up and looked into Hunter’s eyes as Hunter stared back.  After a few minutes the turtles tongue came out and licked Hunter.  Hunter laughed as he reached up to pet his new friend on his head.  “You put up one hell of a fight Slow Death, but you remember me know don’t ya?” He asked as the turtle nodded in agreement.  Hunter then hopped back up as he pointed back to the compound.  

Slow Death then began to walk as directed till they reached the compound.  Once inside Hunter looked around and saw that the compound had been changed so that a large pond now sat under the window of Hunter’s room right outside the house.  Hunter smiled as he saw his father in his window.  Uriel nodded in satisfaction and pride as Slow Death went to the water and laid down.  Hunter hopped off and looked at his friend as he patted him on the head once more.  “Alright buddy, this is your new home.  Don’t worry I’ll find some way too…” as Hunter was about to finish he saw Slow Death reach down as he sunk in the new pond and came back up with a large fish as he began to eat. “…feed…you.” Hunter said then busted up laughing.  He went up to his room and dressed to sleep as he looked down to see that Slow Death had retreated to the bottom of the pond.  His voice chimed in as a final ring for the night.  “Well, well, well…looks like you might be your so called “Turtle Warrior” after all…well good job Hunter, even though you sometimes still act like a pussy…you live up and rise to make your dreams real.”  Hunter finally laid down as he closed his eyes knowing that he now had a new friend in the world.

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(Fully Tammed Slow Death(familliar) 14 JP, 7 Stats)
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Hunter Yagami
Jounin of Konoha
Jounin of Konoha

Fame : 5
Home Village :
  • Cloud

Element(s) : Lightning, Fire, Wind
Clan : Yagami
Clan Element : Thunder Flare
Bloodline : Blood of War (Stage 4, Lvl.3)
Ryo : 3200

PostSubject: Re: Taming the big ass turtle   Wed Aug 14, 2013 5:41 am

we should train little t and my big ass turtle

Hunter Yagami Stats
Throwing Speed:205
Throwing Distance:66 Meters
Weapon Sharpness Bonus:205

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PostSubject: Re: Taming the big ass turtle   

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Taming the big ass turtle
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