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 Crazy cat lady and why i hate her[mission D rank]

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Crono Guardia

Fame : 10
Home Village :
  • Leaf

Element(s) : Lightning
Clan : Guardia
Clan Element : Vorpal
Bloodline : Zen Trance
Ryo : 0

PostSubject: Crazy cat lady and why i hate her[mission D rank]   Fri Apr 05, 2013 4:27 am


Crono was lazing about his day upon the front steps of his porch. the morning dew evaporating left a fine fresh mist. It was a simple little pleasure, but one the young samurai had learned not to take for granted. High in the sky a small hawk had began to soar in, no doubt delivering a message of some importance to the hokage or some other high ranking ninja.


The sudden shout of his name had caused some sense of alarm, causing crono to awaken from his daze to try to pinpoint the source to no avail. suddenly the voice cried out again.

"Ahem... behind you"

Crono nearly jumped as he looked behind him, spotting the small little messenger frog, a brown knapsac was filled with a scroll.

"Message for you from the Shogun."

Crono smiled and thanked the little frog before removing the small scroll from his back. a small hurried note was scribbled. "Mission: 19674 w hyuga rd". quickly deducing it was an address, it was strange no details were given. Crono dismissed the frog, who quickly returned to his realm before getting up and heading toward the address that was written running at a full sprint. His sensei Vretriel had told him that he could train anywhere if he just tried. and using that encouragement he rushed off attempting to train and complete the mission at the same time.

The location was quite simple to find, it was a stand alone house guarded by a white waist high picket fence. Before Crono could even wipe the sweat from his brow from the run a hysterical woman ran out of the home yelling.

"My babies, you have to save my babies. They never came home last night" she exclamed, the sheer shrill of her voice making crono wience as he tried to calm her down. "mamm, your babies?" he questioned. "yes, Wiskers, Crackers, Socks, Mr. Bigglesworth, and Paul. " Crono looked at her with a questioning expression before realizing they were pets. "Here!" she exclamed shoving a picture into Crono's chest. At just one glance he knew this was not the only picture she had. "okay maam, i'll find them. " he said, running off before she could open her mouth again. just the sound of her voice gave Crono the anwser to why they didn't return.

Leaping high into a tree he began to scout around. using his surface walking ability to cling to the wood. he took a deep breath and thought for a moment, when suddenly the anwser came to him, the messenger frog. Crono unsheathed his blade by an inch and used the inch to slice a small cut into his hand. placing his hand against the wood he focused his chakra, chains of seals left his hand in a simular manner to other summons. in a puff of smoke a small winged messenger frog appeared. "yea boss?" the small frog questioned as it was summoned.

"Take a look at these cats, I need you to fly up high and let me know if you find them"

with a quick nod, the frog soared up high, and as he did crono spotted the first feline. leaping downward he snatched up the Orange tabby, which was suddenly startled and began to scratch him. lesson learned. after calming the cat down, crono returned the animal to it's owner, who screached in delight before heading off to find another. The messenger frog soared down to him. "Boss, I have eyes on the other four.... what happened to your face" after describing what had happened the frog continued. "You have 2 cats two blocks to the right in some garbage, one in a tree at 4 o clock, and the final one is actually on the roof of the house to the left. " Crono thanked the frog before dismissing him. Quickly dashing between each of the locations crono began to gather the other felines, although this time, he decided to use some catnip he was able to swipe from the owner's pocket. his chakra running low as he was walking up the buildings and trees to train his chakra instead of jumping over them. in less then ten minutes the job was completed. It was all crono could do to escape from the iron choke hold the cat lady gave him upon returning with the last of her "babies". "I'll be sure to let them know you did a extra good job" she said as he began his exit. he could see the faces of the cats in the window staring at him, silently cursing him for damning them to this continued fate. He felt slightly guilty, until he remembered the scratches all over his face.

With a quick slice of his thumb Crono summoned another messenger frog, this one flightless. "Yea boss?" it asked. Crono hurriedly wrote down the words "Mission Complete, Crono" on the back of his mission paper, before rolling it up and placing it in the pouch on the frog's back. "Deliver this to the Shogun" he said, before adding "and remind him he still owes his brother a Ramen at Ichiraku's " The frog nodded as it hopped away, quickly disapearing out of sight. Crono smiled it was still early. In a full sprint he ran off toward the training grounds, richocheting off of buildings and out of sight.

[wc: 911, 2 speed, 2 chakra, 9 jp, 400 ryo for mission completion]



Health: 28
Chakra: 39
Stamina: 10
Speed: 100
Strength: 44


Items: Onimaru Katana, Onimaru Tanto, Genji Bracers, 5x Kunai, x1 Explosive Tag
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Samuru Uchiha

Fame : 58
Home Village :
  • Leaf

Element(s) : Fire
Clan : Uchiha Branch
Bloodline : Masutaai
Ryo : 17188

PostSubject: Re: Crazy cat lady and why i hate her[mission D rank]   Mon Apr 15, 2013 11:17 am

You do not get stats for the low rank missions, only B-Rank+
Also the mission was supposed to be done in Konoha's village, not forest.

Quote :
Mission Location: Village, Konoha

The mission however I'll go ahead and approve since you did majorly over the words required;
+400 ryo.
+3JP for completing a D-Rank mission.

Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That is why it is called the present.

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Crazy cat lady and why i hate her[mission D rank]
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