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Meika TsukiOni Kamigawa
Meika TsukiOni Kamigawa
Ryo : 48050

Party at the Graveyard (solo) Empty Party at the Graveyard (solo)

Mon Oct 25, 2021 4:00 pm
Mission Details:
 Mission Name: They Did the Mash!
Rank: C
Mission Location: Yugakure no Sato

Challenges: --
Task: You and your comrades find yourselves in the middle of a graveyard, surrounded by all kinds of spooky creatures. And they're... dancing? Find a way to shut this party down before the monsters get too riled up.

Word Count Requirement: 2,000
Reward: 4,000 Ryo / 20 AP / 6 Tickets

Character Requirements: --
Character Exclusive: --

Link to Legacy Mission: --  

Everything was dark, and oh so cold. That was the first thing that went through the mind of the waking kunoichi. Her eyelids fluttered open,and once again, she was not within the comfort of her bed. These events were occuring more frequently, and it was starting to become irritating. Meika couldn’t help but rather be waking up in her blankets, the place she was supposed to be. It almost felt like sleepwalking. Falling asleep in one place, and waking up within a totally different surrounding.

Once again, the kunoichi pushed herself off the ground. Tugging her clothing closer to her body, as the cold bitten air crept through her form. Allowing a shiver to travel down her spine.

Meika allowed her phantom-like eyes to scan the surrounding area. It was really dark, and the moonless night did nothing to help. She had no idea where she was, or what she was going to do about it. At least the curious female didn’t mind being a little adventurous.

From a far distance, there was a dim golden light that stood alone within the night. It was like some sort of lantern that beckoned her attention. It was obvious that the light would be her only reasonable direction, unless Meika wanted to wander aimlessly within the darkness. Whether it was a trap, or just some highlighted destination, the kunoichi set out towards it. Moving closer towards the golden glow but not forgetting to be on high alert. Her dark hair, and dark clothing made it easy for her to stay hidden within the blanket of darkness.

As she got closer to the light, a soft melody would begin to whisper to her. It was a sweet melody that you wouldn’t expect to hear within such a dark, empty night. This certainly piqued her interest. She continued to advance.

The ground at her feet began to feel hollow, with each progressive step she took. And grey slabs of rock statues appeared within her view. The golden light seemed to bounce off of these old decaying stones. It was an eerie discovery, especially since the stones were what seemed to be graves. What was she doing at a graveyard? Meika felt like she might end up regretting this experience.

The music grew louder, and started to chime at a quicker pace. The golden light flickered for a moment as if dancing within the dark. Meika was no more than a few yards from the light, but she was starting to grow hesitant. The light wasn’t a simple lantern. It was a rather large candle that perched on top of one of the gravestones, and there were actually multiple of the candles, not just one.

Not only that. But Meika was not too thrilled to discover the eerie monsters that were dancing to the music within the graveyard. Skeletons, ghouls, goblins, and other terrifying creatures boogied to the music. “This. . . is kinda disturbing.” The kunoichi whispered to herself, watching the wicked display that was happening before her wide eyes. “What am I supposed to do about this? I was brought here for a reason, right?”

She continued to evaluate the situation. So far the monsters seemed to ignore her presence. They were too distracted by the music. It wouldn't be a bad idea to keep looking around the area. So that is what she did.

Carefully making her way through the gravestone, being sure to dodge any of the dancing creatures that threatened to bump into her. There was nothing. Just candles, dancing monsters, and gravestones. What was she supposed to do with this?

That’s when the kunoichi realized that the music was starting to speed up even more, and so were the monsters dancing to it. It was getting to the point that they were smacking against the gravestones, and destroying them! She almost caught a nice left hook to the face,but ducked just in time to miss it. The monsters were getting more rilled up, and much much more aggressive. And it was all in response to the music that was playing.

“Where is the music coming from?” Meika questioned herself, her eyes searching eagerly for some sort of clue. The graveyard was beginning to become more crowded as she made her way further within it. The amount of party monsters growing denser and crazier. Creaking bones from the dancing skeletons, and moans from the wiggling ghouls, the noises were everywhere. It was starting to make it difficult for her to focus on the task. “I gotta stop that music.”

Why were the monsters increasing the further she went? She must be getting close to the source of this crazy situation. The graveyard was an absolute disaster. So many headstones were broken and turned into rubble by the careless dancers. Was it possible that the night was getting even colder? Meika was growing a little impatient. Speeding up her stride and weaving through the tight circle. Accidentally bumping into one of the bony skeletons along the way.

Then there it was. Some sort of green glow caught her attention. FInally something that stood apart from all of this chaos. It was obvious that the light must be a point of interest. She zeroed her focus on the glow. Growing a little excited that there was finally some sort of sign. That was when she bumped into a mountain of rags.

Meika stopped in her tracks, briefly glancing up to see what it was that she ran into. A horrifying, empty face was looking right at her, as some ghoul stood within her path. The kunoichi moved to the right, trying to side step around the monster, but it followed her. Purposely trying to block her from proceeding to the glowing green light. It was in that moment that her impatience grew into frustration. She fused at the ghoul, once again trying to side step around it’s ugly form. Once again, it moved to block her path.

“Alright then. . let’s dance.” She was not going to be toyed with. Meika was quickly growing tired of being in this graveyard. She was cold and irritated. No ghoul. . .no monster was going to stop her.

Meika moved to the right again, but this time she was mocking the movement. She had no actual intention to try side stepping around the monster again, instead she was pretending to. As she mocked the movement, the ghoul once again stepped as well to stop her. But Meika stopped short and suddenly twisted herself around towards the left instead. Bringing herself left to the monster, while driving her elbow into its ribcage. The momentum of her shove, while it was sidestepping, sent it stumbling too far to the right. This allowed her to quickly run past the ghoul without it being able to block her anymore. Letting her get a little closer to the green light.

Something laying on the ground grabbed at her foot. Fingers of bones wrapping tightly around her small ankle, trying to prevent her from moving forward. “Get off!” She slammed her other foot on top of the hand. Breaking her ankle away from it’s grasp. The monsters really didn’t want her getting near that light. Which only gave her more of a reason to do it anyways. That light must have something to do with this graveyard dance party. Nothing was going to stop her from shutting this down. Meika was more than ready to get this cold night done and over with.

The kunoichi started to realize that some of the monsters began to pay a little more attention to her presence. Which probably wasn’t a good thing. She needed to hurry.

Still weaving through the tightly crowded dance circle, and making sure to not receive a flying arm to the face, the raven - haired woman finally made it to the green - lit candle. The candle was perched on top of a very large tombstone, with wax dripping down it’s cracked stone. On the ground in front of that tombstone, was some sort of music box with it’s lid open. The music was playing loudly from the music box, and growing even faster with its rhythm. “What do I do next? Do I break the music box to stop the music?”

As if some unknown being heard her questions, words begin to engrave upon the face of the large tombstone.

‘Blow out the candle to put the night to rest.’

“That’s it?” Meika questioned the engravings. That seemed simple enough, just blow out the candle light. She walked closer to the tombstone, as the monsters moved even closer to her. They were still dancing, circling her in a tight ring. They would be on top of her in mere seconds. Meika quickly leaned forward and blew at the candle. Her breath tickled the green light, causing it to dance just before it disappeared all together.

The monsters all stopped moving, as if frozen in place. Followed by all the small golden candles being snuffed out all on their own. The graveyard became pitch black, and absolutely silent. Not even a whisper, or groan was heard. It took a second for Meika to realize that she was holding her breath. Not having a clue what to do next.

She couldn’t see a thing anymore for how dark it was, and that easily made her uncomfortable with the fact that she was just surrounded by a whole bunch of monsters. But she didn’t hear anything move closer to her. They all really seemed to have stopped. Meika finally let out a breath, and everything seemed to shatter around her. Like the blanket of night just cracked and let in a burst of light.
There was a soft gentle mew. Meika’s pale eyes shifted from staring up at her bedroom’s ceiling, to looking at the little feline friend that was curled right beside her. The kitten looked at her as if to make sure that the kunoichi was alright. She must have woken up from a nasty nightmare, and accidentally worried the kitten by her sudden movements. Meika took a moment to soothe the kitten, giving little scritches along it’s soft fur and comforting it. She could see the sun peaking a little from the horizon, as daybreak was making its way through. Showering the window with golden warm light that bathed upon the woman’s bed.

The crazy nightmare had left her restless, so Meika decided that it would be a lovely day to get some training in. When her feline was satisfied with the scratches, the kunoichi allowed herself to stretch, before rolling out of her comforter. A cup of hot peppermint tea would be an excellent way to open her senses and freshen up the beginning of her day.

Preparation for her breakfast was made, as well as the kitten’s bowl of homemade kitty chow served on a small glass platter. Taking the time to eat and relax. Forgetting all about the graveyard dance that she had just put a stop to.

Meika was recalling some rumors about a training facility of some sorts, and other places within Kumogakure that she could use to her advantage. The kunoichi was still learning about the village’s layout and the different benefits it held for the shinobi within. The female had to admit, she found the place pretty comfortable. Despite the fact that she had only met a very select few people. But that didn’t really bother her. The raven - haired kunoichi preferred to keep to herself as is. So it all kinda works itself out. There will be situations though that Meika will need to learn that cooperating with others is for the best in missions and battles, as long as they can be trusted.

But today won’t have any of that. Today will be focused on her technique training, and preparing herself for the next big mission on her list. Sometime soon, the kunoichi would need to succeed in a mission that actually could lead to danger. - Exit -
{TWC: 2,003}

{Mission Claims} 4,100 ryo | 20 AP | 6 tickets
{WC Claims} 20 Stats total: 5 Speed | 15 Vigor
Uchugan Awakening (2,000/2,000)  - 1,832 from - here
Bringer of Darkness  (1,835/2,500)
Ryo : 4700

Party at the Graveyard (solo) Empty Re: Party at the Graveyard (solo)

Tue Oct 26, 2021 7:02 pm
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