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NRPG Staff Team Empty NRPG Staff Team

Fri Oct 01, 2021 10:32 pm

The NRPG Staff Team

Any online game has a development team, and NRPG is no different in that regard, although like most forum based RP sites we simply prefer the term ‘staff team’. It is our job to ensure the day to day running of the site itself, to protect our members and to ensure that the site itself remains balanced and fair for everyone (Although at the end of the day we are human, and we are all capable of making mistakes). If there is anything that leaves you feeling uneasy, be it something like being threatened by another member or even something as simple as being unsure of a decision that was made, we highly encourage you to seek out a dialogue with a staff member to bring up said issue. We can’t make any changes or resolve any issues if we’re unaware of them.

As staff, however, it must be understood that we’re members as well and are seeking to both enjoy our time here and have fun with our own characters, and therefore for that reason, ask not to be heckled or stigmatized for a ruling on creation or taking some time off the forum handling one's own personal life. Staff is meant to be a volunteer position and is by no means an obligation, and life can complicate things to where this forum hobby has to be lowered on the priority list to get by. Discrediting staff members for such things or speaking violently about their past choices on grading in the past is by no means acceptable.

Due to this reality and having more tasks to handle to keep up the productivity on the forum, the typical 48-hour rule found across the forum to post back in topics is extended to 72 hours for those who are currently staff members. Additionally, exiting threads typically have to wait 48 hours to have their exit recognized as confirmed. However, current staff members can intervene on said exit within 72 hours.

On each page you open on the forum, there’s a widget to the left of your screen in which you can see the current staff team. This will list all of the current staff members and their positions. Below, you will find all of those positions listed out and explained, so that you’re aware of what each position's job is. This is being explained, in large part, because not everyone is going to have a role where they’ll be seen doing stuff each and every day, a good portion of the work of running the forum does go unnoticed and we don’t want people to assume that half of our team is simply twiddling their thumbs.

At the end of the day, the staff team exists to serve the members of the site, and everyone that has reached the level beyond Trial Staff has the same amount of power. There are very few decisions made by single people in the staff team, and everyone on it has a voice. However, if there are worries of corruption in the staff team, members are free to contact our current site owner [On-Site - Akihana Akari and Arata  - You can email if incapable of private messaging on site]


Npcer’s are, as the name dictates, the members of staff that will typically be handling the NPC’s that players will be facing off against in missions. They’re usually the go-to team members sought after to handle NPC requests or similar situations and expected to show initiative taking an NPC mission without one being assigned to them. However, NPC'ing may be done by anyone on the staff team, even if they are not someone with the NPC'er role. To keep things organized, they’re expected to notify senior staff about the mission in question as well as the NPC they plan to use, so there’s no confusion. They must strive to provide a satisfying roleplaying experience for the one they’re npcing for and not cut any corners while being engaged, and clearly wield exceptional writing skills and aptitude.

It should be understood that as they’re simply a NPCer, they aren’t to be viewed as a full staff member. These people may express interest in simply wanting to NPC and do no other staff duties, and that’s perfectly fine, though for that reason, in terms of discussions and questions, their voices may not always be endorsed by the staff team.

Approval Staff

Approval Staff are one of the most straightforward roles in the staff team, however, they are also one of the most important. Approval Staff are the ones that will typically be approving topics and purchases, and as such they are the ones in charge of ensuring that the WC you’re claiming hasn’t been plagiarized, and anything you are claiming is actually valid and usable for you. They’re also capable of NPCing. However, they must voice interest and be granted permission. They’re more specialized as they can’t approve any of the aforementioned creations specified in the Trial Moderator tab aside from character apps and can’t approve things directly on stat pages.

Trial Staff

Trial Staff are the newest members of the staff team, and as the name implies they are undergoing a trial period to determine the best place for them, and to see whether they have the capability to progress further. There are multiple paths that a Trial Staff member is able to take, be it the path of the Moderator [Explained Below] or the path of the Administrator [Explained Below], or even the simpler but no less important paths of Approval Staff [Explained Above] or NPCer [Explained Above]. Despite the title ‘Trial’, there is no true time limit on how long an individual can be a Trial Staff, and we as a staff team will always try to ensure that people are not promoted before they are ready (Although sometimes, if we’re short staffed this may happen). 

Trial Staff are able to trial approve creations within the Creation Centre that are tied to their respective teams (list of the sections which each team controls can be found linked in spoilers below), which is typically always the first step in the approval process of the site. This serves as both a way of testing the trial in question and making the job of Full Staff both easier and more foolproof by ensuring that each and every technique is looked over by at least two sets of eyes.


The Moderators of the forum are the people in control of the Moderation of the forum, and they are the ones who approve apps within the;

  • //Item Creation
  • //Armour Creation
  • //Weapon Creation
  • //Puppet Creation
  • //Clan Creation
  • //Element Creation
  • //Skill Creation
  • //Summoning Jutsu
  • //Familiar Jutsu
  • //Jutsu Creation
sub-forums of the Creation Centre. The forums Moderators have the same level of power as the forums Administrators. At the head of the mod team is the Head Mod, and they are in charge of ensuring the mod team is doing their job to the best standards that they can. The position itself is one that is determined by the current mods, and if they feel that the person holding that position is incapable of doing their job they are able to vote a new Head Mod in.

The Head Mod is not in a higher position than a regular Mod, they simply have some extra responsibilities. 


The Administrators of NRPG are the main people in charge of organizing the events of the forum and keeping the forums' various sections clean, while also being the ones approving apps within the

  • //Augment Creation
  • //Summon Creation(Actual Summonings)
  • //Familiar Creation(Actual Familiars)
  • //Village Creation
  • //Business Creation
  • //Mission Creation
sub-forums of the Creation Centre. The forum Administrators hold the same level of power as the forum's Moderators. At the head of the admin team is the Head Admin, and they are in charge of ensuring the admin team is doing their job to the best standards that they can. The position itself is one that is determined by the current admins, and if they feel that the person holding that position is incapable of doing their job they are able to vote a new Head Admin in.

The Head Admin is not in a higher position than a regular admin, they simply have some extra responsibilities.

It should be noted if, for whatever reason, a staff member is unresponsive handling a topic or issue for a week, the member should DM a forum Administrator or Moderator about the situation at hand.


Staff work is not easy, and as such we believe that the staff team should get some form of compensation for their work… however, since we’re normal people who can’t just pay them the normal way, we have a system that rewards the staff WC based on the work that they do. The work each staff member does within a week is recorded within topics inside the staff section of the forum, and every Sunday [EST] the Head Moderator and Head Administrator will decide upon an appropriate sum for the staff member in question, with a total amount able to be earned of 5K WC within a single week. This is, of course, for normal work, and additional projects like Rule and System Design may result in additional WC being given, but even with that the amount CANNOT exceed 7.5k WC within a single week. This payment can be freely split between characters as the Staff Member in question sees fit, but once that WC has been claimed on a character it is unable to be transferred.
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