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Kurayami Shinkou
Kurayami Shinkou
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An escort by any other name Empty An escort by any other name

Wed May 26, 2021 11:34 pm
Mission details::
Mission Name: Matrimonial Bliss
Rank: A
Type: Versatile
Character Requirements: Genin +/Genin Team
Challenges: N/A
Mission Location: Hoshigakure
Word Count Requirements: 4,000
Repeatable? Yes, by other people
NPC? -
Reward: 4,000 Ryo, 10 AP.

The rivalry between civilians and shinobi runs deep within the Village Blessed by the Stars. However, some factions are starting to come together and exist in harmony with each other. These factions do not let their views be reflected openly for fear of persecution or worse but slowly, times are changing for a better tomorrow.

And amidst these times of change, a young couple has fallen in love. The couple comprises of one shinobi and one civilian who have managed to look past the racial discrimination held throughout Hoshi and wants to celebrate their love by getting married. Unfortunately, their families do not agree. They would do anything up to neutralizing their own to stop this sham of a marriage from happening.

Furthermore, no temple, village, mosque, quay or any religious building in Hoshi will openly marry a shinobi and a civilian so even if the couple were free to tie the knot, no one would be willing to perform the ceremony.

Your task on this mission, should you choose to accept it, is to protect this couple from attacks (by their own families or outside sources that disapprove of the union) while searching for a man of the cloth willing to marry the two. Your mission ends when the young couple is safely married and their marriage is registered in the public records of the city.

The morning sun rose and his room filled with light, causing the young Shinkou to stir in his bed, stirring until he finally woke up. He knew that the day was going to be a busy one, because today he was going to try and meet up with some of the other shinobi from within the village to go on a mission. He had just received his upgraded armor and his funds were running kind of light at the moment, so a paycheck was exactly what it was that he was needing. Kurayami sat up in his bed and he rubbed his eyes and slowly swung his feet over the side of the bed. It took a few moments for the thoughts to finally rush into the forefront of his mind, but when they did, the young Shinkou leaped out of his bed. He was going to get a chance to work with some other members of the village shinobi on another mission for the day. This was especially exciting because he had just received his brand new set of upgraded armor, and his funds were running kind of light, so a pay day was exactly what it was that he was needing.

He swung his feet over the side of his bed and he was going to try and burn through his morning routine as fast as he could so he could get himself out onto the village road and meet up with the other members of the team. He wasn't entirely sure just who it was going to be and that made it even more exciting. The last mission that he had gone on was a successful one, the one with Tsuna. He was happy that the mission was a complete success, but he couldn't help but to think about the difference in power that there was between him and Tsuna, and it had been doing nothing but eating at him. The very thought of someone being that much better than him was something that he couldn't allow, which was why he went looking for power in the crudest of sources. He had been hearing about a doctor within the village that helped shinobi that were looking for power by any means necessary, and soon that was going to be where he was headed. He didn't love the idea of gaining significant power quickly, but if that became a possibility for him to catch up with Tsuna, then he was going to dive head first.

He got to his feet and he began rushing through his morning routine. He rinsed his hair, brushed his hair, got into the kitchen and made himself breakfast. When he was done cooking he walked into the living room and he began to eat his breakfast while staring at the brand new set of armor that he had received only the night before. This was another tactic that he was using to try and gain some ground behind Tsuna, he got himself some custom armor, armor that was far more powerful than the armor that he once wore. He didn't think that armor alone was going to get him caught up with Tsuna, but it was certainly going to be a step in the right direction. After he had finished eating his breakfast, he put the dishes into the sink before walking to his front door, where the set of armor had been laid out along the side of the couch. He grabbed his armor and he began to place it onto his body piece by piece. 

This was his first time putting this armor on, and he had never felt something that felt so right on his own body. He finished getting himself armored up by picking up the hood, covering his head and his face with the armor. He loved the armor, more than he could possibly attempt to describe, but as much as he loved the look, he couldn't wait to see what it could do in battle. He lowered the hood to allow his head free of the armor, making it a little easier to see, and most importantly made it look like he wasn't a rogue ninja trying to hide his face. He turned to the hall tree beside the front door, placed his hands on the sword and sheathe to his katana. He knew that that was going to have to be his next stop when it came to improving his loadout. Tsuna had everything custom, nothing of his was just off the shelf, and that was something he was in dire need of. He had already been speaking to the same blacksmith that had crafted his armor, he knew what it was that he wanted from his sword, but unfortunately that was going to take time and money. 

He lashed his sword onto his waist, favoring the right side. Then he grabbed the quiver for his arrows and he tied that to his waist, favoring the left side of his body. He then grabbed his bow and threw it over his shoulders. He went over to his bathroom because he just had to get a look at himself in the new set of armor. When he saw what he was looking like, he was honestly very pleased. He loved the new armor, and he couldn't have been more impressed with the fine craftsmanship of the blacksmith out of the land of river, and he was certainly excited to finally get his sword through the same process and improved like his armor was. He walked back over to the front door of his apartment. He opened the front door and he started walking down the steps of the apartment complex and headed down to the main road of the village. Once he got to the road, he took a sharp turn and he headed for the outskirts of the village, where he was going to meet the group of comrades for the mission that they were going to take on.

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