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Akabayashi Terumi
Akabayashi Terumi
Fame : 66
Ryo : 7750

Books, Body Parts, and Beyond Empty Books, Body Parts, and Beyond

Tue Feb 23, 2021 4:40 am
Name: Books, Body Parts, and Beyond
Owner(s): Akabayashi Terumi
Backstory: With his drive and knowledge came a vision to spread it to each land's citizens. With a well-known knowledge and talent for transplant surgery and fuinjutsu, Akabayashi was ready to do business. One of the largest services that were always needed was surgery and seals. 
Location: Hoshi, City Square
Appearance:  The building is well furnished and contains many rooms suited to the many functions Akabayashi offers. One room is for surgery being kept cold, with a comfortable table, many tools, and sinks fill the room, along with a refrigerator and cabinet for medications.

The second room looks like a tattoo shop. There is a book showing images of the seals he offers and how they appear on the recipient's skin. A single wood-backed chair is in the room for the client to sit in.

The main area has a couch and benches for people to sit in. The couch is made of tanned leather, and the benches are made of Cherrywood. A radio sits on the desk playing whatever sports match is happening at the time.
Startup Capital: 20,000
Business Plan: Selling knowledge gained from medical studies of many clans for others to use and technique scrolls. Village Exclusives not included.

Performing medical transplants and applying fuinjutsu seals upon availability and request.

Investors: None

Types of Wares/Services and Prices: Books, 100-8000 depending on type and depth of knowledge. Transplant surgeries 3,000 if you have the organ you wish to transplant. Seals pricing based on rank. E rank 250, D 500, C 1000, B 1500, 2500, S 4000, or 5000 depending on vigor stat or static number.
Mizuki Ohta
Mizuki Ohta
Fame : 96
Ryo : 120150

Books, Body Parts, and Beyond Empty Re: Books, Body Parts, and Beyond

Tue Feb 23, 2021 11:52 am
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