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Kira Uzumaki (done) Empty Kira Uzumaki (done)

on Sun Aug 30, 2015 7:53 pm
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Kira Uzumaki

Kira Uzumaki (done) Commis11

Basic Information

Age: 15
Birthday: December 31
Gender: Female
Appearance:Kira is quite petite, standing at only 5 feet and not looking to get much taller, and weighs around 90 pounds.Her hair has the color unique to Uzumaki clan members, but a darker shade than those in her family. She was born with heterchromatia iridum, making her left eye green and her right one blue. Her straight hair is quite long, going down to her lower back and being quite spiky near the top of her head where she has bangs resting between both her eyes. Kira is a big fan of using fishnets in her apparel, including it in every one of her outfits. Her usual go-to outfit is a black hooded short-sleeved jacket that ends right at her belly button that she usually keeps rather unzipped. While being quite young, she does sport some cleavage to distract perverts. underneath she wear a fishnet vest. Under some fishnet type shorts that go up to her knees, she wear a combat skirt that goes up to about her lower thigh, and wraps her ninja kit around her left leg. for her footwear, she was open toed shoes that go up to her shin. covering her arms are black arm guars that go right up to right under her elbow. Finishing her outfits is a necklace of a sabre tooth given to her by her mother.

Main Outfit:
Kira Uzumaki (done) Kira_111

Kira has a very playful personality, very rarely ever acting serious.  While she hated actual battle, she likes to tease people with her words before she enter any sort of confrontation.  She likes to mess with peoples heads, whether that be through hitting them where it hurts, or flirting with the weak. Although coming from a dark past, she rarely seems to let that affect her. If she shows people a weak mind, they may use that against her. She is mentally strong, and tries to pick on the weaknesses of others as her advantage. While it may not always work, she keeps people talking, looking for a way into people's past to pick at the wound. Kira may like to use mind games, but those who use them on her to pick at her past is one of her few weaknesses. Though, that is something she rarely shares, and a story that nobody knows.

 Kira is a rather sociable person, but there are very few people she actually likes. She doesn't bother making lasting friendships with others since they never seem to last, and usually only use other for the protection they may provide. While she may not be the most trustworthy person, she is loyal to those she considers her friend, and in times where it seems she may betray someone, she's always looking for a way to help them. 

Kira could also be considered a talented actress. She can often display quite a show in order to get her way in certain situations.

Kira comes from a very small village in the water country. Her village was on a small island located far from the others. In a village of just about fifty people, it was a peaceful land, one away from war and death. The people of this land never knew what it meant to fight for your own life. With only two actual ninja in their village, most townsfolk worried themselves with providing the people with necessities such as food, shelter, water, and clothing. Not many visited their little island nor did many venture out. Those who left usually never came back, and those who found their way here were always welcomed. 

Kira was born into the Uzumaki clan, being the daughter of Shin Uzumaki and Choru Uzumaki. Her parents had ventured out to this island long ago, seeking a more peaceful life for their children than the one they had lived. She had one sibling, who was older than her by five years by the name of Seika Uzumaki. Kira's father was one of the only ninja on the island, alongside her sister who helped to protect their village from any threats that came to their small town, but there was rarely any. At the age of eight, her mother who was a former Special Jonin began teaching her what it meant to be a ninja, and the very basics. While they wanted a life that was safer for their children, they knew that there would come a time where they would need to know how to protect themselves. 

Growing up, there were very few kids Kira's age. There were about eight kids on the island, and only one of those was around the same age as her. The others were mainly toddlers besides Shu, who was a few years older than her. She considered Jairo, who was a year younger than her to be her closest friend. He was quite easy to play, always convincing him to steal cookies from the Lady Hamano who always made baked goods. She also convinced him to steal a fish hook once from the fishermen, but that only ended with the hook piercing into Jairo's leg. The two were always planning their latest schemes to keep themselves entertained.

Kira was twelve when the tsunami happened. It was a peaceful day like any other before the waves began picking up on the shore of their tiny village. The fishermen who were further out looked into the distance, knowing that something was wrong before they finally realized the disaster that was about to befall their village. They tried swimming to shore, trying to warn the villagers, but it was too late. Mothers tried to find their children to take them to safety, but there was none. They were all stuck on the small island. From the top of a tree near the centre of the surrounded land, Kira watched as the giant wave approached her, threatening to destroy everything she knew. She jumped down from the tree and ran towards her home finding it completely empty. Her sister and father were helping the villagers, getting them on boats on the other side of the island to try and escape the tsunami. Kira's mother grabbed her and led her to the boat. with only seconds until the wave hit, most were on the small boats making their way towards the calm horizon. Those who knew suiton tried to hasten their movement, but there was no escaping. The wave swallowed their island in less than a second before catching up to the small boats. Many were knocked off, getting swallowed by the wrath of poseidon. It wasn't long before Kira was brought down under, losing her mother in the process. Coming in and out of consciousness, Kira fought to stay above water, being tossed around like a doll. Hours seemed to have passed before she found herself casted alongside a beach.

And thus, her story begins; Without knowledge of where her family is or whether or not they are alive. With the acknowledged death of many of the people that she knew in her life. Not knowing what lie ahead on the outside world, she found the strength to drag  herself off the shore, and into the tree line to start her story.

- teasing people
- flirting
- tea
- manipulating people

- confrontation
- fighting
- whiners
- traitors
- weakness
- relationships
- death

Ninja Traits

Rank: D Rank
Village: None
Element(s): Raiton
Specialties: Fuuin
Clan: Uzumaki
Bloodline: Chakra Chains
Bijuu Request:


Health: 11
Chakra: 10
Stamina: 11
Speed: 18
Strength: 10

The Player

Other Characters:
Roleplay Sample:

Kira awoke from her heavy slumber. The sound of seagulls can be heard not too far from the shore, looking for their morning meal. The sun the teenage girl's pale face through the cracks of the palm trees' leaves, telling her of the coming morning. The events that took place the previous day hit her all at once, recalling the tragedy of the wave that struck down her village. She slowly got up from the comfort of the warm sand that she laid in and looked around for any signs survivors from the island, but most importantly for her family. Most of her body ached from the hours she spent drifting around at sea, being taken from wherever nature wanted to take her. She was grateful to be alive, but she wasn't even sure if she wanted to be. With a deep pain in her stomach, she realized she couldn't sit around and hope for survivors to wash up onto the shore. She had to continue moving and find herself something to eat. She may not know what lay ahead, but her parents at least prepared her for life on her own in case anything had ever happened to them.

As Kira distanced herself further and further from the shore, the wildlife in the area continued to thicken. The grass grew taller, tickling her knees. The trees became thicker, big enough for someone or something to jump out and attack the young traveler. The sounds of wildlife echoed through the vast forest like threats to the girl's existence. With no weapon at her disposal, Kira felt defenseless. The sounds of the unknown seemed to be approaching her with every lazy step she took. Recalling her previous training, Kira approached the closest tree and made way up to the safety of the branches. She made it just in tame to witness the wild cat that circled the tree before heading off into the bushes.

Kira took a second to catch her breath. She was awfully exhausted, and in a pain she had never felt before. Her stomach growled under her heavy breaths, growing louder than the sounds of the beasts below. After a few moments, Kira continued on her journey, leaping from tree to tree. before finally coming across something other than the lurking animals.

From the tree tops, the young Uzumaki spotted a caravan heading down a dirt road. goods were being pulled by more than a dozen horses, who were accompanied by men and women of all ages. Amongst them were a few armed guards, where two were stationed between every three carts. Feeling her aching belly, Kira could spot a caravan filled with fresh food near the front, while not too far was a cart filled with different type of clothing. The clothes she wore were torn and dirty, practically just rags. It'd be smart for her to get herself some new clothes. With nothing to her name, Kira thought the best way to get the things that she needed would be to steal them.

She followed the caravan for hours, trying to find a perfect time to strike and grab the things she needed, but no opportunities arose. Just right before nightfall, her body gave up on her and she collapsed, falling from the trees and onto the ground below. A large thud could be heard from the marching caravan as an elderly woman approached her. The last thing Kira heard before she lost consciousness was the woman calling for help.

The sounds of crackling fire and hushed voices surrounded the darkness around Kira. It took her a few moments to open her eyes to be greeted to the lights of the blazing fire. She rose into a sitting position. Her head started pounding immediately, causing her to flinch in pain. She reached to touch the side of her head and was surprised to the large bump and pain it was causing her. She recalled that the last thing she remembered was collapsing to the ground.

“finally awake I see! Here, take this.”

The old raspy voice sounded familiar. Kira turned her head to the elderly woman who handed her a bowl of stew. The intense smell filled her body, the mixture of herbs, meats, and vegetables sent her into a trance. She still hadn’t eaten anything since the disaster that struck her village and quickly gulped it down, not even caring about how hot the stew was. She finished it in a record breaking five seconds before she placed her hands out with the bowl and smiled.

“May I please have seconds!?”

Kira sounded extremely cheerful. She figured it best to hide her true emotions. Her mother told her to never show weakness, even to those who seem to mean you no harm; You never know someone’s true intentions.

“Why of course, my dear girl.” The elder woman sounded delighted.

“Lady Hanura, you know the rules, only one bowl a person!” A man spoke sternly, a blade at his hip. He seemed to be someone with authority amongst this group of people.

“Now, now Chisuke, She can have my serving.”

The man known as Chisuke walked off without saying a word, obviously not pleased. Kira gave a warm smile to the sweet old lady. It was nice to know that there were good people outside of the only world that she knew.

The young Uzumaki quickly finished her seconds, but took some extra time to savor the stew compared to the first time around. She gave the lady her bowl and took a look around the area. It seemed she was around the middle of the travelling group of merchants. If she remembered correctly, the things she was looking for were near the front.

“ Why were you all alone young lady?”

The elderly woman broke her train of thought. The question caught her off guard and she didn’t know how to answer. The only thing she knew for sure was that the truth wasn’t a viable option.


That was the only thing that could escape her lips. Her heartbeat raced and she began to panic before she finally busted into tears.

“I… I don’t remember!”

Kira covered her face in her knees, letting her tears roll down her face and sobbing out loud. The nearby conversations halted as she now took the center of attention.

“oh hush now dear, everything will be alright. Just get some rest.”

The elderly woman helped Kira to lay back down, covering her with a blanket as the Uzumaki shook silently. As soon as her head rested against the soft pillow, she put her theatrics to an end. She was able to get herself out of the situation, and that’s all that really mattered. She just closed her eyes and waited until everyone was asleep. Then, she would move.

A few hours later, the sounds of conversation came to an end. Kira waited an extra hour after to make sure everyone was asleep. She opened her eyes and scouted the area of what she could see. In that instant, a guard passed by three yards away with his back facing her. Her surveyed the area before continuing on towards the back of the caravan. Kira lifted her head and scouted the other side… no one. Surrounding her were other sleeping bodies so she’d have to be careful to not make any noise. Moving silently, Kira folded the blanket, grabbed the pillow and tucked it under her right arm, moving her way up to the front of the caravan, using the carts as cover from the passing guards that scouted the outer areas. Quietly but swiftly, she found herself inside the third cart containing the clothing. She waited a few moments to make sure she wasn’t seen stepping inside before she unclothed herself and changed into something else. Inside the cart she found a backpack, where she placed an extra set of clothes as well as the blanket and pillow. Kira took a quick peek outside before exiting and made her way into the second cart. Inside were a variety of expensive looking jewels. Perplexed, she thought it wouldn’t hurt to take a few so she’d have some money later one. She grabbed a few handfuls and stuffed her pockets before heading out. Lastly, she entered the first cart, packed with a variety of food items. She filled the rest of the space that she had in her bag with as much food as she can carry. Right as he was about to exit the cart, she heard a man yelling just a few yards away.

“We have a thief!! The jewel cart has been stolen from!!”
“Thief! Someone’s been in the clothes cart!”

Kira’s heart skipped a beat. Before she realized what was happening, she made her way into the thick bushes and into the forest, not daring to hesitate and look back. She just kept running for as long as her body can take her. When the opportunity arose, she made her way up a tree to avoid any wildlife that hid under the protection of nature. She made her way into a heavily leafed branch before deciding to take a break. Kira breathes heavily for a few minutes, taking a time to think of the old lady she left behind. She felt like she had betrayed her, but she couldn’t trust those people. She had to keep moving and look for her family. Before scouts would reach her area, she kept moving.

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Kira Uzumaki (done) Empty Re: Kira Uzumaki (done)

on Tue Sep 01, 2015 12:36 am
I believe I'm done? Please let me know if I missed anything.
Akihana Akari
Akihana Akari
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Missing-Nin (S-rank)
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Kira Uzumaki (done) Empty Re: Kira Uzumaki (done)

on Tue Sep 01, 2015 12:44 am

Hi there, you have an awesome character going so far. The only minor thing that needs editing are your stats. D ranks start with a total of 60, I see 62. So please fix that and I'll look again. <3
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Kira Uzumaki (done) Empty Re: Kira Uzumaki (done)

on Tue Sep 01, 2015 12:56 am
Thanks! sorry about that! I kept adjusting it and I guess added two too many lol. Edited, hopefully my math was right this time!
Akihana Akari
Akihana Akari
Missing-Nin (S-rank)
Missing-Nin (S-rank)
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Kira Uzumaki (done) Empty Re: Kira Uzumaki (done)

on Tue Sep 01, 2015 1:01 am

Kira Uzumaki (done) Approved

Congratulations for submitting a character app and having it approved.
- Take a look at any rules that you haven't already looked at.
- Create a topic here for your character's stats and jutsu.
- Put your character's stats in your signature.
- Update your profile accordingly.
- Upon Genin Rank you get some free basic Jutsu, click here to view them. 
- Have anymore questions? Click here to make a topic and ask a question, or join the ChatBox.

I hope you enjoy your time on Naruto RPG! <3
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Kira Uzumaki (done) Empty Re: Kira Uzumaki (done)

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