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Hyuuga Empty Hyuuga

Mon Apr 21, 2014 4:06 am
Clan Name |Hyuuga
Home Village |Konohagakure no Sato
Clan Specialty |Taijutsu
Symbol |Hyuuga Hinata
History |

The Hyuuga are one of the more prominent clans of Konoha, their influence however was small for quite sometime, being far behind even the Senju clan.  This however would change with the marrying of their own Akina Hyuuga to that of Viper Uchiha, the head of the Uchiha at the time, and the 4th Hokage.  This served to increase their rank in the village, along with their political standing.  The clan is very regal and respectful, wishing to maintain their higher status, doing whatever they can for the leaf, whilst still maintaining a rivalry with the Uchiha clan, aspiring to surpass them in political strength.  The Hyuuga being known for their medicinal remedies, and strong Taijutsu fighters, prominent in the gentle fist style due to their unique flexibility and chakra control, the Hyuuga have also been known to produce very potent Fuinjutsu practitioners for the village due to such chakra control, they however lack strong shinobi attuned to ninjutsu due to lower chakra levels opposed to their refinement, not that it's impossible however.  During childhood Hyuuga are brought up proper, taught to not speak out of turn, calligraphy, and more politically correct ways to act to make the clan look as good as they can.  Those that break away from those teachings are normally shunned , and are no longer allowed to bear the Hyuuga name out of the embarrassment they caused to the clan.  The Hyuuga due to their traditional ways are not against arranged marriages and other such forms to increase their own strength and political power.  Hyuuga tend to have small forms of arrogance, disliking uncivilized people and seeing themselves as superior.  Hyuuga bear strong loyalties to the leaf village due to their political position, it is rare to find Hyuuga part of another village, more often than not they are exiled members that defected and were accepted into a different village.  

The Hyuuga unlike in the past, no longer have separate branches known as main, and sub branches, this being forcefully changed by Viper Uchiha during his time as Hokage in hopes of strengthening the clan as a whole, the curse seal art being labeled forbidden and punishable by death to those that practice it.  This however does not stop Hyuuga from seeing even certain members of their clan as impure due to their linage, and order of birth.  First borns being treated better with the younger siblings expected to be protectors of the elder, a vassal in some families.  This is normally kept behind closed doors as neglecting them shinobi training and missions would imply this is being borught back and denying the chance to offer up military to the leaf village.  Due to this, in some families, the second born have curfews, only being allowed to go on missions, and then train at designated times unless overridden by squad leaders.  Other than that they are forced to be at the beck and call of their siblings.

Joining Requirements |N/A

Clan Bloodline |Byakugan [V7] Hyuuga Body [V7]
Clan Element |N/A
Shinori Koyomi
Shinori Koyomi
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Hyuuga Empty Re: Hyuuga

Mon Apr 21, 2014 6:06 am
Kurisu "Fifi" Ametsuchi
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Hyuuga Empty Re: Hyuuga

Thu Jun 16, 2016 7:01 pm
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Hyuuga Empty Re: Hyuuga

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