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Hanako Subarashi
Hanako Subarashi
Ryo : 500

Gaton (solo training, finished, IO NK) Empty Gaton (solo training, finished, IO NK)

Mon Nov 04, 2013 5:11 pm
Hanako sat cross-legged on her bed, eyes set feverently on her hands. She couldn’t see them, no, but for some reason it helped her in her current state of mind. She was clad in only a dark red tank top and short blue jean shorts, scars visible for the world to see. Well, scars and open wounds.  The genin was bleeding again; she could feel and smell it. The metallic odor sickened her, but she was used to this feeling. Thick, sticky liquid. Fire like an inferno throughout her skin. Nausea in the pit of her stomach.  It was all normal for the 11 year old girl.
Slowly, Hanako’s mind began to clear. It was over, even if only for the day. The genin slowly began tpuch herself off of her bed, but her muscles screamed in agonized protest. She thought for a moment about giving up, giving in. IT would be easier thaqn getting up and returning to the world. But, like usual, more familiar thoughts wandered into her mind. She was weak. If she was strong, her body wouldn’t hurt. If she was strong, she would never have to take it. She wouldn’t have to let anyone hurt her like this anymore. She would be able to defend herself and prove that she wasn’t some plaything. So she would become strong and beat Daiki. She would escape this torture. She would win, someday. These thoughts were her motivation, because if there was no hope for a better life, why try and live. And perhaps, if she became strong, she could transform those hopes into reality.
As her feet hit the ground, Hanako felt a chill run up her spine. The ground was so cold, while her bed was so warm and cozy… No. It was time to move, time to train. It was time to pick herself up off the ground and get a move on. She was the weakest link on their team, the genin told herself. If she was weak, her team would get hurt. Her own feebleness didn’t just affect her anymore. It wasn’t about her. This time, the lives of others rested on her shoulders and she couldn’t fail them.
She may not show it, but to the genin, her team was more of a family than her parents could ever hope of being. She’d only met Yaju-sensei once…. Well, she still wasn’t totally comfortable with him. However, she had met Sora-kun twice, and she had bonded very strongly to him in those two short meetings, the most recent of which being just two days before. There was just something about him… All in all, Hanako would give her life to protect her teammates. But, in order to fulfill that promise, she would need to be strong. So, with a final huff, Hanako left the warm sanctuary of her bead spread entirely.
The genin ‘glanced’ out the window, a vain grin tugging softly at her lips as she listened to the tiny pitter-patter of droplets hitting the glass. It seemed the weather felt the same as she, as the sky was shedding a few tears of its own. With winter on its merry way, the air was probably quite brisk, as well as very humid for obvious reasons. The girl began to extend her senses past the limitations of her square room, mind set on locating the familiar sounds of drunken crashing or the reel of alcohol that signified her father was in the house. When she detected nothing, Hanako let out a breath of relief. She would be able to train peacefully, for a little while at least. She didn’t bother searching for her mother thought. Akemi was never around; why should today be any different?
Moving sluggishly, the girl quietly padded over to where she knew her closet was. Apparently she had left it open the last time she changed, as the doorknob was not there when she reached for it. After a moment of searching and feeling, she held a soft pink sweater and a pair of tight-ish black jeans in her arms. Quickly, she slipped them on, relishing the warmth and normality the outfit brought to her. She grabbed the large, pinkish-grey winter hat she always wore, grin now ferociously pulling at her lips as she remembered her favorite garment. It had been a Christmas present from long ago, but that was a story for another time. The genin eventually put the hat on her head and backed out of the closet, gently shutting the door behind her.
Hanako walked to the door of her room, turned the door knob, and exited the area. A minute or two of walking occurs until she came to the back door. She opened it slowly, muscles tense as she prepared to some face-to-face with her father, Daiki. However, to her immense gratitude, it appeared that he had not arrived home yet. The genin cautiously stepped through the threshold and let her previous almost-grin return to her face full-heartedly as a cold gust of air hit her dead on. It felt pleasant against her burning skin and she was suddenly very grateful it was nearing winter and not mid-summer. She hated how hit it became in Kumo…
Hanako suddenly felt a rush of energy as the fire chakra inside of her burned bright, warming the natural-feeling earth type that also rested within her. It was then that she decided what she was going to train exactly. It was time to earn her Gaton.
Hanako ‘looked’ off into the forest being her house, her senses stretching the 16 meters she had already trained. She heard rabbits hoping, leaves rustling, and rain falling softly to the ground. Actually, she felt the rain too, as during this time she had moved into the open area just before the tree line. The moisture felt like heaven against her face, the freezing droplets melting away the fire that always seemed to burn it. However, the fire that burned inside of her did not so much as flicker, filling her with determination and resolve. Today she would unlock her Gaton, even if it killed her.
Hanako strode quietly into the trees, relishing in the solitude the forest provided. It was totally silent, the only sound coming from the rain hitting the ground, the wind whistling through the trees, and her feet crunching through the previously dry autumn leaves. The woods, today, smelled sweetly of rain mixed with fallen leaves and pinecones. These times were Hana’s favorite ones, the serenity calming her mood and clearing her mind. She couldn’t think, only feel, and it was during this time that the fog of worry clouding her thoughts finally faded. The girl felt as though she was floating, the lack of noise creating a sense of peaceful detachment. This lead her mind to wandering, picturing wide open grasslands filled with flowers or deep canyons covered with tall, old trees, the vast expanse cut into sections by flowing streams. She imagined she lived there, far from known civilization. Far from violence, from blood, from pain. Far from Daiki. Her grin transformed into a full, very content smile. Yes, she wanted these thoughts to be true.
However, soon her wonderings began to darken. Flower filled fields morphed into barren wastelands. Beautiful forestry became groves of dead trees, blackened with age and soot from fires long past. Back in reality, the rain began to thin until it was but a trickle of water from tree leaves, but Hanako didn’t notice. Her smile fell and her browns furrowed as the dark scenes her mind displayed grew blacker, bleaker. They continued to fade until the darkness that lapsed her eyes returned visions of better places far gone. She felt a sort of cracking in the pit of her stomach, but she had no idea why. Along with this slow cracking came the feeling of flames and stone slowly becoming one. The result felt light and transparent within her, but still very small. What was this? Maybe it was Gaton, but she could never be sure until she tried.
So the girl stopped suddenly and plopped down onto the ground, face blank but sightless eyes inquisitive. Hanako lifted her hand off her leg and ‘stared’ at it, mind racing with eagerness. She focused her mind on what could only be glass-type chakra and began trying to channel it through her fingers. Gaton was supposed to allow its user to passively create small glass trinkets. If this was truly Gaton, glass would form on her hands. Hanako, feeling no change, tried channeling more chakra to her fingers.
In a word… ow.
Within a second of increasing the chakra flow, she suddenly felt tiny shard of… something, probably glass, trying to push their way through her fingertips…. From the inside. Alright, maybe she should try focusing it outside her body… After a few moments of tending to her pained appendages, Hanako retried creating some glass. She braced herself for the Gaton’s signature ‘beginners shards’, but nothing happened. Like, nothing. And then an explosion erupted from her fingertips, singeing her hair and blackening her face. Too much fire chakra. The genin blinked hard, face blank. And then something truly miraculous happened. Hana broke into a fit of giggles, marveling at the close up explosion that resulted from her own stupidity. Why, she could have blinded herself! That would be, like, the end of the world, right?! Nope, not really.
Her chuckling began to die down after a minute or two, her train of thought returning to the task at hand. Hanako tried a third time to channel her chakra, this time around using mostly earth chakra. There were no glass shards or exploding things this time, but her hand felt dirty for some reason. Wait… The genin felt with her free hand and gasped as she discovered the hand she had been using to channel chakra was covered in a thick layer of dirt. Hanako grimaced and wiped the hand on her shirt, stopping the flow of chakra immediately. Two much earth chakra. The genin huffed comically, an animeish bead of sweat rolling down her brow. Why couldn’t she get this right? Was she really so weak as to not be able to harness an element that was programmed into her DNA???
She must really suck.
With a newfound determination, even stronger than the one that lit her eyes as she left her house, Hanako tried a fourth time at her Gaton. She tried less earth, but the same amount of fire. Perhaps they would be equal this time. However, when only a slight tingle was felt on her fingertips, she added more of both types. Hanako held her breath as a feeling swept through her being, starting at the pit of her stomach, down to the end of her toes and the top of her head. It felt like her entire body was shattering into a million pieces, yet she felt no pain. It was then that she registered the feeling of something cool and smooth growing from the tips of her fingers. Quivering with excitement, Hanako slowly reached out and felt the glass emitting from her body. She finally had it. This was Gaton. The genin wondered if Sora had unlocked his ice release yet, and though she felt guilty about it, the genin hoped he hadn’t. She didn’t want to be weak anymore. She hated being the weakest link with a passion. Now, with her Gaton, maybe she might be a little stronger.
Ideas for jutsu raced around rapidly in her head, techniques like glass dust and shattered glass animals that came to life and attacked on their own, like a familiar. Within a few minutes she arrived back at her little house on the outskirts, slung open the door, and barged on inside. She ran to her room and flopped down ungraciously onto her bed, giggling happily. Her dad wasn’t back yet, and she had Gaton. She had Gaton. She had Gaton!
And for the first time in almost two years, Hanako really smiled.

(Note~ chakra is one’s physical and spiritual energy. This means that thinking and feeling the area around her can enhance her spiritual awareness, and in turn, build her chakra.)

(WC- 2013. Glass release obtained. 10 stats, 20 JP obtained.)
Mitacho Reishin
Mitacho Reishin
Ryo : 11900

Gaton (solo training, finished, IO NK) Empty Re: Gaton (solo training, finished, IO NK)

Mon Nov 04, 2013 5:28 pm
Hanako Subarashi
Hanako Subarashi
Ryo : 500

Gaton (solo training, finished, IO NK) Empty Re: Gaton (solo training, finished, IO NK)

Wed Nov 06, 2013 4:46 pm
Forgot to add that I also earned 4 meters on my skill, making my TWC for the skill at 9601/10k and my Total meters earned at 19. Thanks.
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Gaton (solo training, finished, IO NK) Empty Re: Gaton (solo training, finished, IO NK)

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