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 What would seem like a normal day[FLASHBACK]

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PostSubject: What would seem like a normal day[FLASHBACK]   Sat Jan 21, 2012 12:45 am

Asura was sitting on the roof of his house. His mind wandering within his subconscious. The calm yet violent wind making his way trough the air. He remembered the day like yesterday. Asura started to think about it again. As he was thinking the shadow of his hair overlapped his eye's.... He flashed back about when 'that' happened...

Asura was standing together in the forest in Konoha. He had invited his younger brother to train along with a girl. The girl was Uchiha just like him and Nashua. Asura was 25 years old at the time, it was 5 years ago.

Asura's eye's darkened a bit as he heard he heard the inner voice of his bijuu. "Hump" He mumbled as he continued to flashback.

Asura remembered guiding the uchiha younglings the way of the shinobi. In the forest. Even though he was a Genin he considered himself a sensei. Until that one day. He was standing with Amane and Nashua in the forest as 6 suspicious looking men surrounded them. They all looked incredibly strong. Asura's first priority was to make sure the children are okay.
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PostSubject: Re: What would seem like a normal day[FLASHBACK]   Sun Jan 22, 2012 6:59 pm

A chilling breeze whipped past Nashua as he sat out on a peaceful morning. If someone was moderately skilled and wished to find him, Nashua could be observed sitting atop a tall pole with power lines running out of it. The lines swooped down above the village and would swoop back up to connect with the next pole over. From here, Nashua had a view of practically the entire village and parts of the forest. It was cold out and chills crept up and down his body as he thought about different things. Not really anything specific until he saw something. As his eyes passed over the forest he could see what looked like a group of people heading into the forest. One of them looked older then the other 2 in the group and Nashua started to remember something. He scanned the other two. One boy, one girl. The boy was punching and kicking the air enthusiastically while the girl walked shyly. And then he remembered that day.

Nashua looked around him and saw a happy village. This was the village of Konohagakure. As he walked along side Asura, he noted that this was one of the more peaceful days. Nashua was thirteen and his brother twenty-five. They were heading for the forest to train at the time.

Nashua sighed and looked up into the morning sky with emotionless eyes. The memory of that day was coming to him in bits and pieces. A raven flew by him and Nashua tracked it as it then swooped back around in a circle and landed right next to him.

Nashua looked to his right and remembered that someone else was with him. She was a Suna girl and walked besides him. This Suna girl wasn't just an ordinary girl though. She was Amane, another Uchiha member like Nashua and was his best friend. He could no longer remember when he met her but didn't care. He glanced at her and smiled yet his eyes were closed and emotionless. He then looked back ahead of him and noticed they were now in the forest. Nashua had barely enough time to start training before something happened. He hadn't noticed before somehow but now saw 6 men standing around them. He had no idea why they were here but they each looked somewhat strong. Nashua took a look first at Asura, then to Amane, then at each of the men around them. His observation skills were now failing him.
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PostSubject: Re: What would seem like a normal day[FLASHBACK]   Sun Jan 29, 2012 1:03 pm

Amane sighed and looked up to the sky. The buildings and power lines strung a pattern through the village of Konoha. The poles that connected them stood tall against the clear blue of the sky. She looked up out of her window. She still wore her black satin robe, as she had slept longer than usual and her hair was tied back with a black ribbon. Sunlight sparkled off the surface of her eyes and she turned away to check her alarm clock. It was late, and her alarm hadn't gone off. She tapped it a few times, but it was stuck on the same time. The same time as that day. That day that everything had changed for her and her best friend.

Amane walked silently alongside her friend. She looked at him through the corner of her eye as they followed their teacher. He seemed in a good mood. Amane smiled slightly. She had known him ever since she could remember. He was always there for her, no matter how she felt. He was a member of the Uchiha clan, like her, so he understood her more than anyone ever could. He was by far the one person she cared for most, Nashua Uchiha.

Amane shivered a little. Her window was open and a cool breeze had drifted in. She walked over and reached for the handle, but stopped when he saw something. Something atop one of the power line poles. She shielded her eyes with her hand and smiled at what she saw. It was him. She sighed again and went through to the bathroom to change. She found herself staring into the mirror at her own eyes, and continued to remember.

Nashua walked enthusiastically beside her, throwing her a brief glance. She stared ahead into the vast forest and wondered what sort of training they were going to do. She threw Nashua a glance back before locking her eyes on the path at her feet. Amane advanced on Asura as she was about to ask him what they were doing, when out of nowhere, a group of strange men surrounded them. Amane's eyes darted around as she moved towards Nashua and grabbed his arm. She could tell this wasn't part of the exercise. She moved her worried gaze to her teacher, who was stood a few steps in front of her and Nashua, facing these strange people. Amane swing around to see more of these men. She gripped her friends arm in terror, as she noticed these men were certainly not from Konoha, and get teacher seemed surprised too. Amane counted them. Six in total.

Amane shuddered as she pulled on her mesh gloves. She checked her red pouch at her side to confirm she had her things, and walked out of the bathroom. Her hair was now flowing over her shoulders, and her favourite red and black outfit had taken the place of her robe. She looked out of her window again before opening it and climbing out, jumping across the rooftops towards the figure on the powerline pole.

"You'll only die a dream forgotten"
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PostSubject: Re: What would seem like a normal day[FLASHBACK]   Sun Feb 12, 2012 6:50 pm

Asura's hair made a slight black shadow over his eyes as he went on the balcony of his apartment, watering the plants mainly. He sighed and walked back to the living room popping a bottle of wine open and leaning back on his chair as he flicked the channel on his tv. He sighed slightly nothing good was on. He then reminded himself of the past again. The dark part of it that is....

Asura was standing roughly 5 meters away from the mysterious men. They were with 6 and surrounded Asura and the children. The men all looked fierecly at Asura. He turned around and face Nashua and a girl known as Amane. He bent over and patted their heads. "Listen kids... if something happens... I want you to run.. okay?" With that he turned around again and put his hand on the hilt of his katana. "What do you guys want?" He said as he swayed a bit looking at their movements. One man stepped forward and said gently "Is your name; Uchiha, Asura?" He looked at him and stepped to the right a bit trying to find a way for the children to flee. "Why are you asking, good sir?" He said wanting to distract them at all cost. The man responded again. "We believe your a uchiha clan member with an sharingan and a bijuu... we must assassinate you...." The man's eyes changed into something more dark and powerful. He then was reminded of Nashu who had the same faith. Asura nodded. "Heh, you did your homework..." He unsheathed his katana and charged at the man most right to him. The man grabbed his sword and clashed his with Asura's. Asura made a slight hole in their line. He glanced at Nashua and Amane. "Run now!!!" He shouted out loud.
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PostSubject: Re: What would seem like a normal day[FLASHBACK]   

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What would seem like a normal day[FLASHBACK]
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