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 A Familiar Smell [Travel]

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Genin of Konoha
Genin of Konoha

Fame : 2
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  • Leaf

Element(s) : Water
Clan : Senju
Clan Element : None
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PostSubject: A Familiar Smell [Travel]   Fri Jan 12, 2018 12:25 am

It had been several months since Kenji fled his home village of Sunagakure, the village undoubtably different since he had last saw it. Though this time away allowed him to hatch a plan, one he thought would never come to fruition, however it was a long shot from being placed into action, he was not quite ready to pursue his goal as he lacked the power required to handle what would be the end result of this rewarding operation. With this thought in mind Kenji himself had been sitting on a stump just outside of a large forest in the country borders, preparing his self by going through a mental list of his items checking off what was present in his inventory. After a few minutes of sitting there he smirked opening his eyes and standing from the stump, a small dirt road that lead west was approximately 3 meters wide and stretched as far as the eye could see. That road is where Kenji started his journey, he began following the path as it winded growing narrower and then wider always seeming to return to the intial 3 meters he had began on. The sky was stil a little dull as it was just barley creeping into the late morning hours, but never the less Kenji was on his way to his new destination. He was making his way into a not unfamiliar territory, the Land of Wind, whether or not he was going to return home was still a matter of debate however it was true he missed the sands of home. The cursed land was rigorous though and the training would help work the body splendedly, he continued on as he seemed to have made quite a large amount of progress not being able to see where he started from anymore if he were to have turned around.
With in time the trees began changing becoming less green as they lost more and more leaves as though something was not allowing them to get the rain they required to nourish leaves, but as he neared the end of the forest more and more he came across a small home with a sign outside that stated 'Fresh Fruit and Water' of course this caught Kanji's eye and he entered walking around seeing fruit that was a few days old and not quite 'Fresh' in his eyes, but the water was crystal clear and so he grabbed a bottle along with the closest to fresh apple he could find, before turning and walking out with a smile the sound of the older gentleman yelling. The man sounded mad, something about money not being paid or something? Though Kenji did not care to stop and listen only desired to continue on his journey and not be disturbed by the meaningless people who in a day won't even remember the color of his hair. Which by the way his hair is an onyx color, but that doesn't matter as Kenji reached a different location exiting the forest to see no more green only a light yellow created by the new savannah style terrain that was present now, he began to notice how not much had changed since he last traveled this road. The man he robbed did not remember the last time Kenji robbed him of fruit and water and the savannah was still yellow as ever coated with a gold look to the ground below him. The road had became narrower in the new area a 2 meter width now as he continued to walk further and further, but how long would this take to finally reach his destination? He did not remember, but he knew he was faster than when he first made the journey perhaps it wouldn't be nearly as long for him. He then smelt the smell he knew from his childhood, the dry air was like nothing any place could ever duplicate. The Land of Wind was near and the desert heat was beginning to set in as he traveled farther and farther, the dead trees disappearing and a few cactus appearing in the distance. Kenji paused seeing the road turn from a grey dry dirt to the soft grainy sand, he knew he was home to the beatiful, endless deserts of his beloved home. Though he felt it was not quite time to return to the village but instead he would survive in the forest and force his self to adjust to the desert bandit life for a while, but for how long he never knew the answer. Kenji looked to the sky seeing that the morning sun had changed without even giving a notice it was now about half past noon and leaving a large shadow spread out in front of him, smiling Kenji as he walked into the sandy terrain knowing he had reached the destination he had desired to be in. Only Kenji knew what would await him here.

[827 Words/Travel from Borders to Land of Wind]

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Health: 10
Chakra: 15 (+20 Senju's Sage Body)
Stamina: 10
Speed: 10
Strength: 10
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Fame : 500
Element(s) : Sand
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Ryo : 18000

PostSubject: Re: A Familiar Smell [Travel]   Fri Jan 12, 2018 12:26 am


You'll be glad of the hateful things I do someday.
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A Familiar Smell [Travel]
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