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 Site Wipe

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What would you do if the site hard wiped?
Redesign, Rebuild, Reclaim
 59% [ 19 ]
Fuck this shit I'm out
 41% [ 13 ]
Total Votes : 32


Fame : 538
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PostSubject: Re: Site Wipe   Mon Nov 27, 2017 4:34 pm

You know what's funny, it's far easier to discuss this in a casual manner than it will be in my post. I really suck at writing. Not the point though. While the options are pretty lame for this poll, I was expecting a landslide for the leaving part. Very cynical of me as per usual.

So, let me take this seriously for about five seconds. This will be heavy on the rambling and incredibly disjointed, but I was never that good at this shit to begin with and I'll probably kill any traction this has because of it. Apologies in advance.

What are the benefits of a wipe:

Pretty simple really, a fresh start for everyone. The field will be levelled, balanced even. Would the same people become prominent again? Maybe you could try something new? A whacky storyline, maybe you want to be Kage and lead your village into the great beyond. Always wanted to join a place but couldn't because of close knit groups? Well a wipe would make things easier..probably. You'd just saunter on in, the same as everyone else, and get rping away.

Character development galore, the world is your oyster. New and fresh, it can go anyway you people would want. Honestly, that just doesn't work right now. The site has developed a certain way the 'storyline' if you will. It's bottle necked people into things that maybe they don't want to do.

I'm going to side track a bit bare with me.

So right now as it stands. A new player joins the site. Fresh and ready for some fun roleplay. Maybe thinking about joining Konoha and having a great time with friends. Too bad, the village just got taken over by a blood thirsty tyrant. Well shit the new guy isn't sure what to do. How does he fit in? How does he insert himself into a story that's been going on for months, years.

And a wipe fixes that of course. Resetting the story, it's better for the newer players who want to do things. Maybe you want to join Iwagakure, you know that village that hasn't existed in about two or three years? Yeah a wipe brings that back you know.

Maybe the site's mentality would change, just a little. Right now, power is everything. If you want to do your own story, you need to be strong enough to do it otherwise you just get run over. That just isn't healthy guys. Not for the site or it's members. It just promotes cheapness. Would a wipe fix that though, maybe? Like I said, fresh start. You won't have to go into things feeling as if you need to power train your way to become strong enough so you don't instantly get killed the moment you try something.

And onto the cons, because there are always cons. Well for me I don't see any, but I know some of you do and won't be convinced by my crappy ramble above.

The effort wasted on characters. This really speaks to the mentality of the site in my opinion. Let me ask you.

Is it really wasted? Roleplaying is supposed to be for fun. You create a character and allow them to grow and watch as they develop along with others around them. It's not a job, it's not a chore. Is the effort wasted if you had fun doing so? Guess it depends on what type of person you are.

Doing something because you enjoy it isn't wasted effort. You've put time into your characters and their stories, I get it. I don't really have anything to argue against this, it's a valid point.


Note this is imbalanced quite heavily, but I don't have any 'cons' in my mind.

Fresh start
No pressure
A chance to make your shape your own story more freely than before

You lose your character, your pride and enjoy that you've spent so much time on.

Now please proceed to rip my post apart, I'll try and answer stuff but I'm shit at discussions.

The writer behind the esteemed inactivity rules.
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Tatsuma (xuba) Uneo
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Genin of Hoshi
Tatsuma (xuba) Uneo

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PostSubject: Re: Site Wipe   Mon Nov 27, 2017 5:05 pm

(Me as yen took first stab....)

You are correct on the site wipe = new slate, and while you may say things are level. But let me ask you this
How long will this thing known as balence/ clean slate last?

an example shall we?

While new guy X wishes to join village Y. Thing is that new slate or not there is a logic behind experience vs  inexperience. Say a guy that decides to train. Sure! You have new guy trying to learn site, while most of the heavy typers will pull out of thin air a solid several topics worth of cd. In a few weeks, buddy up, pound out missions, and knock down a leader or two. Hell even rank up several times if ambitious.  Then shove it down a persons throat. 

In the end alot of this development comes down to well thoes IC interactions. Which varies on how much a person may write/ have avalibility to write. 

Kages will keep genin in the dark. Chuninn may be killed knowing too much. Jouninn defecting and living on a palm beach sipping martines. Anbu running around as ghosts.

Keeping things as they are....

while things seem large and sure konoha is in  death process. Kiri moved in forces, kumo is literally turning into res evil racoon city. Hoshi prettified soon to be engulfed into a civil war by blond haired girls. 

This may be overwealming to some. But well you know in new slate people will encounter this too at one time or another...

I just say we rp. Its people spitting fire. Sure ill be here regardless, because place is fun amusingly. Its easy to write up another charecter then go do own stuff. Because im driven to play many kinds of charecters.

(Btw Im missing D20, D10, D8, D6, and D4)


basic stats:

why you will not have nice things:

battle theme:
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PostSubject: Re: Site Wipe   Mon Nov 27, 2017 5:29 pm

I personally don't mind starting all over. I think the site would be a lot more fun if everyone started from scratch personally. It be different and a whole new experience. Everything has its pros and cons though and Tak already explained them. So there's no point of going into that. 

All I can say is, for this to really happen without causing a huge uproar. It be better to just copy and paste this site and make a NRPG2 or something. Because choosing to just wipe the site might piss off a lot off people. And cause a whole lot of controversy. But I would suggest a whole new mod group for the second site. Because I doubt mods would want to mod both sites, that would be a lot of work. But if they would then that be great too.

But if there were 2 sites, for a person who is new. They have a choice. Join NRPG1 where war is going on at the moment and etc.. Or join NRPG2 where everything its a fresh start and a story that hasn't been molded yet. I see a lot of people making 2nd and 3rd characters. So why not use those characters for a fresh start and whole new experience. Just my two cents though..

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PostSubject: Re: Site Wipe   Mon Nov 27, 2017 6:14 pm

@Kyson wrote:
>Split the site in two to different sites, that'll increase activity

Whatever drug concocition you were on when writing that post, Kyson, I want to try.

Either way, what a lousy way to sum up the pros and cons, Tak.

Pros: Clean slate, forces people to make a new name for themselves, levels the playing ground momentarily, all five major villages are back, inactive people aren't holding limited slots (for the first month l u l)

Cons: Loss of (interactive) history that makes the site unique, requires more of a time investment as more people will be willing to kill you for power, lose some people that decide to quit due to losing a character they formed a bond with, inevitably becomes the same as it is now (granted it may take a year or two)

Despite my investment in the site and character's history, whether the site resets or not doesn't matter too much to me, as such I haven't voted as I like to consider myself a neutral party.

"Peace has cost you strength."

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Princess Love
Chuunin of Konoha
Chuunin of Konoha
Princess Love

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PostSubject: Re: Site Wipe   Mon Nov 27, 2017 6:31 pm

*Adds the baking soda to the volcano*

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Kazuo Kemuri
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Missing-Nin B
Kazuo Kemuri

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PostSubject: Re: Site Wipe   Mon Nov 27, 2017 6:40 pm

Nah but for srs I do like this idea. As a serial alt killer I wouldn't have a problem killing off my chars to give everyone a fair start. The problem I see with it is that some people would not like losing all the stuff they worked really hard for, especially with the site's emphasis on the grind for power. Another problem I see is more of a narrative one, but I feel it would be pretty strange to just start everyone at genin as if there was a huge influx of genin that get shit done while the current/previous generation does jack shit.

Then again, I suppose that would be pretty much in line with the show itself.

I walk in the valley of the shadow of death
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PostSubject: Re: Site Wipe   Mon Nov 27, 2017 6:53 pm

@Xy- My post had nothing to do with increasing activity. All I said was, in order for this to actually work instead of pissing a lot of people off and forcing them to quit. It be better to split the site into two. Because wiping would just force people to either adjust or say "fuck it, I don't wanna go through all this again". Of course something like this has serious cons, that's why I never said "Yes, lets do this now." All I was saying was "I like the idea, but if you were to do this.. I think it be better to give people a choice."  

Im not trying to push the site to get wiped, I don't care that much lol. Tak asked for people's opinions and I gave him one.
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PostSubject: Re: Site Wipe   Mon Nov 27, 2017 7:31 pm

For this first part, I'm going to remove my staff hat cause for some reason people don't like when you put words in their collective mouths.

Strange, right?

Well, I voted yes and I'd like to expand a bit on what's been said so far, because if nothing else it is enjoyable to discuss.

First off, take anything I have to say with a grain of salt because I don't have a character I worked a long time on active at the moment. That said, I think it is safe to say that I have had more than my fair share of these types of characters who I've—more often than not—gave up of my own volition. So, maybe I am qualified in that respect to speak on the sensitive issue of character loss?

I dunno and I'm getting a bit off topic...

I've been here a long time and it seems to me that the current time in V6 is probably the most stagnant of all the site's iterations. The villages have become increasingly solidified with people making alts within the same village as their other characters creating factions of hostile groups. Now, IC hostilities are all well and good, but these often extend ooc as I'm sure many of you have witnessed. However, this aspect of stagnation is not what I'd like to examine as I'm sure that if we had a site-wipe that the same people would buddy up again and there's nothing wrong with that.

Instead, I'd like to focus on the entrenchment of the current story. There have always been arguments for and against site-wide plots, but we haven't really had anything of the sort since, well, I can't remember. For the most part, we rely on individual characters to drive sitewide story, which can be in short supply on a site where people are afraid to lose upwards of 50k+ words of a full build character. Thus, a site-wipe would allow for the establishment of a more cohesive story.

Personally, I think more than half the fun of writing is couching the character you create in the environment at large and while it is cool to have a few 'plot driving' characters they come and go making an overarching plot desirable for long-run stability.

(Anyone remember when Youka was going to take over the world?)

I am willing to bet if Xyxer left for some reason that Kirigakure's campaign would drop dead.

Now, I'll throw my mod hat back on here.

The next great thing about a site wipe would be the resetting of the current rules. At the moment, we are rolling with patched together rules from various mods and admins with no real unity anywhere. The rules are vague, confusing, and sometimes non-existent. A site-wipe would allow for the establishment of a more cohesive set of rules that would benefit the site as a whole.

Mod hat off.

The issue, as many people have pointed out, is that no one likes losing their work.

I understand that.

Makes sense, it's a very human thing to feel invested in something you've put a lot of time into. That said, I would much rather be a weakling on a dynamic site as opposed to a beast on stagnating one. Maybe that's just me, but I liken our current situation to a arms race with people building the dankest combos and the loopholing when able to no real end until they can roll over the opposition with no real trouble (looking at you Hoshi).

I think in the end the greatest thing a site-wipe would provide is a renewed sense of dynamism.

And it is dynamism that is vital to just about anything even vaguely interesting.

Change is good.

"Battle not with Monsters lest ye Become a Monster and if you gaze into the abyss the abyss gazes also into you"
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PostSubject: Re: Site Wipe   Mon Nov 27, 2017 7:35 pm

You know what Tak makes a rather good point with his argument, whilst I'm not exactly keen to lose the work I've put into developing my character since at the moment Revan is nowhere near the end of his story, I would actually be okay with this as long as it's done well and we were told it was implemented relatively quickly. I can almost guarantee that this will kill the site if done poorly, but if done well the opposite is certainly true.

Off the top of my head, the biggest issue that I can see with this is that whilst Gary, andy, and nick are relatively active, this would be the sort of thing that probably would have to be implemented relatively quickly after it being announced. We would certainly struggle to pick up many new players if the site was in a state of 'pending wipe' for months at a time. That being said I have been convinced, consider my vote changed to 'Redesign, Rebuild, Reclaim'

Edit: you made a good point too gary, I just typed this before you posted Razz
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Bobby Hill-chan
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Genin of Konoha
Bobby Hill-chan

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PostSubject: Re: Site Wipe   Mon Nov 27, 2017 11:31 pm

I don’t have much as far as wc or skin in the game as they say and I don’t really want a wipe due to lost story and collective narrative. We have villages and characters centered around the history of the site and how we as characters shape it

Ren is working on some dope stuff, whatever he proposes I’m for
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PostSubject: Re: Site Wipe   

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Site Wipe
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