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 Patrolling the Temple [P]

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Uchiha Kisuke

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  • Leaf

Element(s) : Katon, Doton
Clan : Uchiha
Bloodline : Sharingan
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PostSubject: Re: Patrolling the Temple [P]   Tue Nov 08, 2016 1:50 am

Kisuke would come to a sudden halt as he slipped his hands out from his leather jacket pockets. Slightly resting his head backwards, Kisuke would gaze up into the sky at the unnatural formation of dark cloud up above. To the normal eye it would only appear as oddly moving clouds, if even noticed. But to Kisuke, he could see that there was chakra in those clouds, both controlling and creating them. Kisuke would level his head once the rain began to fall, his crimson Sharingan darting from left to right as he observed the chakra filled water droplets. Through all the calm observation with his Sharingan, Kisuke had completely ignored Kotsuzui's question.

The sound of smashing rocks echoed through the Uchiha's ears as he quickly jolted his gaze to the direction of the sound. His eyes swiftly scanning the area to see if anything suspicious could be detected with his Dojutsu. "There's chakra in the rain." Kisuke answered his teammates as he kept his gaze towards the direction of the smashing rocks. "It's the same jutsu... we have company. Should we alert the others?" As he continued to scan the shadow covered yard, his hair falling heavy across his forehead, Kisuke would say "I cant see anyone. They may be hiding in the rain, in the ground or in the tree line just outside the temple for all I know." Kisuke as also checking to see if there were any fluctuations in the chakra of the falling rain, in case someone was moving through it as they had experienced a missing nin do the same on a prior mission. 


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Kirino Kaguya <3

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  • Leaf

Element(s) : Lightning
Clan : Kaguya
Clan Element : None
Bloodline : Shikotsumyaku
Ryo : 21500

PostSubject: Re: Patrolling the Temple [P]   Tue Nov 15, 2016 1:39 pm

I highly doubt your former student is pregnant, considering you know he’s probably a guy. Kirino thought to herself as she remembered the name Kaze from the letter. I mean it could be a girl, but that’s a dude’s name. Seeing the jounin’s eyes close once more it became clear she wasn’t looking for or even wanted a conversation. Well there goes my chance to get any cool tips and jutsu. Kirino would sit back and look up at the sky, as she waited for the guys to return from their patrol.

It would probably be best to study Ayumi then, to see how a jounin works. As the Kaguya looked up she felt a rain drop hit her forehead. ”Rain?” The weather had said it would be clear today too. Oh, well. The girl shrugged her shoulders, but thinking back the weather only moments ago hadn’t indicated it was about to rain. Well I’m no weather expert and neither are the weather people I suppose. Standing up Kirino would look for a place that the rain wouldn’t hit her. Spotting a tree with many branches and leaves the girl thought this would be the best place for now. Maybe she could work on genjutsu release as she waited for her patrol shift to begin.

Kotsuzui said that Kisuke uses genjutsu, so I need to be wary of anything suspicious in our duel and how to release myself from a genjutsu in the event I am caught. Closing her eyes the Kaguya would begin channeling chakra to her brain, causing in her mind her head to glow like a light bulb just before it exploded into multiple shards of glass. I should keep practicing until I can do it, without making my head hurt. The attempt may have been good, but if it caused her brain to fry it as no good.

WC: 312

Come and get it!
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  • Leaf

Element(s) : Fire, Lightning, Wind
Ryo : 10560

PostSubject: Re: Patrolling the Temple [P]   Sat Nov 19, 2016 2:34 am

Finally being able to fall asleep, Ayumi's head bowed down, her face hidden. The girl next to her had decided to drop the conversation. The nap, however, was short-lived; how unlucky. Hearing rain drops, the girl opened her bleak eyes, feeling slightly groggy. The girl next to her, Kirino, uttered the word 'rain' (thus confirming the situation—thanks child) before leaving her side. Ayumi made sure to keep her eye on the female to see where she was headed.

Shifting her gaze, she stared into space, thinking to herself. The rain seemed suspicious. She had been keeping an eye on the night sky throughout the mission up until she fell asleep; up until then, she hadn't been able to detect any signs that it was about to rain and thus this sudden rain seemed a bit too suspicious. Snapping herself out of her train of thought, she scanned the area, trying to see if Kisuke or Kotsuzui were nearby. Squinting her eyes, she scrambled onto her feet; the sky had darkened and the rain was somewhat obstructing her vision making her unable to see as clearly as she'd like. She quickly made her way towards Kirino (who was located about 15 meters away from her) and quietly stood beside the girl. "Stay alert. This rain may mean danger," she said quietly to the female.

Looking out, Ayumi tried to detect chakra belonging to Kotsuzui and Kisuke. After unsuccessfully trying for a minute, the girl suppressed her chakra making it undetectable. In addition to not being able to detect the chakra signatures of the 2, she hadn't been able to detect any other chakra signatures. She'd honestly much rather stand a little further away from the temple, but she was reluctant to leave the girl on her own; not because she didn't trust her or believe in her abilities to defend herself, but more so due to the fact that she was her responsibility. Taking a deep breath, the girl continued to scan the area.
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PostSubject: Re: Patrolling the Temple [P]   Today at 11:54 am

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Patrolling the Temple [P]
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