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Genin of Konoha
Genin of Konoha

Fame : 0
Home Village :
  • Leaf

Element(s) : Doton
Clan : Hiyu
Bloodline : Tai no Hengen
Ryo : 4000

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PostSubject: The Devout Always Prevail    The Devout Always Prevail  I_icon_minitimeWed Oct 05, 2016 2:10 am

Enyo had awoken, it was like every other day, two members of his clan were sparring and going at it at maximum speed making the sound of clashing fist very prevalent to anyone in the vicinity. As much as they trained you’d think there was an armageddon on the way that only they could defeat.

He went through his morning routine of cleaning himself and a slight warm up which consisted of him stretching his body to it’s limit while also doing a few one handed body push-ups and sit-ups. After doing this his body felt as though it was in pretty good condition which meant he could start the day, he knew as a Hiyu that his body’s physical fitness and flexibility was the determinant of his clan’s jutsus.

This is what made him go through that daily routine, anyhow, he would begin to think of the future. Of the man he wanted to become as he traversed the forest. This future he envisioned had portrayed him as a complete master of his body and a weapon, the weapon he was holding was a silhouette. It was thin and long, for some reason he could not tell what it was but it didn’t bother him too much as it was just a vision of the future.

Continuing his walk through the forest which he loved ever so dearly he would begin to jump into one of the trees in order to see the canopy line. As he did so he would see that there was an enormous mountain that he had always seen but never payed any attention to until now. Was this his fate? Was there a reason for him to see the mountain now, in time he would find out.

Clawing from tree to tree Enyo would travel at top speed towards to the direction of the mountain, as he got closer he could see that there was a red structure at the top which interested him even more. See, Enyo was like a cat, a curious one at that. It was a trait that was hidden behind his emotionless face, but it was there nonetheless. Closing in on the base of the mountain he could see that the steepness of the mountain was climbing ever so higher which intimidated Enyo for a moment. He then shook himself out of that feeling which plagued him and continued straight.

He decided he would let nothing get in his way of that peculiar structure at the top of the mountain, Enyo had no clue where this motivation was coming from but he was indeed happy it was fueling his body. Climbing the mountain was far more difficult than he had thought and he already figured it would be harder than anything he had done before. He was right about that fact, but the animals there were incredibly rabid and showed no mercy. The trees were scarce so it was just open range as if it were a battleground. And that it was, right before his eyes Enyo would see a rabbit get snatched up by a wolf which would then get swiped by the paw of a bear.

It was truly a dog eat dog world here, but of course Enyo would not back down to things as small as this so he continued to push to the top of the mountain. One step in front of the other was how he moved until he had his sights focused on a bear with a white ring on it’s chest. In turn, the bear also had it’s sights on his...as food that was. With this very sight the two had initiated a battle, the primal fight between man and animal was about to erupt. The fight was cued a shriek of a small woodland animal from where nobody knew.

As the small animal shrieked the bear would begin to hurl it’s big body at Enyo going full speed, it was faster than Enyo, but not faster than his reaction time. Although it was faster it had simple attacks which led Enyo to be able to read it to some extent. Just barely Enyo was able to dodge each attack, but it seemed the bear would not slow down the tempo at any cost. This bear was accustomed to battle, but so was Enyo, at the very moment the bear would try to launch another attack which Enyo seen coming. To react to this Enyo would activate his toy soldier jutsu which allowed him to become as flexible as a rubber band.

He proceeded to form the Ram hand seal which lead to the tendons in his body becoming looser but not losing it’s original dexterity. With this jutsu activated Enyo would then begin to activate his basic enhancement technique which was also activated by performing the ram sign. As Enyo dodged out of the way of the bear paw he would then begin to launch his counter attack, his strength was now tripled so he felt as though that would be enough to combat the bear.

He was wrong. Blow for blow he and the bear went at it, for a couple of minutes until Enyo began to run out of chakra and stamina. As Enyo was about to succumb to the bear a bald-headed man would appear in a white and orange robe. He donned six marks on his forehead and had black eyebrows. In one hit to the bear’s chest it would fall as a shock wave went through the other side of the bear.

“Mighty ruthless out here isn’t it young one?” The man would ask Enyo. Enyo could not respond because at that very moment he had passed out, whether it was from exhaustion or astonishment he could not tell. When he had awoken from his brief slumber if you could call it that, he could see that the interior of the room he was in was wood and it smelled as though some sort of incense was around. His nose began to twitch, this was the cue for the disembodied voice to speak. “Oh, my father says this incense is to promote the healing of the wounded.”

It was the same voice from earlier, Enyo shot up and turned to the disembodied voice which would be matched with the same man he had seen before he blacked out. “Y-you saved me sir.” Enyo would say with his mouth agape. “No time to worry about that, i think you need to sit back and rest a bit more because you’ll have a long week ahead of you if your body can not function properly.” He said. Enyo stood up and began to stretch to show the man he was alright, he was a Hiyu after all.

“Ahh, I see you are no ordinary child, well you did go toe to toe with the Great-Ringed Bear. Well, if that’s the case let’s hop right into training.” The man said. “Oh and I forgot to introduce myself, I am Han Cho, a master in training and yourself?” He asked. “Enyo, Enyo Hiyu. I am a genin at the hidden leaf village.” He said as he bowed before the man who he was indebted to. “I see, well let’s head out there and show everyone you are okay.” Han said as he escorted Enyo out of the room. As they got through the veil like doors Enyo was able to see that it was a mass of people training in uniform.

It was similar to his home, but a lot more structured. Looking at them train he would be noticed by the master of the what seemed to be dojo. “Hello, I am Han Wu, the master of this dojo. I see my son has taken you in for training. Well come on and join us.” He said as he waved towards the crowd of training monks. Enyo wasted no time and darted to the mass of people to beginning his training. The early morning routine began with a few warm-up exercises which consisted of punches and kicks that were done really slowly to practice form. After that they were taken for a lap around the mountain which nearly killed Enyo as his stamina wasn’t the highest. The only thing that was keeping Enyo up was his unwavering will and determination.

After the gruesome run they all ate in the mess hall to replenish their energy, as Enyo looked around he could see that almost none of the monks were tired, but yet they ate as though they were mad dogs. Feeling defeated he promised tomorrow he would be at the front of the pack, as the gruesome workouts got harder Enyo began to adapt and with that the first day was over. Now in his own room Enyo would fear someone enter as he was meditating before going to bed, “You’re pretty quick on your feet huh? Again, you are no ordinary child.” The familiar voice of Han Cho said. “Tomorrow will be the same thing so keep up.

Enyo nodded as the monk left, the next day arrived and Enyo was feeling a bit fatigued. He began to doubt himself but he shook the feeling off, he knew everyone around him was once tired as they are human. After realizing this he would get dressed in one of the robes he was given and was the first of the monks out ready to go. As the workouts started Enyo felt his body was lighter and he could move it a lot easier than before, ‘Woah this is an amazing feeling!” He exclaimed to himself. Going through the rest of the day a hell of a lot easier than before the monk who had rescued him was impressed.

“I think he might be the one, the one to wield the staff father.” Han Cho said after the second day had ended. “You are right, I can feel something within him, the will of a mighty. On the last day we will prepare the test for him.” And like that the second day had passed. A week had went by in no time it felt like, Enyo had became a new man in this short amount of time. His body was at a new high and he had learned a few new techniques from his monk companions.

As the last day came to an end and Enyo went to bed he was unexpectedly awaked by three men dressed in all black, they restrained him and before he knew it he was in front of a vault that was lit by candles around the outside.  The vault was red and had a golden dragon coiled around the outside as if it were constricting the vault.Enyo would then be ushered into the vault and they closed the door behind him. Inside it was nothing but pitch black void.

For some reason Enyo wasn’t able to speak or think, it was weird and it was slightly driving him insane, he tried to scream but he could not. Then out of the pure black background a golden glow would appear and it was in the shape of a whip. It began to move slightly towards  Enyo and as it got closer it would soon strike, just barely in his reaction time to perceive himself being eaten by a dragon. As he seen it he felt as though his soul had been taken out of his body, but nothing physically happened to him. It was peculiar indeed but as he awoken from his momentary trance he would see a light, the light shined upon a stone pedestal which held a red and golden bo staff with a dragon engraved on it in such a way only the gods could have done it.

As he grabbed the bo staff it felt as though it was natural and connected to his body, behind him the door opened and Han Cho was the one holding it with a grand smile. “So you are the one, the one destined to wield the Pacifist.” Enyo was thoroughly about what was going on but he went with the flow as things were happening too quickly for him to do anything about it. “ You see, we worship a god and it seems to have chosen you, that staff boosts the power of it’s wielder by unknown means. We think it is a blessing for those who are devout or meant to do great things. It was only fate that I found you.”

Enyou went through the ceremonial praise and was given a sack of food among other things to accompany him on his journey back down the mountain, as he was about to leave he turned back to look at the monks and he gave one last bow to them. “Until next time my friends.” Enyo said as he headed down the mountain. In tow with him was his new found weapon, The Pacifist, that was the weapon he had been thinking about when he imagined his future self. “What a weird week, I hope my clansmen aren’t too worried about me. Knowing them they are probably training still.” He chuckled to himself.

[WC 2204]
[Pacifist Claimed]
[Get me the fuck outta here, Exit]

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Risako Akara
Risako Akara

Fame : 238
Home Village :
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Element(s) : Fire, Wind, Earth
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Ryo : 5150

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PostSubject: Re: The Devout Always Prevail    The Devout Always Prevail  I_icon_minitimeWed Oct 05, 2016 5:41 am


Risako's Stats

@ TheInvincibleLegend : Risako is probably the manliest Ninja in Konoha.
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