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Advent Calendar 2021 Empty Advent Calendar 2021

Fri Dec 03, 2021 9:52 pm

(The Advent Calendar)
A new part of the calendar opens up everyday starting December 10th and ending December 24th; a total of 15 prizes.
  • 1. To receive your daily reward you must post with a value of 250 WC.
    • 1.1 This is allowed for all alts and living clones to contrubte to this advent Calendar; however each prize may only be claimed once. You may decide on which character the claim can go for.
    • 1.2 If for any reason you miss a day, your progress simply pauses - resuming when you post your next 250 WC. The best prizes are at the end of the Calendar.
  • 2. We understand that there are many users that will celebrate with their families off site, making it difficult to post daily; and that is not fair. To compensate, we will offer a “Hop Ticket”.
    • 2.1 Starting on December 5th you will be able to purchase a “Hop Ticket” with 1500 WC. This word count can be collected before the start of the event; you have five days to buy this ticket and claim it appropriately. Or You are unable to use words further back than the 21st of November.
    • 2.2 Only one ticket per player.
    • 2.3 The WC used must have been completed before the start of the event.
    • 2.4 Using the ticket will advance you 3 days from your current position on the advent calendar track.
      • Eg. If you are on December 13th, and you use your hop ticket you will advance but still gain the rewards in between.
    • 2.5 If you end up not using the hop ticket; and are able to post everyday meeting the word requirement; we will refund you the word count used to buy the hop ticket.
  • 3. Only One Character Per-player is able to be entered into the Christmas Lottery Draw.

10. 1000 WC11. 2000 Ryo12. 1 B Rank Augmentation Material from any village13. Travel Token, C Rank Canon Jutsu Scroll14. Dice Roll (D6)15. 2000 WC16. 4000 Ryo17. 2 B Rank Augmentation Material or 1 A Rank Augmentation Material from any village.
18. Dice Roll (D10)19. 50% Discount Coupon, 2 Travel Token, B Rank Canon Jutsu Scroll20. D Rank Hunter Skip(If you don’t need a D Rank Hunter skip you get a C Rank Canon Jutsu Scroll)21. Holiday Dice Roll (D4)22. 3000 WC & 6000 Ryo23.  ‘Escape Rope’24. Christmas Lottery Ticket

The Rolls

D6 Rolls:
1. 2500 WC2. B Rank Canon Jutsu Scroll3. A bag of Coal
4. Sakura Corps Loyalty Coupon5. 2 Enhanced Soldier Pills6. 4000 Ryo
D10 Rolls:
1. 4000 WC2. Escape Rope3. D Rank Hunter Skip (If you don’t need a D Rank Hunter skip you get a C Rank Canon Jutsu Scroll)4. Sakura Corps Loyalty Coupon5. 3 Enhanced Soldier Pills
6. 1 A Rank Material for Augmentation from any village.7. Escape Rope8. Bag of Coal9. One Escape Rope, ‘Plus One’ Escape Rope10. B & A Rank Canon Jutsu Scroll
Holiday Dice Rolls:
1. 20000 Ryo2. D Rank Hunter Skip (If you don’t need a D Rank Hunter skip you get a C Rank Canon Jutsu Scroll)
3. 10000 WC4. Sakura Corps Loyalty Coupon

The Rewards

Bag of Coal:
Bag of Coal - You won a bag of coal! Warm your sorrows over the fire brought to you by this lovely bag.
Travel Token:
Travel Token - The user consumes the token and is instantly transported to the country or village gates of their choosing, bypassing the travel rules, WC requirements, and waiting period. Each token can only be used as a one way trip. Each token can be used to teleport up to two people.
Jutsu Scroll:
Jutsu Scroll -- The user consumes the scroll to immediately learn a jutsu without a WC requirement. The user must meet all requirements of the jutsu in order to learn it. These claims can only be made on a players stat page.

Each scroll will be accompanied by a certain rank. A player may learn a jutsu of that rank or lower with the scroll. (For Example, a player with a B rank jutsu scroll may learn any jutsu B Rank or lower).
D Rank Hunter Skip:
This ticket allows the user to apply to their Mission Rewards list in place of having to do a "D Rank Hunter".
50% Discount Coupon:
Provides a 50% discount towards learning a single thing that requires WC. This cannot be stacked with any other discounts.
Sakura Corps Loyalty Coupon:
Sakura Corps Loyalty Coupon - The user consumes the coupon to purchase one item at a 50% discount. This item can be any item the user is able to purchase with no maximum ryo limit on how much can be discounted.
Enhanced Solider Pill:
Enhanced Solider Pill - This is a one time use item that restores a users AP by 400 points. Used all at once so if your natural level of AP is lower than 400 you are temporally raised the additional points until used of which the user will be dropped back to their original AP level. The effect lasts for the duration of the topic used only.
Escape Rope:
Escape Rope -- The user consumes the rope and is instantly teleported to their last known location. This item can only be used when the user is engaged in a Hunter Mission. Once used the player immediately fails the hunter mission they are on and cannot attempt it again at a later time.

In combat this item can be used instantly, meaning that should the user be about to receive a killing blow they can use the item, and avoid death in the hunter mission.
Plus One Escape Rope:
Plus One Escape Rope -- This escape rope, similar to the normal 'escape rope'; allows the user and a friend they entered into a hunter with to escape death. This can only be used once. If both users have a "Plus One Escape Rope" - both ropes will be used. Once used the players immediately fails the hunter mission that they are on and cannot attempt it again until a later time.

In combat this item can be used instantly, meaning that if a user is about to receive a killing blow, they can use the item and avoid death for both themselves and their friend in the hunter mission.

(Christmas Lottery)

3 Winner Draw: Will be drawn on the 26th of December

3 players will have a chance to win one of the following items. This will be done by putting those who qualify into a random generated list; and spinning to see who gets what.

  • 1. 不聖な復活 Fu Seina fukkatsu A one time use ticket that allows the player to create a new character at the same rank of the lost character instead of being knocked down one rank as per the regular rules. Or a full reincarnation at half stats of the character you lost.

    • 1a. You will not lose any regular items, only legendary, if you have acquired a bijuu you will lose it, you will however keep all ryo, jutsu, bloodlines/transplants and memories.

  • 2. Bijuu Summoning Ticket You are able to summon a random bijuu; must be used with a minimum of three people.

  • 3. 1 Legendary Item Made by the winner of this prize; this includes weapon, armor, or puppet.

    • Participation Prize 3000 WC + "Survived 2021 Badge on Profile".
      Advent Calendar 2021 VcfLDtP

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