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Mizuki Ohta
Mizuki Ohta
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Tea Stained [Entry to Sunagakure] Empty Tea Stained [Entry to Sunagakure]

Thu Dec 02, 2021 3:17 am
Approaching the Cleft that held Sunagakure she felt nothing like herself, further removed from ‘Mizuki’ than she had ever been - and most likely a shift that will never be repaired. Wearing the thin garments of her bound chest wrap and high cut bodysuit she looked like a wandering degenerate. The only thing stopping anyone from approaching her was the state she was in - covered head to toe in dried blood and her black hair wind whipped around her form she looked unearthly. Finally coming to a halt at the guard tower her hand pressed into the stone, gripping the corner with such force it left cracks but refused to crumble - Hans was standing guard again but his expression was one she had never seen before; pure shock and confusion. The expression didn’t suit him but the look on her face suited her just fine. Raising her face from the sandy terrain she met his, though any trace of Mizuki had been thoroughly cleansed from the stare. 

Animalistic rage pierced through even the calming tone of violet as she stared up at the man, who for once was speechless - though she did note his eyes dart around once in search for… “He’s gone, Han. Soon Kirigakure will also be gone, or myself. Open the gates.” Curt and absent, as if she spoke through a third party voice even though it sounded like her own. A hand met her shoulder, but it wasn’t Han who still stood frozen as he took in her state - it wasn’t a hand at all, really just an imagined remnant of her father who seemed to haunt her actions more and more as her psyche continued to fracture. Straightening up she pushed her shoulders back and released the corner of the building, this must have been cue for Han as he ducked back into the tower and opened the gates for her - she didn’t wait for his return as she walked through the slow opening of the gates. Her final words, “Everyone wishing to enter Sunagakure from here on out needs my approval, close the gates the moment I’m inside.” 

Expecting no comment from the man she would enter back into the village, the mismatched eyes so devoid of life it could suck the sun right out of the sky - where she was headed, the morgue.

[Entry Into Sunagakure]
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Tea Stained [Entry to Sunagakure] Empty Re: Tea Stained [Entry to Sunagakure]

Sat Dec 04, 2021 11:16 pm
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